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India’s Most Comprehensive Investment Banking course with 12 Specialisations.

The unique feature of our program is placement success and placement preparatory resources, which command the highest standards in India. Our placements are offered in all major metros and tier 2 cities of India.

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Course Summary

Placements At Mentor Me

NSE Financial Modeling Course - Learning Options

Self Paced - Basic

  • Pre-recorded Videos

  • 3 Specializations

  • Forum Support 

  • 1 Year Content Access

  • Course Certification

  • Fees – ₹4,999  (+ GST)

Self Paced - Plus+

  • Personal Mentorship*

  • 12 Specializations*

  • Lifelong Content Access*

  • Course Certification

  • Community Access

  • Fees – ₹9,999  (+ GST)

Live Online - Basic

  • Live Online Classes *

  • Personal Mentorship*

  • 3 Specializations

  • Lifetime Content Access

  • Course Certification

  • Fees – ₹14,999  (+ GST)

Live Online - Plus+

  • Live Online Classes *

  • Placement Assistance

  • 12 Specializations

  • Lifetime Content Access

  • Course Certification

  • Fees – ₹24,999  (+ GST)

Course Overview

The Financial Modelling course offered by mentor me is an investment banking course with placements in equity research, investment banking research, credit ratings, financial Planning, and analysis.

 Additionally, this course will prepare you for the practical skill needs of the role, from basics to advanced. With 12 specializations in financial modeling or 12 different types of financial models, they make it the only course with real-life practical experience.  Moreover, this course also comes with a built-in preparation for NSE Financial modeling certification, which candidates can apply for adding to their resumes.

NSE Financial Modeling Certification

Learning Outcomes

We have listed out the exact learning outcomes, that a candidate can expect to achieve after successful completion of the financial modeling course offered by Mentor Me Careers.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of working with Excel and advance excel functions for financial modeling skills
  • Get a deep application-level understanding of financial mathematical calculations like NPV, IRR, XIRR, etc.
  • Capable of demonstrating building financial statements from scratch
  • Ability to read annual reports, analyze financial statements, calculate ratios, to aid in the research process.
  • Create a DCF valuation model from scratch and write recommendation reports on the same

Additionally, you can read more on this skill below.

d Anilkumar
d Anilkumar
I'm pursuing financial modelling course here. the mentor me careers staff is very supportive and The way of teaching is very good and easy to understand. The placement process also good.
Mahip Mehta
Mahip Mehta
Hi MentorMe team, This was perhaps first Financial Training for me after my masters. I was lil scared that how will I pull it, but MentorMe team and the faculties made it very simple for me. Special vote of thanks to Ridham our tutor, who was always ready to answers our questions. I highly recommend this course and MentorMe. All the best team for all future endeavours. Mahip.
Laveena Lalwani
Laveena Lalwani
It was a good journey at MentorMe Career. It has taught all concepts of Financial modelling with good mentors and teaching concepts. Their way of teaching concept is in simpliest manner.
Revanth Reddy
Revanth Reddy
The main AIM of the #MentorMeCareers is to provide job skills and knowledge and place them in good company's. This is the first time I have attended a live class in this format and wondered, how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided pratical knowledge, who things really work.
prasenjeet chahande
prasenjeet chahande
Mentor me is the platform which help me to gain good professional skill in the financial and also facility here is very supportive and helpful
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain
Mentor me careers' financial modeling course is one of the most comprehensive courses if one seeks clarity and career in core finance. The faculties are experienced in what they do and its fun to get taught by them. They use different real life case studies which makes learning quite active. My holistic experience is satisfactory and the course is highly recommended.

Core Finance Placement Recruiters

Mentor Me Careers has a dedicated placement team that constantly looks for new opportunities every day, i.e., financial modeling jobs in India. 

More so, we specialize in finding roles that are relevant to the candidate’s previous background, including work experience and education. Placements for us are more than just providing interview calls but genuinely bringing the right opportunity for you. 

You could watch this careers in investment banking video to learn more. You can also check our session career as an equity analyst. Financial modeling skill is of paramount importance for clearing the interviews for the core finance sector

Industry Trainers

Trainers are a vital part of Mentor Me’s core operations. We stress a lot in associating with only industry experts, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the students. Our financial modeling trainers are dedicated faculties who go beyond the classroom to deliver the best outcomes possible. Below are some of the trainers’ profiles, currently impaneled with us; however, there are many more for whom we can’t display publicly due to compliance issues.

