Top 5 Share Market Jobs in Mumbai For Freshers

So, Mumbai is the financial capital of India and all the great, good and ugly can be seen in this city. Also, this city has a lot of opportunities in different types of jobs in the share market. So, in this article I am going to discuss the top 10 share market jobs in Mumbai, which you can get into right after graduation.

1HDFC SecuritiesEquity Dealer2.5 Lacs P.A
2Motilal OswalEquity Advisor3 Lacs P.A
3EclerxFinancial analyst3 Lacs P.A
4ICICI SecuritiesRelationship manager5 Lacs P.A
5Network 18Product Management 
Share Market Jobs In Mumbai

Share Market Jobs In Mumbai Types

The stock market and financial industry offer a range of exciting career opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and interests.So, Whether you enjoy crunching numbers, analyzing data, or working directly with clients, there is a job in the stock market that can suit your strengths and passions. Here are some of the most popular types of jobs in the stock market


  1. Stockbrokers   act as intermediaries between investors and the stock market, buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other securities on behalf of their clients.
  2. Financial analysts delve into financial data and market trends, analyzing company financial statements and providing recommendations to clients or investment managers.
  3. Portfolio managers take the reins of managing a portfolio of investments for clients, selecting and monitoring securities and making investment decisions.
  4. Equity Dealers buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other securities in pursuit of profits, utilizing technical analysis and market research to make informed investment decisions.
  5. Investment bankers work closely with companies and governments, underwriting and issuing securities, and advising on mergers, acquisitions, and other financial transactions.
  6. Risk managers identify and manage financial risks associated with investments and other financial transactions, ensuring that their company operates within acceptable levels of risk.
  7. Compliance officers ensure that a company’s financial activities comply with regulations and industry standards, and maintain a high level of ethical behaviour.
  1. Research analysts conduct in-depth research and analysis on specific companies and industries, providing valuable information and recommendations to clients and investment managers.
  2. Salespeople represent brokerage firms, selling securities to clients and working to build strong relationships with potential investors.

The stock market and financial industry are constantly evolving, and careers in this field offer the opportunity for continuous learning and growth. So, whether you have a passion for finance, enjoy problem-solving, or love working with people, there is a job in the stock market that is just right for you.

HDFC Securities- Share Market Job In Mumbai

HDFC Securities is a leading stockbroker in India, offering a comprehensive suite of investment services to its clients. The company has built a reputation for providing reliable and efficient investment services, helping its clients achieve their financial goals.

HDFC Securities offers a range of products and services, including equity trading, mutual funds, insurance, and fixed deposits. Its innovative trading platform, combined with a user-friendly interface, makes it easy for clients to monitor and manage their investments.

Equity Dealer at HDFC Securities

An HDFC Securities equity dealer is a professional who is responsible for buying and selling stocks on behalf of clients. Now,the role requires a deep understanding of the stock market, as well as a strong ability to analyze and interpret market trends and data.

The main responsibilities of an HDFC Securities equity dealer include:

  1. Building and maintaining relationships with clients: Equity dealers must develop strong relationships with clients, understanding their investment goals and preferences, and helping them make informed investment decisions.
  2. Conducting market research: Equity dealers must stay up-to-date on market trends and events that can impact stock prices. They must use this information to make informed investment decisions for their clients.
  3. Buying and selling stocks: Equity dealers must execute stock trades on behalf of clients, making sure to take into account market conditions and the client’s investment goals.
  4. Risk management: Equity dealers must be able to assess and manage risk for clients, making sure that investments are well-diversified and in line with their risk tolerance.
  5. Compliance: Equity dealers must follow all regulatory and compliance guidelines, making sure that all trades are executed in accordance with industry standards.

The ideal candidate for this role should have a strong understanding of the stock market, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate complex financial information in a clear and concise manner. A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or a related field is typically required.

Equity Dealer Salary

The average salary for a fresher level equity dealer in Mumbai can vary greatly depending on the specific company, the candidate’s qualifications, and market conditions.

However, based on data from salary comparison websites and job postings, the average starting salary for an equity dealer in Mumbai can range from INR 2 to 4 lakhs per annum.

Furthermore, It’s important to note that this is just an estimate and actual salaries may vary greatly. Additionally, salaries can also increase with experience, education, and performance.

Share Market Jobs In Mumbai

Motilal Oswal Share Market Jobs in Mumbai

Motilal Oswal Securities, located in Mumbai, is a leading financial services company offering a range of investment solutions to its clients. The company’s team of highly qualified and experienced equity dealers provides expert advice and guidance to help clients make informed investment decisions. Motilal Oswal Securities offers a wide range of services in the share market in Mumbai, including equity trading, mutual fund investments, portfolio management services, and more.

