Financial Modelling Syllabus: For Investment Banking placements

So, you are planning to join some financial modeling course but are unsure about the correct financial modelling syllabus. Hence, in this article I will cover the optimum syllabus that any financial modelling course should have.

Broader Topics Important for Financial Modelling Syllabus

So I am going to cover the major broader topics, which should show itself in any financial modeling syllabus.

Financial Statement Analysis

Now, there is not going to be any financial modelling, unless there is going to be financial statement. Now ofcourse, you could argue that financial modelling can also be done for options trading or other systematic trading systems. However, most of the jobs in financial modelling is related to equity research.

What should Financial statement analysis include

The major sub topics that should be a part of financial statements, in the financial modelling syllabus are;

  • Basic accounting mechanics
  • The three financial statements
  • Taxation- Deffered tax systems
  • Ratio analysis


Now, there is too much emphasis by students on excel. However in the real application of excel should be on the following

  • Look up functions
  • Pivot Table
  • Use of $ Signs
  • Linking multiple sheets
  • Charts, Data table, Goal seek

Since, most of the work in financial modelling is done using the above areas itself.

Financial Mathematics: Financial modelling Syllabus

First of all, once your basic financial data has been crunched in the spreadsheet. You should be aware of the major decision making points. Which are as follows:

  • Returns Calculation like Rate, IRR, XIRR
  • Future and present value calculations like PV, FV, NPV, XNPV

Project Finance: Financial Modelling Syllabus

Since, a lot of decision making and fundraising happens in the financial industry in the banking sector. Hence, learning the PPP (Public Private Partnership) structures becomes very important for students. Also the same model template is also used in case of start up models An important thing to remember in case of project finance coverage is that financial modelling syllabus in project finance should include;

  • Interest during construction
  • Debt schedule
  • Asset Schedule
  • Project Risk Ratios- Like DSCR

Equity Valuation: Financial Modeling

Finally, the last and one of the broader topics which should find its way in any financial modelling is equity valuation. Now, an important problem with a lot of courses teaching equity valuation in financial modelling syllabus is;

  • Understanding of the core business metrics
  • Making the model from scratch and not from a template
  • Ability and logic on how to do research.
  • Finally report writing

Mentor Me Career’s Financial Modeling Course

So, if you are serious about core finance jobs in investment banking industry. Then Mentor Me Careers financial modelling’s course is the best option with broadest coverage possible.

Below is the broad coverage of the financial modelling syllabus at mentormecareers.

Financial modelling syllabus

Apart from the above coverage of the content, mentormecareers financial modelling syllabus also covers 12 specialisation models;

Financial modelling syllabus

FAQ’s Financial Modelling Course Syllabus

What is the syllabus for financial modeling course?

Mentor me careers financial modelling course includes excel, financial statement analysis, financial mathematics, project finance and equity valuation. Along with this the course also offers additional training in 12 specalisation models

What are the four major components of financial modelling ?

So, the non negotiable four components of financial modelling syallbus are; project finance, financial statement analysis, excel and equity valuation

What is taught in financial modelling?

Since financial modelling is a decision making tool used in finance, the major things taught are excel, financial statement analysis, equity valuation and project finance

How is mentor me careers financial modelling different?

The syllabus of mentor me careers financial modelling syllabus is unique because it focusses on investment banking interview requirements. Hence, the main objective of learning of these skills should be to eventually get placed as an analyst.