Allen Aravindan, CFA

  • Lead Trainer at – Mentor Me Careers

  • Vast 11 Years Experience in Fund Management, Product Management & Entrepreneurship.

  • Trained 3000 students in premier institutions

  • Renowned Visiting Faculty- Symbiosis, Indira, MIT Pune.

  • Ex-Partner- Ennovate Research Investment and Capital, Hedge Fund

  • Ex Product Head- IMS Proschool, Large Ed Tech Company

Rythum Verma
CFA Level III Cleared (CFA® Program)

  • Stock Market and Derivative Market Trader and Investor.

  • 5+ years of training experience in Financial Modeling skills  and Investments

  • Youtuber @ Knack Backers

  • NSE Certified Financial Modelling Trainer

  • Valuation Mentor for Start-ups
  • Regular Contributor to investment blogs and research

Pankajj Goel

  • Trained More Than 14000 students in finance

  • 13+ years  corporate experience in wealth management and investment banking

  • Conducted training at corporates like Goldman Sachs, ICAI, Hindware, HFCL,
    IDBI bank
  • Trained various finance aspirants at the premier educational institutions like
    Biotech, Delhi University, UPES(Dehradun), Chandigarh University(Mohali), BSE
    Institute, ICICI Centre for Financial Learning

Syllabus Design

Over the past and as part of our continuous content development process, we have spent an incredible amount of time developing a relevant curriculum that carries depth.

 Watch out future of the investment banking industry to understand how financial modeling jobs in India are changing and its future. The topics, modules, and mini-courses inside the investment banking course with placement are presented logically. 

The investment banking field has many types of jobs and roles, each demanding some everyday skills and, at the same time, unique skills for it. Hence we have carefully bifurcated the specializations from the core program to improve the learning experience of candidates.

 This was also done by relevant industry experts in investment banking, credit analysis, and fund management. As a result, the program can bridge the gap between what the industry requires and what the candidate lacks. 

The core objective of this program is to make students’ and working professionals’ jobs ready for investment banking and equity research profiles. The program also covers the NSE Financial modeling certification syllabusNSE Financial modeling certification, which students can apply after the core course completion.

Online Financial Modelling Course Syllabus

Below is the core program outline of the financial modeling course for placements. This forms the base foundation before the candidate is eligible for specializations in advanced financial modeling modules. You can download the brochure for more details.

Module 1: Excel Part 1
Check out our financial modeling excel class here.

The first module is designed for a comprehensive start with spreadsheet skills and awareness on various sections and features of excel ribbons which is required for a financial analyst , equity analyst or investment banker

  • Excel layout and structure

  • Sheet vs Book

  • Home ribbon

  • Insert Ribbon

  • Data Ribbon

  • Page layout

  • Formula Ribbon

  • Review Ribbon

  • View Ribbon

  • Cell freeze and referencing

  • Logical operators

  • Nest if Function


Module 2: Excel Part 2

The second module gets into new functions required for financial model making .

  • Vlook up/ Hlook up/ Xlook up

  • Index and Match

  • Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min, Counta

  • Sumproduct

  • Conditional operators, Sumif, Countif, Average if

  • Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Slicer

  • Financial analysis and template

  • Data Look up case study on stock market data

  • Charts- Waterfall, Radar, Clustered column, Histogram

  • Data Analysis tool pack

Sales Data case study


Module 3: Financial Mathematics

All these concepts remain an important part of corporate finance concepts

  • What is time value of money

  • What is compounding

  • What is discounting

  • Definitions of rate

  • Frequency of compounding

  • Continuous compounding

  • Series of cashflow

  • TVM Excel functions

  • Beginning and ending cashflow

  • IRR and NPV. Problems with IRR


Module 4: Statistics for Finance

Financial modeling is incomplete without learning the statistics required to make forecasting , and creating insights on the business risks

  • Need of statistics

  • Central tendency

  • Presentation and analysis of data

  • Risk Calculation

  • Risk adjusted calculations- Sharpe, MAR, Sortio

Fund selection Case study

No one can become a financial analyst without knowing accounting and financial statement analysis required for investment finance field for analysing the financial performance.  The investment banking course offered by Mentor Me will teach you financial accounting , analysis, various line items from the basics.

  • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis Framework- Annual report reading, Con Call reports, Quarterly reports, statement of change in equity, Supplementary information

  • Financial statement linkages and creating financial statement in excel

  • Income statement– Revenue recognition principles, Expense recognition principles, Diluted EPS, EPS, LIFO, FIFIO,AVCO

  • Balance Sheet– Format of balance sheet, current assets, current liabilities, Fixed assets, Non current liabilities

  • Cash flow statement– Format of cash flow statement, Direct method , Indirect method, FCFF, FCFEE

  • Ratio analysis Solvency Ratios, Profitability ratios, Activity Ratios.

Ratio Analysis Case Study- Analyse persistent systems annual report

  • How to Read an annual Report step by step

  • Franchisee Business Model Valuation- NPV , IRR, Sensitivity analysis

  • Minority Interest, Impairment, Good will analysis

Once the finance fundamentals are set now its time to dig into creating financial models in practice. We will start applying all the concepts learnt into practical real life financial decision making. Check a project finance class here.


    Start-Up Model Travel agency Business

You will learn how to think of the template of the business model. How a three statement financial model is made . Also you will learn how small business assumptions can make the decision making difficult


    Manufacturing Plant Business Modeling

In this financial model you will learn how funding complications affect the model. Interest capitalisation, Construction phasing , Soft cost and hard cost of projects will be taught in this section


    Tax Modeling

Tax is an important part of investment decision making calculation. Taxation is much more complicated than calculating 30% of the PBT. Here you will learn tax loss carry forwards, Carry forward loss set off, Minimum alternate tax, MAT Credits, MAT Set off,Deffered tax liability & Deffered Tax Asset. All of this practically using excel


    Manufacturing Plant Set Up Model

This is a real model of the industry made from scratch using real world assumptions and calculations. You will learn what it means to work in a industry level financial model from zero. All the complications thrown into one project finance case. You also learn how to create deb schedule with various interest rate calculations.

Check out our demo class of financial modeling valuation .

This is the final section before the specialization kicks in. In this section we will take a publicly listed company from NSE stock exchange and create a DCF Valuation Model and Relative /Comparable analysis financial model. This is one of the other applications of financial modeling in decision making. This model is specifically useful for people who want to pursue to join equity research and Investment banking

  1. Valuation Basics- DCF, Gordon growth, WACC, Cost of equity , Levered, Un levered Beta, Terminal Value

  2. Creating a model template

  3. Data collection and data feeding in financial model

  4. Revenue Driver- breaking the business into Price and quantity metrics, so that you can forecast those metrics

  5. Cost Driver

  6. Debt Schedule , Asset schedule Forecast

  7. Free Cash flow calculation

  8. Valuation Calculation

  9. Sensitivity Analysis

  10. Report Writing

This is our major success metric at Mentor Me, your placement. With over a decade of experience in this field, we have developed resources and process which will make you polished for the interview and job in investment banking and research. This module will include

  • Employability quizzes for each skill tested in the interview

  • Case studies practice for interview

  • Written test question bank

  • Mock Interviews- Face to face

  • Stress Interviews

  • CV Edits and recommendation

  • Soft Questions practice for HR Rounds

Financial Modeling Course Projects

Financial modeling is a decision-making tool and hence this skill needs to be practised under different scenarios and conditions in the long term. Specialisations in financial modeling by Mentor Me form a unique part of the learning experience unmatched across any institute in India. 

The candidate becomes eligible for these advanced financial models after the completion of the core course curriculum. This also gives the student an experience on different types of modeling

Mergers models are A+B=C or A+B= A. The purpose of this kind of a model is to actually find the synergies and cost benefits.

LBO modeling is similar to buying a house on debt and using the rent proceeds to reduce the debt over time. Convert this into a large scale acquisition of a business using debt.

