Guide for CFA classes in Mumbai

Alright, so if you are looking or decided to pursue the CFA program, then in this article I will list out the top 4 CFA classes in Mumbai for optimum preparation

So first of all below is the list, of institutes and their basic overview

InstitutesCourse FeesRatingsMode
Fintree Mumbai450004.8Classroom
Manish Ramuka500005Classroom
Mentor Me Careers49994.9Online
CFA classes in Mumbai

Fintree’s CFA classes in Mumbai

Now, fintree has really built its name, coming from humble beginnings in Pune. I remember, initially the classes used to be conducted in the parking lot in Model colony.

cfa classes in mUMBAI
Fintree old days

Also, since I know Utkarsh personally, having discussed on our mutual interest for training. So, there is no doubt the seriousness of Fintree in training students for the CFA program.

Hence, I am still keeping Fintree’s CFA classes in Mumbai as the number 1 ranked institute.

Fintree now

What Makes Fintree CFA Classes in Mumbai Good?

Now, let me justify my ranking for fintree, so that you understand the evaluation and don’t just buy my recommendation blindly.

  1. Firstly, the years of operation. So, Fintree has been in existence since 2011. Which is more than a decade, of focus on CFA classes in Mumbai.
  2. Secondly, the focus on its own proprietary content. There is a team of professionals who create content and questions on a regular basis.
  3. Thirdly, the ratings. Fintree, has maintained a 4.9 star rating at 1080 reviews on google. This is a very important parameter because maintaining that kind of rating for so many years is not that easy,
  4. Fourth, the teaching methodology. At least, Utkarsh has a technique. Most of the other institutes, which is more branded, just have lecturers, with no real expertise.

Look at the below class recording, where Utkarsh is teaching about minority interests. Now, this is a difficult topic to teach, but the way it has been explained. Even, a noncommerce student can understand easily.

Fintree class quality
cfa classes in mumbai fintree

What do you get?

Now, let’s begin a discussion of the various features of the CFA level 1 training provided by Fintree’s CFA level 1 classes in Mumbai.

Fintree cfa classes in mumbai features

So, Fintree has many variants of the products offered for different needs, i.e

  • First, Basic – This is basically the self paced online recorded videos
  • Second, Essential- Along with basic you get, Subject wise tests and mock exams.
  • Thirdly, Home School-This includes everything, except the live classes( Main is doubt solving)
  • Finally, Live School- This has all the features possible.

Fintree CFA classes in Mumbai Fees:

Now, Fintree prices its products both from the features angle, as well as validity.

Home School36000390004200045000
Live School 450004800051000

Fintree Locations in Mumbai:

So, this is the center’s address in Mumbai for CFA classes by Fintree.

Flignite, Ground Floor, Parasmani Commercial Complex,

MMGS Marg, opp. Civic Centre,

Dadar East, Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400014

CFA By Manish Ramuka CFA classes in Mumbai

So, second on the list is Manish Ramuka CFA classes in Mumbai. Although, I don’t know Manish ramuka personally, but on close analysis the trainings and other parameters point his classes in rank number 2 for cfa classes in Mumbai.

What Makes Manish Ramuka’s CFA classes in Mumbai Good?

Now, let me discuss the points which led me to rank his cfa classes in Mumbai as rank number 2.

  • Firstly, the good old google ratings, which seem genuine feedback and the number of reviews are also decent.  Again, not an easy task to maintain a 5 star rating with 281 reviews.
  • Secondly, the background of Manish Ramuka, is interesting. Since he also comes from an engineering background, makes him understand what difficulties a non-commerce student might face.
  • Thirdly, his experience in equity research with Morgan Stanley, surely helps in connecting the concepts to the real world.
  • Finally, an important point is that this is a trainer-led institute, just like fintree hence the quality of teaching will never be compromised. Always look for institutes in exam preparation, which are trainer-led, not brands.  This also the precise reason, why other bigger institutes, have such low google ratings and feedback.

Price & Features Offered

So, below is the listed details of the CFA classes in Mumbai, by manish ramuka.

