Top 3 CIMA Classes in Pune- Review

The CMA coachings are a big marketplace for coaching institutes. But how would an aspirant decide which is a genuine institute?Well, we take care of that for you! Here is a list of top cma classes in Pune to get your CMA exam done from. In this list, we have not been associated with any of these institutions in any kind, so you know you can trust us ! 

Top 3 CMA Classes in Pune List

Name of institution Ratings FeeLocation 
Agarwal classes 4.1/5Different packagesNavi Peth
AK professional institute4.8/ 560,000Tathawade 
Pataskar Classes 4.6 /5 N/ABharat Natya Mandir 

Parameters for selection of the top CMA classes in Pune

The institutes selected in this list are tested on the following fronts:

Agarwal classes: cma classes in pune

This are no big shot company with numerous branches, but it is an authentic coaching institute with genuine teachers and happy students. 

 Course Highlights

There are different courses curated for students at all levels. Some of these are :

  • CMA inter G1 Financial Accounting 
  • CMA inter G1 Laws and Ethics
  • CMA inter G2 Company accounts
  • CMA inter G2 Audit
  • CMA inter G2 Direct Taxation


 All of these are individual batches, placed at very nominal prices starting from 2,500-7,000 rupees. Even if a student takes a bunch of all these courses for a complete preparation, even then  it will cost way less than other coaching centres. 

Ratings and reviews

cma classes in pune

The ratings of this institute are at par. With a 4.1 /5 , they are an authentic coaching institute with most students coming from economically low backgrounds. And this is what they had in mind while designing the courses, to be accommodative to every student . 

AK professional institute:cma classes in pune

The faculty is the most experienced and well qualified professionals for CMA classes at all levels in this institute . Through their intensive coaching and guidance, they make their students  ready for exams and also for the campus interview.

Course Highlights: 

  • Relevant mocks
  • Campus interview experience
  • Doubt classes
  • Weekend classes for extra edge 
  • Course completion on due dates


The fee is again, equivalent to the market rate for this exam i.e.. 60,000 rupees for the whole course. This is lower than The Wall Street School, but higher than AK professional institute. This can be seen as the middle ground, fee wise. 

Ratings and Reviews

cma classes in pune

The ratings are the highest in this list, i.e..4.8 /5 . The reviews are also filled with praises for the teachers.

Pataskar Classes:cma classes in pune

.Popularly known as Balaji classes, these classes are also famous for their CA clearance rates in Pune. Students have been very impressed with the faculty, which is supportive and treats them like a guide. 

Course Highlights

Still an old school coaching centre, most of the mocks are exactly taken like the real examination, i.e … in real time. 

  • Unlimited mocks
  • Unlimited doubt sessions
  • Experienced Faculty 
  • Webinars for guidance
  • Course material curated by experts 


Not mentioned on the website .

Ratings and reviews

cma classes in pune

Even though the fee wasn’t mentioned on the website, the reason that this institute made the cut to be included in this list is because of its reviews and ratings. Almost all the reviews that I read were of successful candidates, from all kinds of different commerce exams. Making it obvious that the institute has played a key role.  Its rating is 4.6 /5 , making it a great choice to do your CMA coaching. 

Conclusion for CMA Classes in Pune

AK professional institute is my favourite of them  all. It has the right rating as well as great reviews. Even the course is very accommodating to students. So , you can definitely check out their website as well as their centre, if you live in Pune.