If you are looking for the best choice and a complete guide for the best Finance courses in Mumbai, then read along. I promise, in the end, you would be able not only to understand what are the opportunities in finance but also to understand what these institutes have to offer.

Finance Courses in Mumbai- Recommended List
RankCourseInstituteRatings on GoogleFees
1Financial ModelingMentor Me Careers4.924999
2Financial Analysis-Pro DegreeImarticus Mumbai4.199000
3PG-IBCMProschool Mumbai4.51,80,000
4Masters in Financial ManagementWellinkar Mumbai4.450,000 P.A
Recommended List Finance Courses in Mumbai
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Finance Careers in Mumbai

Now, there is no need for me to explain that Mumbai is the financial capital of India. So, there is no dearth of opportunities and jobs.

The city hosts companies like JP Morgan Mumbai, Morgan Stanley, Citi Bank, Bank of America, BNP Paribas to name a few.

However, we need to first understand the various branches of finance and the kinds of roles available in finance in Mumbai

Fields in Finance

So broadly speaking, finance field can be broken down into two major areas

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Finance

Corporate Finance

Now, you might ask what is corporate finance? So, think of it in this example. So lets say you have a company and the business is related to developing housing societies. Hence, your core business is developing residential buildings and selling it to customers.

Now, that’s easier said then done because from the point of ideation to execution and finally selling a property requires

  • Building a plan or idea
  • Setting budgets to each projects
  • Evaluation the performance of each projects.
  • Meeting the regulatory requirements for reporting
  • Managing surplus profits or meeting capital shortfalls.
  • Defining long term strategy of the company.

All of these would fall under the category of corporate finance, because it’s the finance functions in a normal company.

careers in finance in MUMBAI
Corporate finance roles

Investment Finance

On the other hand investment finance  are services where investment banks provide value added services like research, fund management, broking and consulting.

So, the only difference between corporate finance & Investment finance, is that the latter is an external service.

Hence, roles in equity research would be classified as front office & Trade operations roles would be classified as middle office roles. At the same time, corporate actions would be called back office roles.

Category of Finance courses in Mumbai

Now, that you know the three major category of finace careers in Mumbai.

  • Corporate finance roles:
    • Skills: Financial Modeling course is the best suited course because it requires a thorough understanding of financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting. Also, valuation if you primarily targeting investment banking jobs in front office.
    • Qualifications: CA, CFA, ICWAI
  • Investment Finance Roles:
    • Skills: Again financial modeling is required but the focus should be on DCF valuation, equity research etc
    • Qualification: Any

List of Finance Courses in Mumbai

NSE Financial Modeling Course in Mumbai- by Mentor Me Careers

For a career in corporate finance & investment finance, financial modeling is a basic tool used for decision-making. Also, most of the interviews will test you on financial modeling skill.

Check the interview questions asked in finance interviews.

       Course Structure:

Now, the course is divided into 5 Modules or core modules while the 12 specialization modules are separate.

finance related courses in Mumbai

Financial Modeling Course fees in Mumbai

finance courses fees in Mumbai

Course Duration:

The financial modeling course in Mumbai is for three months or 12 weeks in total. Also the total duration of the course in terms of Hrs. is around 200.


Check the entire placement report here.

Reviews and Ratings:

Mentor Me Careers is rated as 4.9 on Google.

Mentor Me Careers ratings for finance courses in mumbai

Expert Opinion:

So, this course of course doesn’t come with any fancy degrees or company branding but is the lowest price in the category and has build its reputation in a very short time. Also the payment terms are very friendly on your pocket, and if you are really looking out for a job then this option is the best.

Financial Analysis Pro Degree- Imarticus Mumbai

Imarticus is a finance institute based out of Mumbai, with offline classes for investment banking course in Hyderabad Now, they offer the following courses related to investment banking.

Course Details

The financial analysis pro degree by Imarticus, is a 13 weeks program for financial analysis roles.

financial analysis Pro Degree course by imarticus
Pro degree syllabus

The modules covered in this course are:

  • Accounting fundamentals in financial modeling
  • Valuation  & Corporate strategy
  • Equity research, M&A, Job readiness

So, in total 3 Months of duration and mode of learning is online.

Reviews & Ratings

Imarticus Mumbai is rated as 4.4  with around 1000 review      
Course Fee: INR 99000/-


Check their placement reports here.

Expert Opinion:

Well first of all, note that you are paying 99,000 for an online course. Second, be advised that KPMG addition to certificate does not give a KPMG job. So consider these before opting for the course.

Financial Modeling & Valuations course in Mumbai- Wall street school

Wallstreet school, is a finance institute that provides various finance & accounting courses in Mumbai.