One of the favorites of the industry, because of its large contribution to India’s GDP. A very engaging model to make and easily understandable

Learn about the renewable energy project finance case on solar business. Learn its challenges, accounting assumptions and return potential

Aviation is more than just tickets. The major complication of making a aviation Model is the lease calculations and forecasting of it in the future

Education industry has changed over the years and is one of the most sought after business for investment banks. Learn how to model and value such business

Road development projects are the most interesting project finance application because of its easy to understand business details You will learn how to to estimate tolls, construction phasing and Return calculation

This is one of the complicated business to create a financial Model with various factors and a huge number of assumptions to be taken.

Did you know that real estate business model are only created using a one statement model and not three statements. A fairly easy model but complicated excel functions to manage delays

Learn to make a business plan on a star up idea from product to implementation . This can be suitable for those who have a fair idea on products and have worked with start ups before

This is guided full fledged course in which you will be told to research on strategies, read published material and execute a back tested performance of a strategy. Should be done only those, who possess strong statistics background

Make a model on one of the most talked about industry, E commerce. Learn how to forecast sales, handle negative cash flows and complete valuation

Course Completion Certificate

There are 4 Modules of the. Each module will have a quiz at the end of the reading. The overall grade is calculated based on each module’s performance.

Placement Process

Our placement process is robust yet personalized for each candidate. Additionally, each candidate gets access to a mentor, which promises unbiased decision-making help throughout the success journey. Every student has to display a certain level of financial modeling skills to be eligible for investment banking placements.

Goal Setting


Profile Building

Job Applications

Mock Interviews


Industry Endorsement

“Mentor Me Careers has the most comprehensive Financial Modeling Course backed up with 12 elective projects to work on. I would like to recommend any student or college to adopt Mentor Me Career’s investment banking Course.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Since mentor me stands for learning, each mentor listed on mentor me can run as many courses as they want but can only take 20 mentees( students) in batch to maintain delivery and at a time mentor 20 students overall.

Financial Modeling is a core skill required in core finance interviews. There is a large gap between what the academic qualifications teach vs what is required in the industry. Hence financial modeling course at mentor me careers, bridges the gap.

Mentor Me Careers has the most comprehensive curriculum of financial modelling course in India. It is rigorous program with 12 specialisation, 21 Modules. Each module is made carefully considering the requirement of placements in investment banking and research.

Financial Modeling cannot be learnt without getting perspective and experience. Since getting core finance placements is a competitive space, doing these specialisation will give you the edge over the other students during interviews and also will help you advance your career in research.

At mentor me we are serious on the quality of content you read, use and learn with.

  1. We have high quality pre – recorded videos, recorded by experts

  2. We have reading slides as summary

  3. Class Recordings for staying updated (Applicable for Online Instructor Led)

  4. Cheat Sheets- Get small pocket mind maps to remember formulas and logic

  5. Excel Templates- Get high quality templates to learn financial modeling

  6. Interview question bank- we have compiled over the years question banks for interviews for top 50 companies in India. You will get to practice these from day 1.

  • If you are in the Live online plus variant then you can attend multiple batches for a year.

  • Those who are live online basic- need to pay 2000 Batch transfer fee to enroll for the next batch

  • Content will be available for all variants for life time

It all depends on the your learning curve and previous backgrounds. Below is the summary of recommendation’

  1. Self Paced Basic- Suitable for Finance professionals

  2. Self Paced Plus- Suitable for candidates who are well versed with fundamentals and are self learners

  3. Live Online Basic- Suitable if you are not looking for placement and are just up skilling

  4. Live Online Plus- Suitable for MBA Freshers, CA Inters, CFA Level 1 ,2 Candidates, Commerce Graduates who are looking for a Job.

The trainer or mentor will provide you with all the support required during this course, and you can access him/ her directly on whatsaap.

A valid internet connection that can handle online meetings , a laptop with a working Microsoft Excel account

Learning is global and accessible to all. We provide services to all

  • Yes if you enroll with more than 2 students as a group then we provide 10% Waiver for all.

  • College training with a large of more than 20 students can contact at [email protected]

We teach exactly what is required in placement interviews and we understand the finance space well. With our updated material, high quality content we are pretty sure, with the students effort that one should not have any problems getting success. However we do not offer placement guarantee. Check the placement report here

We have multiple easy payment methods available.

  • EMI On Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Early Salary

  • UPI

  • Net banking

  • PayPAL

  • PayTM

And Many others. You can choose the method which is most convenient for you.