Top Job Oriented Courses for Commerce Graduates

Did you know that 80% of MBA graduates today are unemployable? Moreover talk to any recruiter in any industry. And the complain is same. Which is that job are there but there is dearth of candidates. In this article I will cover the most relevant job oriented courses for commerce graduates in detail.

Now, before I jump into the list please understand that, I am talking about job oriented courses. Which does not mean qualifications. And the reason why I say that is because one set of job may be open to different kinds of qualifications. Hence, it’s more important to focus completely on focussed job related courses.

job oriented courses for commerce graduates

Job Oriented Courses for Commerce Graduates List

So, let me first spell out the various job oriented courses for commerce graduates briefly. And then later if you wish to understand the details of it then you read more below.

Finance Job Oriented Courses for Commerce Graduates

  • Financial Modeling
  • SAP
  • GST Practioner
  • Advance Excel
  • Investment Banking Operations
  • Bank PO Course

Marketing Job Oriented Courses

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Designing and editing

So, briefly I have given you the list above, which should tell you the relevant courses for jobs, considering you are a commerce graduate.

Finance Courses for Commerce Graduates

Now, let me dive into the details of each course and career scope of each. Also, do make sure to read the complete details, so as to not make a mistake with your decision.

Financial modeling

So, Financial modeling is the fundamental skill in finance decison making roles. More so, most of the interviews test the candidates on this skill in depth. So first let me list out the job roles which require this skill below for finance commerce graduates

Job Roles that Require Financial modeling.

  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Investment banking analyst
  • FP&A
  • Management. accounting

Also, to remember is that as a fresher commerce graduate, you can expect CTC between 3.5 to 6 lacs INR.

What the course covers?

So, since I am talking about Financial modeling and I have also told you that this skill is required in financial decisons. Hence, now let me relate this to what is covered.

  • Excel and advance Excel
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Project Finance
  • Equity valuation

Also, the course is generally of 3 months and the price of the course ranges between INR 27,000 To INR 30,000.


Alright, so moving on to the next in demand job oriented courses for commerce graduates. So, SAP is basically a software cloud based software, which provides various management related solutions. Now, in that there is specifically SAP FICO, which is frequently demanded in various job postings.

Job Roles After SAP FICP

  • SAP FICO Consultant

So, as a functional SAP FICO Consultant, your job is to help in implementation of SAP FICO. Since, many companies are involved in implementation of SAP in their respective companies. Hence, there is huge demand for candidates who know SAP in detail.

Also, salaries can range for candidates with 1 or 2 years of experience at around 4-5 Lacs P.A

GST Practioner Course

Another, place which you and me both pay money from our own pockets i.e GST. Now, since the time GST has been implemented In India, small and big business’s have to file their GST returns. Moreover, this filing activity is technical and not all chartered accountants, do this activity since the fees for it is very low. However, that presents an opportunity for either starting your own practice of GST or working in association with CA firms.

Eligibility for GST Practitioner Course

Firstly, there is no such eligibility for this course, but my recommended course would be from ICAI.

Advance Excel Course

Another important job oriented courses for commerce graduates, is advance excel. Now, when I say advance doesn’t mean becoming a wizard of excel. However, I do mean knowing the use cases under various scenarios. So, for example;

  • Firstly, knowing how to look up data
  • Secondly, using dashboards in excel to summarise data
  • Thirdly, data presentation and visualisation.
  • Finally, knowing about creating formats for analysis, like creating templates.

Advance Excel Course by Mentor Me Carers

Now, if you intend to give any finance role based interviews, then mentor me careers can be a good option. Our course has all the necessary ingredients and the best part is the case studies. Which will not only help you learn excel but will also you give you exposure to various scenarios of data analysis.

Investment Banking Operations

Again, a very easy place to to get started in your career, also one my most recommended job oriented courses for commerce graduates. Firstly, investment banking operations includes all the activities which are done either at the initiation or conclusion of a trade. Simply put its the administrative activities involved in the multinational trade operations. Some very famous names in this job role include, Goldman Sachs, Broad ridge, BNP Paribas to name a few.

