Stock Market Courses in Jaipur- Detailed Review

Are you planning to do stock market courses in Jaipur which can benefit you in terms of jobs and placements. Then you have arrived at the right placed. Let me take you the best possible options which you can pick from and also provide you with perspective on how this industry works.

Just so that you know that, I know what I am talking about. I have more than 15 years experienced in stocks, commodities, research and education. So when I will give you any analysis or evaluation you can be rest assured that, atleast my review won’t be promotional but educational. What you decide is completely your decision.

Stock Market Courses in Jaipur- The Complete List

So in my opinion below are the best possible options for stock market courses in Jaipur which will actually benefit you for your career.

GET TOGETHER FINANCE (GTF)Technical analysis15000 
T3 Stock Market classes4 months stock market course290004.9
Mentor Me CareersFundamental analysis270004.9
Mentor Me CareersCIBOP270004.9

Evaluation Metrics for the courses

Now, in my evaluation of various stock market courses. I will focus on the following measurable aspects of any stock market courses in Jaipur. Which are as follows;

  1. The depth of the content: Is it elementary
  2. How long the business has been teaching the subject
  3. The overall customer experience
  4. Finally, the fees(Not just the cheapest option)

T3 Stock Market Courses in Jaipur

T3 Stock market institute in Jaipur, does surely come in the google search page very easily. However, let me evaluate the depth of the content provided. The most relevant course out of all the courses provided is the 4 months stock market course.

Coverage of the course

  • Module 1: Capital Market
  • Module 2: Fundamental analysis
  • Module 3: Technical analysis

T3 Credibility on stock market courses in jaipur

Now, I am not really saying that only business’s that have been operational for long years are credible but it does throw some light on their success. In the case of T3, it was started in 2021, which makes it a little close to 2.5 years. Which is not great but not bad either. However, I have a serious question mark on the credibility of the trainer, since the trainer showcased in the website doesn’t have any credible experience in trading itself. So, ill leave that decision upto you.

Customer Expereience with T3

Further when on checking their youtube channel most of the content is not even related to stock market courses, but other topics. I was expecting atleast one video or a playlist to be related to stock market live batch.

Finally, a very absurd analysis that I felt was that they close to 500 reviews on google but next to no followers in linked in. Which is again a serious question mark on the authenticity of this course itself.

The Final Verdict on T3

In my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, with no harm intended but I don’t think so that stock market courses in Jaipur is something that T3 specialises. May be it is digital marketing or CSAT classes but not trading.

GET Together Finance- Stock Market Courses in Jaipur

Now, my first impressions are good about the course that they provide on stock market courses in Jaipur. Majorly, because it is actually related to stock market courses and not just NISM Certifications. The name of the course itself is something I related with, “Trading in the zone”. It is a famous book on trading psychology i.e behavioural finance.

Depth of the GTF Course

Again total of 4 neat modules which have the following coverage

Module 1:Making Your Foundation Strong

  • Why do we need Technical Analysis
  • Candlestick Explanation And Patterns
  • Importance of Price Action
  • Demand & Supply theory

Module 2:Your journey toward a rule-based trader

  • Trading on Multiple Time Frames
  • How to pick a perfect time frame based on your trading style
  • How to scan stock in the live market
  • Trend Analysis (Trading In The Zone Special)
  • Risk Management
  • How to Analyse a Sector to Find the blockbuster opportunity

Module 3:Skills you need to become a pro trader in any market situation

  • When to be Aggressive or Conservative
  • Moving Average (Simple, Exponential, Linearly Weighted)
  • Algo Trader (How we can take advantage from them)
  • Market Traps
  • Trading against the Trend (Trading In The Zone Special)

Module 4:

  • finishing touch to make you a Disciplined Trader, GTF Trader
  • Conventional patterns V/s Demand & Supply
  • Gap Theory
  • Trading Indicators with Demand & Supply
  • Trading Psychology- How to overcome fear and greed (Trading In The Zone Special)
  • Journey of a Novice Trader to a Professional Trader

My Review on the Depth of the content

Alright so I’ll be honest that I personally have never been very comfortable with technical analysis. And the reason majorly is that till date technical analysis has never been proved. But at the same time I also know very well known traders in the world who have been known to have created fortunes with it.

Hence, atleast with the coverage of this stock market courses in Jaipur, my verdict on the content depth is positive.

The GTF Credibility

I would say that the GTF Definitely earned my thumbs up here, majorly for the following reasons;

  • 1.8 Mn subscribers (Just on stock trading)
  • Good relevant and genuine google reviews
  • The company although has limited followers on linked in but does appear to be very genuine
  • The final point is the fees, at Rs 15000, I think the course does appear to be value for money proposition

Mentor Me Careers- Stock Market Fundamental Analysis Course

Now, just a disclaimer here, so that the you might not discredit my analysis. I am the founder of mentor me careers but I cannot unreview our courses itself, considering that it is one of the best stock market courses in Jaipur for fundamental analysis.

Coverage of the Course

Now, I am personally a big fan of fundamentals because my logic wires don’t cross over. When I look at some business idea or a business, there is no alternative to the people, product and process’s of the company. Which finally break or make the company itself. So, if you are one of those people who happen to think like me then this coverage will make sense. Following is the overall coverage of the course;

stock market courses in jaipur

Also in my opinion and experience there is not a single institute in India which has a better coverage than mentor me careers on fundamental analysis. Along with the above coverage I also cover 12 specialisation models on various sector based models.

Mentor Me Careers Credibility

Just like any other institute which I have covered in this blog, we started in December 2020.

  • We have around 4.5k Youtube subscribers(Only focused on finance)
  • 13 K Followers on Instagram- completely on finance career guides
  • 2000 Followers on linked in
  • 464 Google reviews with rating of 4.9, which is a hard earned reputation.

The Final Verdict on Stock Market Courses in Jaipur

Now I’ll keep it simple and your decision point has to be;

  • Technical analysis or
  • Fundamental analysis

If you are learning to trade more systematically using no finance or fundamentals that GTF is the best option. However, if you have the patience to learn business and finance from scratch then go for mentor me careers fundamental analysis course.