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Mentor Me careers, investment banking courses in bangalorecomes with 100% guranteed interviews in core finance companies.

  • 100% Job support
  • Placement in Investment Banking
  • 200 Hrs of Training
  • NSE Certification
  • Life Time validity
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Reasons to Choose Mentor Me Career for Investment Banking Courses

There are numerous benefits you get from our investment banking courses

Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore Highlights

  1. Introduction to financial markets
  2. Security and Market Indices
  3. Issuance and trading
  4. Basics of derivatives pricing
  1. Fundamentals of Fixed Income security
  2. Issuance and trading
  3. Reference data managemnet
  4. Corporate actions
  5. Reconciliation
  6. Trade life cycle and settlement
  7. Static Data OMGEO, SWIFT & Markit
  1. Anti Money laundering
  2. Introduction to types of risk management
  3. KYC
  • Resume and interview preperation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Employability Tests
  • English Training
  • Cell referencing
  • Data visualisation
  • Pivot table
  • Vlookup
  • Logical operators
  • Presentation techniques
  • Charts

Investment Banking Course in Bangalore
Fee Structure

We provide a wide variety of training flexibility with our learning options in our investment banking courses in bangalore. 

Instructor Led Live Options

Live Online - Basic- Weekends

  • Live Online Classes *

  • Personal Mentorship*

  • Lifetime Content Access

  • Course Certification

  • Fees – ₹16499  (+ GST)

Live Online - Plus+ Weekday/ Weekend

  • 200 Hrs Live Training

  • Placement Assistance

  • Lifetime Content Access

  • Recommended for Freshers

  • Fees – ₹32999  (+ GST)

Self Learning Options

Self Paced - Basic

  • Pre-recorded Videos

  • Forum Support 
  • 1 Year Content Access

  • Course Certification

  • Fees – ₹5499  (+ GST)

Self Paced - Plus+

  • Personal Mentorship*

  • Lifelong Content Access*

  • Course Certification

  • Community Access

  • Fees – ₹10999  (+ GST)

Investment banking courses in bangalore
Student Reviews

I opted for the financial modeling course, and my overall experience till now has been pretty good. The faculties and administrative staff are really amazing.
Babita Shah
Babita Shah
I have enrolled in Investment Banking Operations with Mentorme Career and it's been almost 3 months They provide learning from scratch. Highly recommend if you want to make your career in finance.
Vismay Mishra
Vismay Mishra
I enrolled for Investment banking course and I would say their assistance to grow our financial knowledge is quite outstanding, with the regular classes to doubt solving everything is phenomenal, I'm quite pleased with the way they teach, and would definitely recommend this platform to many others.
Navnath Rathod
Navnath Rathod
I have purchased the investment banking operation and they teaching and organising the hole course is phenomenal, I would recommend this course to all the finance aspirants who want to begin their career in finance 👍
ashish pandey
ashish pandey
It been months since I joined mantormee class. I know confidently tell that I can now face the problem related to financial modelling and attempt to solve them. Overall it's a nice experience
Abhishek Bhosale
Abhishek Bhosale
I am currently learning from Mentor me careers for Investment banking course, for now I found the course is structured in detail. Currently, I look forward that I will get placed in the right organization through Mentor Me Career.
Sohail Shaikh
Sohail Shaikh
I opted course of financial modelling.all mentors are good and supportive. Good platform for upskilling in core finance domain. ⭐️
Sumit Kapse
Sumit Kapse
Learning experience with Mentor Me has been excellent. I’ve enrolled for financial modeling course and I must say it’s the best place for finance courses.
Satvik Chavan
Satvik Chavan
Having chosen the investment banking operations batch, I am finding that Mentor Me offers a highly interactive interface in addition to really helpful professors. Overall, I am really enjoying my time with Mentor Me. The fact that courses start from scratch and are therefore incredibly helpful for beginners is something I find appealing about them.

Investment Banking Course Curriculum

  • Investment Banking Foundation:  Trading termilogies,Various methods of exchange,Recording details of a trade witb case study,Actual trade order case study,structure of investment banks, functions and roles
  • Equity & Markets Strucuture I:Classification of markets,tyoes of securities,financial intermediaries,long and short positions,leverage ratio,execution and clearing instructions, security market indices
  • Equity & Market Structure II:Index construction method, types of index, rebalancing and reconstitution, Types of fixed income indices, Indices for alternative investments
  • Derivatives Instruments I:Concept of arbitrage, forward and future contracts, forward rate agreement, swap contracts,, value of options(in the money, out of money)
  • Derivatives Instruments II:Exchange-traded versus over the counter instruments,forward claims and contingent claims,value at expiration calculation,purpose of derivate markets
  • Fixed Income Securities I:Classfication of global fixed income markets,interbank rates,primary versus secondary markets for bonds,types of bonds- sovereign, corporate. Short term funding for banks
  • Fixed Income Securities II:Features of a bond- coupon, rate, yield curve,bond covenants,regulatory, legal and tax considerations for bonds, fixed income cash flow structures,contingency provisions

