Top Classes for ACCA in Mumbai

So, as soon as you type ACCA classes in Mumbai, and you would get many options. However, in this article, we go beyond just the superficial understanding of the best ACCA classes in Mumbai.

ACCA classes in Mumbai

However, to start with I have listed four ACCA classes in Mumbai, that qualify for further analysis. Now, let’s discuss in the blog which classes would be the best options to take.

Also, let me clarify that I am in no way being paid to give these ratings. I am just doing these reviews for the benefit of students, so they don’t end up taking wrong choices.

Parameters for Rating ACCA classes in Mumbai

Just, like I have done similar ratings for cfa classes, and financial Modeling classes too, my parameters are same.

  • Firstly, looking at the overall focus of the institute on the course.
  • Secondly, looking at the credibility in terms of the trainers and ratings
  • Thirdly, if the price is justified or is it over charged

Zell Education ACCA Classes in Mumbai

So, I have reviewed Zell education before too, however for different subjects. Now, I like zell education and so do a lot of other students. Zell in Mumbai has been know for good training for ACCA classes. I also, happen to know this first hand through students, who have studied at Zell.

Institute Focus on ACCA Classes & Ratings

So, I can vouch for at least the ACCA training quality and especially the Andheri branch. This branch has the best trainers, and this is the sold performance which led zell education to grow in acca classes in Mumbai.

Zell education ACCA classes in Mumbai

So, you can clearly see that 218 people have rated in google related to Faculty.

Zell Education Fees for ACCA classes in Mumbai So, at the knowledge level, they charge INR 86100, which is slightly expensive in my opinion but I guess that’s also because they have the platinum status partner

acca course fees zell

Also, at the skill level, the average fee of Zell education acca classes is INR 126,000/-

acca course fees zell

Finally, at the professional level, the fees for ACCA classes in Mumbai is INR 122,850/-.

acca course fees zell

So, if I total the entire cost would be somewhere around INR 3.5 Lacs for all the levels combined, excluding the ACCA examination cost.

FPA Institute ACCA Classes in Mumbai

So, this is another institute of ACCA classes in Mumbai, that I have sort of known about. Moreso, I have heard about FPA institute in CFP classes. Which, they have a big name for. However, since we are talking about ACCA classes, lets evaluate and review if FPA is right choice for you.

FPA credibility In ACCA classes in Mumbai

So, in terms of the accreditation FPA institute is a gold partner. However, do note that below is the gold learning partner criteria.

acca gold partner training instittues in Mumbai

So, any institute that starts training for ACCA, by default they start at the silver partner level and mostly gold is an obvious and compulsory transition. However, unlike zell education which is a platinum partner, which you can’t manually qualify. ACCA invities partners for platinum status.

FPA Institute Fees for ACCA

So, it’s not directly mentioned on their website but in their FAQ’s it’s written that the total cost of acca classes in Mumbai is INR 3.6 Lacs. Which, I feel is a little too expensive given that their status is a gold partner. Finally, the institute ratings is not bad at 4.8 but with 305 Google reviews.

Synthesis Learning ACCA Classes

Synthesis learning is a gold partner of ACCA global, and is based out of Mumbai. The company comprises of two divisions, professional qualifications & Professional training.

Mostly, the institute trains for ACCA, CFA & CPA.

Ratings for Class

  • Their ACCA classes in Mumbai,Ville parle have been rated as 4.8 with 50 google reviews.
  • Also, their ACCA classes in Matunga, Mumbai has been rated as 4.9 with  47 Google reviews.

However, by the looks of their oldest google ratings, the company was formed one year ago.


Now, the website doesn’t mention the fees of their course except for the online self paced version. However, by the look I can see that they do provide paper wise training.

IMS Proschool ACCA Classes in Mumbai

So, located in 3 Floor, IMS Proschool, Gokul Plaza, Opp Mehul Studio Near Chinnai College, Old Nagardas Rd, Andheri East, Maharashtra 400069, IMS Proschool Mumbai is the gold partner of ACCA global.

Institute Focus

Now, IMS Proschool obviously provides many different courses hence It would be difficult for me to gather much insights on their focus.

Fees & Course

IMS proschool provides training for all the level of ACCA exams. As per, their website details I can see that the skill level program is completed in 15 months with  8 Hrs of training every week.

More than this the fees, for the entire level of ACCA 13 papers will set you back by INR 2,50,000/-

Google Ratings

ACCA classes in Mumbai

So, the Andheri branch has been rated as 4.3 on 406 Google reviews. However, the feelings are mixed on student reviews about their ACCA classes. Some students who have been trained by Binoy sir, are happy. However, other recent reviews on ACCA, have been critical according to google ratings.

So the verdict is not clear on the quality of ACCA training by IMS Proschool. Hence, Ill leave you to be the best judge of it.

Conclusion:ACCA Classes in Mumbai

As you can see, and I will give a firm conclusion. Apart from Zeal education, I don’t think any other institute is at the level of quality which is admirable. So, at this stage the only institute that I can really suggest any student who comes to me and asks this question. “Which ACCA classes in Mumbai is the best?”

Well, hands down I feel my answer is going to be Zeal education. Also, I hope that Zeal education can maintain their same level of high quality training in the future too.

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