Course Structure:

The course includes the following modules

  1. Basic to intermediate excel
  2. Advance Excel & PowerPoint
  3. Basic finance concepts
  4. DCF analysis
  5. Precedent analysis
  6. Comparable analysis
  7. Merger model
  8. Leveraged buyout model

The course duration is :

6 weeks( 1.5 Months)

Course Fees Breakup

  • Course feel( Excluding Placements): INR 50,000/-
  • Placement charges(Separate): INR 75,000/-
  • Total course fee: 125,000/-

Reviews & Ratings of Wall street school Mumbai:

This center of Wall street has just been started and hence the reviews and ratings are insignificant to show. However the main center of wall street school in delhi has the following ratings.

Expert Opinion:

Although too early to comment on the performance of the Mumbai center, I feel the charges on placements are extremely high. So, if you have the money then go for it.

PGCM in Investment Banking & Capital Markets- IMS Proschool Pune

IMS proschool is a division of IMS learning, which offers course in accounting, data science and finance. Now, IMS prsochool doesn’t really offer any course on investment banking operations specifically but they have an extended version of the financial modeling course which is known as Post Graduate Certificate in Management in Investment Banking & Capital Markets.


The degree offered here is a

  • PG certificate in management offered by AIMA(All India Management association) after 1st year.
  • PG diploma in management from AIMA after completing the 2nd year by AIMA.

Course Coverage:

Term 1

  • Problem Solving in Excel
  • Business Communications
  • Business Statistics
  • Introduction to IT Systems
  • Visualization in Tableau & PowerBI
  • Financial markets

Term 2

  • Financial Performance & Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Business Economics & Industry Analysis
  • Project Finance & Equity Modeling
  • Business Analysis, Valuation & Pitch book
  • Business Simulation

Course Fees: INR 1,80,000

Reviews & Ratings: IMS Proschool Pune has been rated 4.4 with 556 Google reviews till date.


I couldn’t really find any solid evidence on placements from this program, however their overall placements data is given here.

Expert Opinion:

So, if you are thinking about this course then please get clarity on the degree because there is no clear understanding of what the real degree is and what is the real duration of this course. Also considering the fees, which I believe is extremely high for a one year program.

Masters in Financial Management- Wellinkar

Now, if you are thinking about a full time course in finance in Mumbai and you have the budget then this course might be a good option. Wellinkar, has established Weschool, under the SP Mandali trust in Mumbai.

Course Structure

The program has six semesters;

Semester 1 Subjects

              I.        managerial economics

            II.        how business works

           III.        accounting for business

           IV.        marketing management

            V.        operations management

           VI.        business statistics

         VII.        organisational behaviour and people management

Semester 2 Subjects:

      I.        legal aspects of business (including basic taxation)

    II.        design thinking and innovation

   III.        business communication

   IV.        intro to e-commerce and digital marketing

    V.        management accounting & fundamentals of financial management

   VI.        business research

Semester 3 Subjects

      I.        international business

    II.        corporate law

   III.        advanced aspects of taxation

   IV.        advanced financial management

    V.        financial markets,products and institutions

   VI.        elective-1 (choose anyone)

  1. Fixed Income
  2. International Finance

Semester 4:

      I.        strategic management (focus on strategic financial management)

    II.        financial risk management

   III.        financial modelling

   IV.        security analysis and portfolio management

    V.        m&a and restructuring

   VI.        elective-2 (choose anyone)

  1. management of banks and financial services
  2. behavioural finance

Semester 5:

  1. research project
  2. executive skills
  3. book review
  4. elective-3 (choose any 1)
  5.  Investment Banking
  6.  Wealth Management

Semester 6:

  1. research project
  2. executive skills
  3. book review
  4. elective-4 (choose any 1)
  5. entrepreneurship
  6. Cross Functional Management

Admission & Fees

So, unlike the expensive options discussed which anyways costed you more than 1Lac, this can come as good option

  • For Mumbai university students INR 49,775 .PA. Hence for three years, it would be approximately 1.5 Lacs
  • Even for outside Mumbai students but in mahrastra, the fees is INR 50,155. P.A.


  • Bachelors Degree (10+2+3) from a recognized University and minimum 2 years of work experience at Supervisor’s/Officer/Executive cadre after graduation completed on or before 30th June 2020 is mandatory.

Selection Process:

Since wellinkar is a reputed college, and it has only an intake of 60 per batch.So, you will have to go through the usual written test, Group discussion & Personal interview.

Class Timings:

Friday: 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Saturday: 3.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Sunday: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm

Expert Opinion:

If you are a graduate and want to work as well as get a valid degree, without the fancy tricks of this ed tech industry then I think this is the most legitimate option. However, do not consider this option, just because you want a degree. If you already have an MBA, CFA, CA or even if you want to work after graduation, then its no point spending money unnecessarily.