  • Asset Management:Portfolio approach to investing,steps in portfolio management process, types of investors,defined contribution and defined benefit plans,aspects of asset management, mutual fund industry

  • Corporate Governance:Stakeholder groups and their interests,conflicts in stakeholder management, board of directors and functions, risks of poor governance,ESG Considerations

  • Trade Execution:Order placement, types of investors, different types of orders, trade capture front office 
  • Trade Agreement:Trade confirmation and agreement template, transmission methods, settlement instructions,Risk in settlement
  • Custodian:Roles of the custodian, types of the custodian, custodian selection, unmatched instructions, Updating STO books and records
  • Settlement Failure:Causes of settlement failure, preventing settlement failure, enforcing trade settlement,trade settlement methods,netting
  • SWIFT:Identifiers,benefits of SWIFT,Development of SWIFT and swift codes
  • Internal Reflection:Pre-settlement trade order, Post settlement trade record, Updating failure,Unsettling a trade internally
  • Securities Lending & Borrowing:Principles of lending and borrowing,Updating internal records for lending and borrowing, Calculation
  • Safe Custody:Safe custody legal agreements,external custodians, taxation of external accounts, valuing clients securities, advanced safe custody services
  • Corporate Actions:Concept of corporate actions, Types of corporate actions, Announced benefits, unannounced benefits, dividends timeline, Bonus shares,stock splits,take overs
  • Reconciliation:Reconciliation terminologies, types of reconciliation, methods of reconciliation, manual versus automated reconciliation, independence of the function and benefits
  • Risk Management:Risk management process, risk management types, financial risk management, operational risk management, and mitigating risk
  • Anti Money Laundering:Sources of money laundering, stages of money laundering, popular methods used, AML Regulations U.S,KYC program,KYC process, customer due diligence
  • Basic Excel:Cell referencing, data table, pivot table, look up, H look up, charts, Logical operator functions, Excel dashboards, slicer and timeline
  • Interview Preperation:Domain mocks, pre-interview mocks, written tests for practice, extra classes for weak students

Train with Industry Experts

Allen Aravindan, CFA

Rythum Verma,CFA Level III

Amit K,FMS Delhi


Since mentor me stands for learning, each mentor listed on mentor me can run as many courses as they want but can only take 20 mentees( students) in batch to maintain delivery and at a time mentor 20 students overall.

Mentor Me Careers has the most comprehensive understanding pedgagogy and is the most value for money course on IB operations course. The placement services are personalised and the entire placement team works on individual profile of students

At mentor me we are serious on the quality of content you read, use and learn with.

  1. We have high quality pre – recorded videos, recorded by experts

  2. We have reading slides as summary

  3. Class Recordings for staying updated (Applicable for Online Instructor Led)

  4. Cheat Sheets- Get small pocket mind maps to remember formulas and logic

  5. Excel Templates- Get high quality templates to learn financial modeling

  6. Interview question bank- we have compiled over the years question banks for interviews for top 50 companies in India. You will get to practice these from day 1.

  7. More so, the mock interviews which are conducted are also included which are aimed at personality development of an individual for cracking the interviews
  • If you are in the Live online plus variant then you can attend multiple batches for a year.

  • Those who are live online basic- need to pay 2000 Batch transfer fee to enroll for the next batch

  • Content will be available for all variants for life time

It all depends on your learning curve and previous background. Below is the summary of recommendations’

  1. Self Paced Basic- Suitable for Finance professionals

  2. Self Paced Plus- Suitable for candidates who are well versed with fundamentals and are self-learners

  3. Live Online Basic- Suitable if you are not looking for a placement and are just upskilling

  4. Live Online Plus- anyone looking for a job.

The trainer or mentor will provide you with all the support required during this course, and you can access him/ her directly on whatsaap.

A valid internet connection that can handle online meetings , a laptop with a working Microsoft Excel account

Learning is global and accessible to all. We provide services to all

  • Yes if you enroll with more than 2 students as a group then we provide 10% Waiver for all.

  • College training with a large of more than 20 students can contact at [email protected]

We teach exactly what is required in placement interviews and we understand the finance space well. With our updated material, high quality content we are pretty sure, with the students effort that one should not have any problems getting success.  This course has been made and curated by investment bankers.

However we do not offer placement guarantee. Check the placement report here. Another fact is that all our students who have been placed with previous expereince have got minimum 20% growth rate in their packages.

We have multiple easy payment methods available.

  • EMI On Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Early Salary

  • UPI

  • Net banking

  • PayPAL

  • PayTM

And Many others. You can choose the method which is most convenient for you.

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