Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Pune by Investment Bankers

If you are looking for the best choice and a complete guide for the best investment banking course in Pune, then read along. I promise, in the end, you would be able not only to understand what is investment banking but also to understand what these institutes have to offer.

A disclaimer here is that this list also includes us, however, I assure you that my reviews and my recommendation will not be biased. Moreover, it should really give you a clear picture, of what is best for your career.

Investment Banking courses in Pune Quick Summary List

Investment Banking Courses in Pune by- Mentor Me Careers

The investment banking operations course offered by Mentor Me Careers, is three months live online training program. Also, it offers the flexibility of studying and preparing for investment banking placements from the comfort of your home.

Now, compared to the big names in this list Mentor Me Careers was established at the end of 2020. Which makes this company, only three years old. However at the same time the institute has been ranked 4.9 on google ratings with a convincing 300 total ratings.

Investment Banking courses in Pune-Course Structure:

investment banking courses in Pune

Certificate in Investment Banking Operations- Pune

Modules 1Modules 2Modules 3Modules 4
Investment Banking FoundationTrade ExecutionSecurities Lending & BorrowingRisk Management
Equity MarketsTrade AgreementSafe CustodyAnti Money Laundering:
DerivativesCustodianCorporate ActionsBasic Excel
Fixed Income securitiesSettlement FailureReconciliation:Interview Preparation
Asset ManagementSWIFT Excel and Advance Excel English Communication
Corporate GovernanceInternal Reflection Financial Mathemactics 
Investment Banking Course in Pune syllabus

So the four modules mentioned above are the absolute minimums, required to crack technical rounds of interviews.

            Course Duration:

Now, unlike long one year or two year courses offered by plenty of investment banking classes in Pune, this course is quick. Hence, you can expect to be giving interviews, long before your course ends.

           Investment Banking Course in Pune Fees:

Mentor Me Careers Certificate in Investment Banking course, is priced at

  • Live Classes with Placements – 24999+ Taxes
  • Live Classes -14999+ Taxes
  • Self Paced Plus- 9999+ Taxes
  • Self Paced Basic- 4999+ Taxes

So just to summarize what you get in each of these variants is

  • Live classes with Placement: Gives you live online lectures with live mentoring and 24 x 7 student support and placements. However, with the live classes alone.
  • On the other hand, the two variants of self-paced, differ in whether you have live support from a trainer or not. So the self-paced basic, is just content with only forum support.


At the end of the day, what is the point of doing a course if you can’t find opportunities? Mentor Me Career’s investment banking course has the following statistics for placement.

  • Assured interviews: provided you complete the course
  • 240 Recruiters in Investment Banking Companies
  • Top Names like gold man Sachs and Morgan Stanley hire from mentor me careers.
  • Average CTC offered to freshers is 4.5 LPA

CIBOP- Investment Banking Course by Imarticus Pune

Imarticus is a finance institute based out of Mumbai, with offline classes for investment banking course in pune. Now, they offer the following courses related to investment banking.

investment banking courses in Pune

Course Details

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course, is a four months course to train candidates for operations roles in investment banking.

The modules covered in this course are:

  1. Introduction to financial markets- 4 Weeks
  2. Trade lifecycle- 3 Weeks
  3. Risk Management & Interview Preparation-2 Weeks

So, in total 3 Months of duration

Reviews & Ratings

  • Imarticus Pune is rated as 4.5  with around 476 google reviews

Course Fee: INR 1,30,000/-

Investment Banking Course in Pune Placements:

Imarticus has no doubt been in this course delivery for a decade, and they definitely have a strong tie-up in Mumbai-based operations companies.


In my opinion, CIBOP program is an excellent program, the only downside is the extremely high price tag.

PGCM in Investment Banking & Capital Markets- IMS Proschool Pune

IMS proschool is a division of IMS learning, which offers course in accounting, data science and finance. Now, IMS prsochool doesn’t really offer any course on investment banking operations specifically but they have an extended version of the financial modeling course which is known as Post Graduate Certificate in Management in Investment Banking & Capital Markets.

Degree Details for :Investment Banking Course in Pune

The degree offered here is a

  • PG certificate in management offered by AIMA(All India Management association) after 1st year.
  • PG diploma in management from AIMA after completing the 2nd year by AIMA.