Equity Advisor Motilal Oswal

Job Role as an equity advisor at MOSL includes;

1. Advising clients about equity and shares.

2. Activating clients for trading.

3. Cross Selling & Up selling of various products and offering by MOSL.

4. Visit to franchisee on monthly basis.

5. Coordination with different department (RMS, Risk, Compliance, Sales) for smooth processing of transaction.

6. Generation of brokerage.

7. Generation of revenue via cross-selling other products and services.

Education Requirements :-

> NISM VIII – Equity & Derivatives Series 8 (Certification)

> NISM fresher or minimum 6 months of experience shall be considered

> Knowledge of broking, operations knowledge, risk profiling of client along with technical and fundamental understanding.

> In-depth knowledge of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual funds.

Eclerx Share Market Jobs in Mumbai

eClerx is a leading provider of business and technology services headquartered in Mumbai, India. So, the company offers a wide range of services including data management, analytics, and digital process operations to clients in various industries such as financial services, cable and telecom, and more. eClerx has established a reputation for delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions that drive business growth and success for its clients.

Financial Analyst at Eclerx

While, as a financial analyst you are expected to perform the following functions;

  • Perform inter-system reconciliation, track funds and make sure they are applied to appropriate transactions.
  • Liaising with agents/counterparties/clients to solve queries and discrepancies related to the process.
  • Timely escalating outstanding issues to Client Working in teams.
  • Handling different stages of life cycles of financial products.
  • These stages can be-KYC, reference data management, legal docs, loans, portfolio reconciliation, document capture, system reconciliation, pre and post settlements, brokerage functions, drafting, confirmations of trade, corporate actions, tax operations.
  • Timely escalations of outstanding issues to clients.
  • Preparing internal and client reports as per process requirements.

Preparation Guide for Eclerx, check this article.

ICICI Securities Share Market Jobs in Mumbai

ICICI Securities has a rich history that dates back to the early 1990s. The company was founded as a subsidiary of ICICI Bank, one of India’s leading banks, with the goal of providing a range of financial services to individuals and businesses. Over the years, ICICI Securities has grown and evolved to become a leading player in the Indian securities market.

In the early years, ICICI Securities focused on providing investment banking and institutional brokering services. As the company grew, it expanded its product offerings to include retail brokering, wealth management, and other financial services. Today, ICICI Securities is known for its expertise and commitment to delivering innovative and value-added services to its clients.

One of the key factors that have contributed to the success of ICICI Securities is its focus on technology. The company has always been at the forefront of using technology to enhance its services and improve the customer experience. For example, ICICI Securities was one of the first companies in India to launch an online trading platform, which has made it easier for individuals to invest in the stock market.

ICICI Securities has also been a leader in developing new financial products and services. Over the years, the company has introduced a range of innovative products, including mutual funds, insurance, and other investment products, to meet the changing needs of its clients.

Relationship Manager at ICICI Securities

Relationship manager is a key person in any wealth management or broking company. His primary role is in assisting the client and advising on the best course of action for allocation of capital.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for HNI client acquisition, equity advisory and dealing.
  • Achieve Business Objectives of sales numbers, revenue and product mix.
  • Improve business generation from new and existing clients
  • Cement existing relationships, develop new ones; strong service
  • Identify the customer requirement and need gaps and work towards bridging the same

Desired Candidate Profile

Should have an experience of 2-4 years in the broking industry in
a similar function.
 Ability to acquire, advise and handle relationships of top end clients.
 Should be proficient in equity and derivatives products and
understanding of equities markets.
 Certification in Equity and Derivative Segment mandatory
*NISM 7 and 8 certification is Mandatory *

Network 18 Share Market Jobs In Mumbai

Although, not directly related to share market but network 18 is involved in finance and share market news. Hence, there are roles which are interesting for candidates looking for share market jobs in Mumbai.

Product Management

  • Product development – Working closely with Product Managers in planning, designing, scoping, development and execution of various stock market related products, tools and feature on Moneycontrol site and App.
  • Project Management – Write detailed requirements and co-ordinate with engineering and testing team for executing the project on time
  • Ownership – Revamp, build and grow various stock market section on Moneycontrol website and app. Take ownership of entire process right from customer requirements, innovation to making product live. Analyze & Track the traffic and performance make necessary changes
  • Customer Research – Understand the customers & their pain points. Research into existing and potential future customer segments and tweak the product and user journey basis on that.
  • Sales Enablement – Be familiar with the different stages of our sales cycle and what the sales team needs to succeed at moving prospects through. You can talk to both our technical and non-technical customers
  • Innovations – Come up with various innovative ideas and build products ahead of competition to increase user engagement and traffic
  • Understand the underlying markets/industry, latest trends and identify most appropriate product to improve MoneyControl offering.
  • Ensure scoping, design and development activities relating to new products and re-engineer existing products.
  • Work closely with the editorial, design, technology, testing and business teams to manage and grow the usage of App and Website and increase traffic and user

Key Skills

  • Deep understanding of stock market and various data points consumed by traders and investors
  • Ensure analytics driven approach to acquire, activate and engage clients through digital channels
  • Good interpersonal skills with demonstrated abilities in networking with cross-functional teams
  • Problem solving supported by both in and out of the box thinking
  • Ensure service issues identified are managed appropriately across products.