Terms & Conditions & Refund Policy

General Terms & Condition

  • Mentor Me is a brand name, and its legal name is MSQUARESKILLS LLP. Any statements using Mentor Me or MSQUARESKILS LLP mean the same entity.
  • Any revision in any fee will be at the discretion of MSQUARESKILLS LLP and shall be updated on the website from time to time.
  • Courseware, content, and Fees Structure may be changed at the discretion of MSQUARESKILLS LLP.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP reserves the right to prepare the program schedule and modify the same.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class on prior notice.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP reserves the right to change/modify its terms and conditions
  • Disputes if any would be resolved amicably by mutual discussion. In case it cannot be resolved it will be referred to the arbitration of a sole arbitrator appointed by MSQUARESKILLS LLP. The arbitration shall be governed by the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any other statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force and any award or awards of such arbitrator shall be binding on all the parties to the said dispute. Arbitration proceedings will be conducted in Pune
  • Exclusive jurisdictions would be conferred on the courts in Pune.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP will not be held responsible for any payments done by the customer to any unofficial bank accounts. Customers are requested to check the validity of the invoice before proceeding to pay.
  • MSQUARESKILLS doesn’t call and ask for any payment in personal bank accounts or cash or payments without proper invoices. Customers are requested to verify before making payments. MSQUARESKILLS will not be held liable for any such mischiefs.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP doesn’t guarantee placements, and any such claims cannot be brought about against MSQUARESKILLS LLP.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP reserves the right to blacklist a student from the placement process in the event of a no-show in a placement interview whether online or offline without intimation.
  • Once the placement offer is accepted by the student, it cannot be cancelled and MSQUARESKILLS LLP can black list the student without any refunds and deactivate the learning portal access.
  • Students cannot directly communicate their intent of joining or not joining a company without due consultation with the placement officer at MSQUARESKILLS LLP. Any such communication can debar the student from the placement process.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP reserves the right to provide opportunities to students on the basis of interviews based on performance on tests.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP reserves the right to pause new opportunities, based on the performance of the student in such placements with written intimation. This is done for the student to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP may from time to time send you emails, WhatsApp, text messages or calls which are for the information of the student.


Refund & Cancellation policy

  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP has a no refund policy.
  • Once the fee payment has been made, no refund will be processed, unless the refund is claimed within 24 Hrs of the payment.
  • Students that avail of an instalment facility are bound to honour their payment commitments, even if they decide to pause or rescind the course. Any defaults on payments will be treated as a breach of contract and can attract legal action.
  • Students once enrolled for a course for placement cannot claim a refund due to the change of circumstances or if the student finds his/her job by their own search.
  • Students paying their fees in instalments, who delay their instalments will be charged a late payment of INR 1500/- + GST for every late instalment.
  • Customers who pay for a course at a particular batch date can avail to attend multiple batches for one year from the date of enrolment.
  • The enrolment is valid for a period of one year from the date of admission which includes the learning portal, placement, and live classes if applicable
  • The fee paid for one course is non-transferable to another entity or person unless given in writing by MSQUARESKILLS LLP to the student.
  • Payments can be made using the methods prescribed in the payment gateway- No cash or account transfers are accepted.
  • All students are expected to comply with the regulatory payments of GST, which are mentioned in the invoice.
  • MSQUARESKILLS uses payment gateway services from third party services like razory pay and bill desk. Msquareskills will not be held liable for any cyber-attacks, information loss or theft committed at such platforms.


Data & Content Policy

  • You agree to give consent to MSQUARESKILLS to use your employment data, photograph, and social media links for marketing purposes.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP may use your past employment or future employment data for presenting facts and figures in its placement report with due credit.
  • MSQUARESKILLS can use your class presentations, class recordings on its website or content for demonstrative or teaching purposes.
  • You agree not to publish, sell, or reproduce any paid learning content of MSQUARESKILLS LLP without its content.
  • You agree not to contact any other student or use their personal details without the prior consent of MSQUARESKILLS LLP management.
  • MSQUARESKILLS LLP will not be held responsible for any mischief, data theft, or crimes committed by any student using data and numbers shared in WhatsApp groups. However, MSQUARESKILLS LLP will provide full assistance in the investigative process.