Manish Ramuka cfa classes fees

So, the Fees for CFA classes in Mumbai by Manish Ramuka is INR 50,000. Included are

  • 6 Mock tests
  • 150 Hrs of training
  • 3000 Question Bank

Now, compared to Fintree, the features are of course lesser, and fees is slightly higher but there is no restriction on validity I suppose.

Location in Mumbai:

NADCO Shopping Centre
SV Rd, Railway Colony,
Andheri West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400058

CFA classes in Mumbai by Mentor Me Careers.

Now, in between the reviews I also would like to present a self paced version of CFA training by Mentor Me Careers.

Mentor Me Careers was started by Allen Aravindan, CFA charterholder with 12 years of experience in fund management, product management and has been a visiting faculty In many reputed colleges in Mumbai and Pune.

The best part about Mentor Me Careers, CFA classes in Mumbai is that first the recorded version is free but the recorded version with the doubt-solving sessions is available at a miniscule price of INR 9999.

Rank 3 Justification for Mentor Me Careers

So, let me first begin with discussing on the justification for the ranking.

  1. Firstly, the price which is at INR 9999 But carries the most important feature required by CFA candidates i.e Doubt solving sessions. So, if we compare that same featured product, then it would cost an average INR 20,000, even from the worst institutes.
  2. Secondly, almost 2000 students are enrolled in this variant, just because its affordable and hence easy on your pocket
  3. Thirdly, the google ratings, which are at 4.9 with 304 google reviews, which is genuine and credible.
  4. Finally, the content is updated, it has got six mock papers, subject-wise tests, and the latest updates for the 2023 curriculum.
mentor me careers cfa classes in mumbai fees
mentor me careers cfa classes in mumbai

Features offered

So, you can see that the prime features offered by mentor me careers, in their cfa classes in Mumbai are.

  • More than 3000 questions
  • Secondly live doubt solving sessions
  • Also, the biggest advantage is the validity, which is life time with updates.
  • Finally, the financial modeling self paced course along with this makes the course steal the show.

Placements At Mentor Me Careers

So, you cleared the CFA Level 1 exam , but what about placements. This is where mentor me, has the biggest advantage with more than 300 + recruiters all across India.

You can check the placements report here.

FINVISION CFA Classes in Mumbai

So, coming in as the top 4th ranking CFA Classes in Mumbai, is finvision. So, I happen to also have worked with Manjoj, while he used to train in 2018 in IMS Proschool, thane. Also, one of the main reasons, why I am ranking his institute, is because of his teaching quality.

Rank 4 Justification for Finvision Mumbai

Now, parallelly let me calarify the justification for ranking finvision Mumbai

  1. Firstly, my own vetting of his teaching methods, while he was a visiting trainer at my previous organization.
  2. Secondly, the google ratings of 5 stars with 102 reviews is decent and applaudable. Google ratings will rarely lie about the quality and it’s very difficult to game this system.
  3. Thirdly, the batch size which is usually under 20, makes sure you get personal attention for training.

Product Price  & Features

finvision cfa classes in mumbai
Finvision product features

So, finvision has priced its CFA classes in Mumbai, on similar lines like most. Considering, that it’s a relatively new entrant, hence only the ones like fintree with many years under the belt can command a premium.

Mostly,  I would stay from talking too much on unique features since, the institute doesn’t have resources like juice notes or formula sheets which are available with insitutes like fintree and mentor me careers.

However, still the course has the basic fundamentals in place like bi-weekly tests, mocks and 2000+ questions.

Finvision CFA classes in Mumbai Location

So, the center of Finvison is located in thane, so I suppose this is the only credible institute for the audience in thane region. All the other regions are in Andheri or dadar.


56A/31, Vrindavan Society, Thane West, Mumbai 400601

Final Words

Now, I tried my level best to give you the reviews of the best insitiutes for CFA classes in Mumbai, as a CFA charterholder myself. However, remember an institute doesn’t make you pass the exam, its just a tool. Moreover, the main game to pass the exam is consistency and strategy. You can read my important articles on CFA preparation strategy and other recommended articles below

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