Top 3 Investment Banking Courses in Mumbai to get Placement

So, in case you are really serious about entering investment banking courses in operations in Mumbai, including the investment banking course fees & investment banking courses in Mumbai university.Then this article is relevant for you, so lets get started.

Investment Banking  Courses in Mumbai- For Placement 
RankCourseInstituteRatings on GoogleFeesMode
2CIBOMentor Me Careers4.924999Online

Investment Banking Jobs in Mumbai

So, before ofcourse we jump, dive & swim into the various courses, its best if we understand the roles in investment banking briefly.

The city  of Mumbai hosts companies in the capital markets side like JP Morgan Mumbai, Morgan Stanley, Citi Bank, Bank of America, BNP Paribas to name a few investment banks.

Plus, there are plenty of jobs to fit all the shapes and sizes of candidates. So lets get started

Structure of an Investment Bank

An investment bank is broadly divided into three categories and I will explain first what these terms mean.

Front, Middle, and Back office

So what do I mean by Middle office? So, investment banking overall is classified into three major sections, Front, middle & Back.

Also by the name itself, you can guess that front means customer-facing and back mean non-customer-facing.

investment banking structure
Structure of an investment bank

Hence, roles in equity research would be classified as front office & Trade operations roles would be classified as middle office roles. At the same time, corporate actions would be called back office roles.

Investment Banking Companies in Mumbai

  • BNP Paribas:

BNP is a large investment bank with its investment banking operations run from Mumbai and Hyderabad. They frequently hire freshers, as well as people from higher qualification like CA, CFA

  • SS&C Globe corp

SS&C is yet another investment bank in Mumbai, which hires majorly for derivative trading operations.

  • Morning Star- Mumbai

Morning star usually hires a lot of freshers and commerce graduates in their corporate action division.

  • JP Morgan Chase- Mumbai

A lot of hiring activity is seen happening on the AML & Risk management division of investment bankings

Courses for Investment Banking in Mumbai

Usually, all of the above companies require a student to have a solid understanding in the following areas.

  • Financial Markets
  • Derivatives Instruments
  • Fixed Income basics
  • Investment Banking operations- Trade life cycle

Hence, the most suited program to look out for is the investment banking operations course.

List of Investment Banking Courses in Mumbai

Certificate in Investment Banking Operations(CIBOP)- Imarticus Mumbai

Imarticus is a finance institute based out of Mumbai, with offline classes for investment banking course in Hyderabad Now, they offer the following courses related to investment banking.

Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Course Details

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course, is a four months course to train candidates for operations roles in investment banking.

The modules covered in this course are:

  1. Introduction to financial markets- 4 Weeks
  2. Trade lifecycle- 3 Weeks
  3. Risk Management & Interview Preparation-2 Weeks

So, in total 3 Months of duration

Reviews & Ratings

imarticus review

Imarticus Mumbai is rated as 4.4 with around 1000 google reviews

Course Fee:

INR 1,30,000/-


Check their placement reports here.

Certificate in Investment Banking Operations(CIBO)- Mentor Me Careers Mumbai

The investment banking operations course offered by Mentor Me Careers in Hyderabad, is three months live online investment banking certification course training program. The Course has been curated based on the CISI Certification course, hence students can also attempt the CISI exam after completion.

 Course Structure:

Certificate In Investment Banking Operations- Mumbai

Modules 1Modules 2Modules 3Modules 4
Investment Banking FoundationTrade ExecutionSecurities Lending & BorrowingRisk Management
Equity MarketsTrade AgreementSafe CustodyAnti Money Laundering:
DerivativesCustodianCorporate ActionsBasic Excel
Fixed Income securitiesSettlement FailureReconciliation:Interview Preparation
Asset ManagementSWIFT Excel and Advance Excel English Communication
Corporate GovernanceInternal Reflection Financial Mathematics 

So the four modules mentioned above are the absolute minimums, required to crack technical rounds of interviews.

Download the course brochure here

Course Duration:

Mentor Me Careers CIBO course in Hyderabad, offers 200 hrs. of live online training which is approximately completed within 8 weeks.

  Investment Banking Course Fees in Mumbai

Mentor Me Careers Certificate in Investment Banking course in Hyderabad, is priced at

investment banking course fees in mumbai


Mentor Me Careers, has around 290 recruiters in Mumbai like SS&C, JP morgan chase, Morning star, Morgan stanley ,BNP Paribas to name a few

What you can expect in placements

  • The company doesn’t guarantee placements but does guarantee interviews in Hyderabad as well as surrounding metros. Students have an option to either look for jobs in Hyderabad or other cities as well.
  • The average package can be expected to be around INR 3.5 to 4.5 LPA for freshers. For experienced candidates, the packages can be up to 10-12 LPA as well.
  • The placements start usually around 4 Weeks after the commencement of the course. Hence you don’t have to wait for the course to end.
  • The company doesn’t charge any hidden fee for placements.
  • The institute also offers communication training to students which is included in the course fee itself.
  • Also, there is no limit on the number of interviews that you can give. So you can give as many interviews until you get placed.
  • Download the placement report here.

Reviews and Ratings:

Mentor Me Careers is rated as 4.9 on Google.

Expert Opinion:

So, this course of course doesn’t come with any fancy degrees or company branding but is the lowest price in the category and has build its reputation in a very short time. Also the payment terms are very friendly on your pocket, and if you are really looking out for a job then this option is the best.

Certificate Program in Investment Banking Operations- BSE Institute Mumbai

The Bombay stock exchange, also has a training institute which offers courses related to finance and one of the courses is related to investment banking operations. So, let’s review the program further, to see the suitability.

Course Content:

Now, first of all lets check the syllabus coverage. So, the syllabus covers three major areas of investment banking operations, financial markets, Investment Banking & Risk management.

investment banking courses in mumbai university

However, in my honest opinion the course coverage is shallow and unnecessary time is being spent on risk management. Which, is not that useful for placements.

Courses Fees & Duration

The institute website mentions that the course is for 7 months, and the lectures are conducted online. Although the main website says its classroom.

Confusion with the mode?- Information is not clear on their

Website mentions live online
course page mentions classroom

Also the investment banking course fees from the program is: INR 87,150/-

Placements & Reviews: Investment Banking course Mumbai

Now, lets try to understand how the placements. So at the first glimpse, the website doesn’t show any specific page where the placed students profiles are shown. Also, the names of the companies mentioned as recruitment partners are very limited.

Which, is also limited because the non MNC’s in Mumbai don’t pay that high a salary.

BSE institute is rated as 4.2 on google with 181 reviews.

Expert Opinion:

In my opinion, the course lacks the depth and the coverage is too shallow for for considering this as a viable option. Plus the fees seems too high for a 7 months course, which lacks any clarity on placements.