Top Short Term Certifications Courses in Finance

Do you know the 3 year degree that you pursue, is basically a combination of small courses. Also, ask yourself did you actually find all the subjects you learned useful for placements? If the answer is no, then I have good news for you. Which is, in today’s corporate era, you need short term certification courses in finance to get a job.

So, before I jump into the short term certification courses in finance, I will take you through the industry trends, then various roles in finance and finally will link that to the short term certification courses.

Summary: Short Term Certification Courses in Finance

Course NameCertification Body
Financial modeling By Mentor Me CareersNSE Academy
Investment Banking OperationsMentor Me Careers
GST PractionerICAI

Now, it’s extremely important to understand what is changing in finance. Which should guide into selecting the right short term certification courses in finance.

  • Investment Banking Broker Research on the decline.
  • Secondly fund management companies are outsourcing research.
  • Thirdly,Use of Generative AI in customer support.
  • Fourthly, the rise of wealth management in India.
  • Finally, the growth of risk management.

Now, these trends will give us a framework for a basis to narrow down on actionable courses.

Short Term Certification Courses in Finance

So, since you understand now the general trends now let me take you through the relevant courses which will be helpful.

Financial modeling Course

Now, coming up the first course that is pretty straight forward for all finance students in the short term category i.e Financial modeling. Accordingly, Financial modeling is decision making finance tool, involving spreadsheets, financial calculations and valuations.

Job Roles Targeted Using Financial modeling

Now, let me take you through the various job roles which would require Financial modeling as the basic skill.

So, all of the above roles will have their interviews testing this skill in one form or the other. You can check the interview questions on Financial modeling.

Investment Banking operations Course

Another course, which is a short term certification courses in finance. Targeted at investment banking trade operations. So, to give you the context, the companies in this field include.

  • BNY mellon
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP morgan
  • BNP Paribas

Just to name a few.

However the scope of this course in terms of learning include

  • Financial markets i.e Equity markets, derivatives, Fixed income
  • Trade life cycle operations
  • AML kyc

Jobs Targeted Using this course

Firstly, let me list down the type of roles this Course would be relevant for;

  • Trade reconciliation
  • Trade support
  • Derivatives Trader
  • Operations analyst

Also, the CTC ranges between 5-6 Lacs P.A for freshers.


Another short term course which is very useful to get a job in accounting and finance. SAP is an international business management tool, which is used by many companies. Hence, there is huge demand for SAP professionals, who know the implementation of SAP FICO systems. The course for SAP covers the following;

  • SAP Fico environment
  • The set up of SAP System
  • Tools, Reports and features
  • Implementation of SAP

Major Roles after Completion of SAP FICO

The major roles targeted after completion of SAP fico is of the SAP consultant role. Which basically means you act as the agent of implementation of SAP modules in various companies.

NISM VA- Wealth Management

Now, this short term course in finance I am suggesting because of the surge in wealth management. Because India is on the path of formalisation and as the economy becomes more formalised. Firstly, a lot of wealth gets converted from non formal assets to formal assets like mutual funds. Which would mean that, all of these people would require wealth management services.

Job Roles After NISM VA Course

So, if you are seriously thinking about getting into the wealth management field. Then the first certification course to complete would be the NISM VA. Firstly, it’s a very basic module, which covers the basic of financial products and financial advisory. However, it is the compulsory certification required to work in the field of wealth management.

Some of the roles in wealth management include

  • Relationship Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Mutual Fund Distributor

GST Practitioner Course

In order to understand why I am recommending this course, is to first understand the concept of ” Formalisation of an economy”. So, post the implementation of GST in India, everyone has to pay GST and eventually file for it either quarterly or monthly. Which means, that regulatory compliance increases. However, there are millions of business’s in India, and the number of Chartered accountants are not enough.

Hence there is a scope for you to either practice as a GST agent or practitioner in your own set up.

In my opinion the course given by ICAI on GST practitioner is the best suited program.Plus its affordable.


So, those we the short term certification courses in finance, which can help you in not only upgrading your skills. But the important thing is that it helps you in finding relevant jobs in the industry.