Course Coverage in the Investment Banking Course

Term 1

  • Problem Solving in Excel
  • Business Communications
  • Business Statistics
  • Introduction to IT Systems
  • Visualization in Tableau & PowerBI
  • Financial markets

Term 2

  • Financial Performance & Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Business Economics & Industry Analysis
  • Project Finance & Equity Modeling
  • Business Analysis, Valuation & Pitch book
  • Business Simulation

Course Fees: INR 1,80,000

Reviews & Ratings:

IMS Proschool Pune has been rated 4.4 with 556 Google reviews to date.


I couldn’t really find any solid evidence on placements from this program, however, their overall placements data is given here.


I felt there was some confusion about what exactly this program give. On observing their FAQs mentioned in the website.

What is the PGP- Investment banking and capital markets?

The PGP-IBCM program is a 12 months classroom program offered by Proschool in association with Jain University.

Here it mentions that the course, is from Jain university, while on the AIMA it mentions that its from AIMA.

On successful completion of Year 1, you would receive a Post Graduate Certificate In Management (PGCM); and at the end of Year 2, you would receive a Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM). Both the qualifications are AICTE approved and awarded by AIMA.

Morevover, the AIMA website mentions 2 years program, but this course website mentions one year only. So, is the fees for 1 year or 2 year at the moment is not clear.

Another critical confusion,is the name of the program itself, I could find utter confusion with what is the name of this program at the first place.

  • PGCM
  • PGDM

Hence, the conclusion for now is that students need to get this information from the institute before enrolling on what they are paying for.

Certificate in Investment Banking( CIB)- Edu Pristine

Edupriste Pune offers a 100 hrs course on investment banking, names as CIB.

The entire course modules includes:

Course Coverage of CIB By Edupriste

Module 1: Financial Modeling includes topics, such as:

  • Basics of MS Excel
  • Advance Excel Functions
  • Valuation and Modeling (Case Study on FMCG)
  • Company and Project Valuation
  • Merger and Acquisitions (Microsoft – LinkedIn case)
  • Accenture Case Study and
  • Charting

Module 2: Chartered Financial Analyst includes the following topics:

  • Ethical and Professional Standards
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Economics
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fixed Income and Derivatives
  • Alternative Investments and
  • Portfolio Management

Module 3: Data Visualization includes the following topics:

  • Data Visualization Process: Tableau
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis – Dashboard best practices
  • Calculation on Tableau and
  • Comparing measures against goals

Module 4: Workshop on Investment Banking includes the following topics:

  • Workshop on Equity Research and Report writing
  • Workshop on Project Finance
  • Monte Carlo Simulation and
  • Workshop on Investment Banking

Course Fees:

It is currently unclear, if this course is for retail or corporate students only. Since, it falls under custom training. Hence the fees is not mentioned.

Reviews & Ratings:

EduPristine as a 3.7 Rating with only 97 Reviews


Edupristine used to be a big name in finance training, but at the moment the reviews given by students and the overall google rating is 3.7.

Investment Banking Training- Finxl

Finxl is an education institute based out of pune, which gives courses in power point, financial modeling and investment banking.

Course coverage: Overall the courses has 5 Modules

  • Excel
  • Financial reporting
  • Finance fundamentals
  • Equity Research
  • Financial modeling and valuation

Course Fees & Mode:

The course is self paced content with support and is price at INR 20000.

Reviews & Ratings:

The finxl Institute is rated as 4.7 on Google  with 129 reviews


The only thing which is not clear, is if this course is a only content or live classes. Unless that is clear its difficult to give a verdict

PG program in Investment Banking- Data Trained

Data trained Is an online training institute founded in 2012, which offers courses in all segments. However, since we are only concerned with with investment banking course. So, lets look at the course details.

Course Coverage:

So, following are the modules that this course covers;

  • Investment Banking foundation
  • Financial Markets
  • Cash & Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Trade life cyle
  • Risk & Regulation
  • Excel
  • Financial Modeling

In my opinion, the mix of financial analysis content with investment banking operations looks a little out of place.

Course Duration:

The institute claims to cover this course in 6 months but the FAQ’s suggest that the course runs for 6 weeks.

Course Fees:

The course is priced at INR 1,40,000/-

Reviews & Ratings:

Data trained as a 4.1 google rating with 129 Reviews

Placement Record:

It’s unclear in the website the total palcements done by company in specific courses.


At a price tag of INR 1,40,000/- , the course definitely is expensive for just six weeks of training and no clear placement record.

Conclusion on Investment Banking Courses in Pune List

I hope, this article helped you in getting a summarized look at the various investment banking courses in Pune. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch us with us at mento me careers.