Coverage of the Investment Banking Operations Course

So, considering that you would have to deal with trading of securities, including bonds, derivatives and equity. Hence, the major focus of this course, is on educating you on financial markets topic. Which, means knowing the following;

  • Detailed understanding of equity based products
  • Secondly, knowing how and structures of fixed income products
  • Third, the various derivative instruments.

The fees of this job oriented courses for commerce graduates, is around 27-30k if you do it with us. Else, other providers might provide the same program at around 70k to 1.25 Lacs in India.

Bank PO Course

So, BANK PO means bank probationary officer. Now, I wouldn’t exactly call this a job oriented course for commerce graduates, but it’s definitely an exam which puts you on the job. So, most of the state owned banks are covered under the Bank PO Exam.

Eligibility for Bank PO

So let me cover briefly the eligibility for this exam;

  • Firstly, you need to be between the age 20 and 30.
  • Secondly, you need to be a graduate with 3 years from a government recognised college.

NISM VA Advisor Certification

So, again continuing with the list that matters in terms of jobs. Which brings me to a slightly different area of finance, which is wealth management. Now wealth management is an industry that is at the inflection point of growth. Also, the reason for this growth, I will summarise below

  • Implementation of GST has made real estate difficult for cash investing.
  • Traditional investments like Fixed deposits are not able beat inflation
  • Millions of accounts created
  • Finally, the most important of these reasons, digital payments.

Hence, all of this means that there is more money in the bank system, which means that needs to be invested. Which also means that there have to be qualified wealth advisors.

Roles in Wealth Management

Now, don’t fancy your self sitting behind a desk and researching on stocks. Because wealth management doesn’t need as much research, as it needs education and reach of clients. Also, there are multitudes of products already existing in the market, which are good. All you need to do is get clients, advise them on the overall allocation according to their situation and finally earn your commissions or trails.

So briefly, you will progress in wealth management in the following way;

  • Firstly, you will start as a relationship manager. Basically its sales.
  • Secondly, as you become more senior you get into managing teams.
  • Now, usually at this stage you will either start your own small set up or you will continue to progress.

NISM VA Exam Details

So, this is a very simple exam that is conducted by NISM accross NSE Centres. Basically, you need this certification because it’s a regulatory requirement. You cannot get into distribution of mutual fund products, unless you have completed the NISM VA exam. Check more details about the exam here: NISM VA exam details

Marketing Job Oriented Courses for Commerce Graduates

Now, I will move into a different area for jobs and the relevant marketing job oriented courses for commerce graduates. So, again let me first explain why I am even discussing these courses;

  • 80% of the content is consumed online digitally.
  • Which, also means that most of the marketing and lead generation invariably will happen digitally.

Hence, this field continues to and will continue to be a big contributor in employment. However, before I just tell you the course you must understand that digital marketing is not just pay per click ads i.e google ads or Facebook ads.

So let me broadly classify the kind of roles in the market;

  • Firstly, SEO. This article you are reading is a part of SEO Strategy. But even in SEO, not everyone is a writer
    • Writers; pure writers, with a bit knowledge on how to use the keywords and meet the quality standards
    • Optimisers; technicians of SEO organic strategy; for example figuring out new key words, optimising old content for rankings, fixing errors on websites, optimising the page speed etc.
  • Secondly Digital ads campaign manager: This requires different kinds of expertise i.e knowing bit of the product knowledge, having a deep understanding of audience. For example; for a baby care product which age category would you target, or what is the punch line of your ad.
  • Thirdly, in both of the above category of work there is a common link which is creatives. So there comes the graphic designer. Now as a graphic designer you are more of an artist than a technical. The technician can show you the parameters, but you need to develop the art.
  • Finally, social media management is another field which is totally different compared to SEO, digital arts or graphic designer. Social media has a very short shelf life, which means the content has to be quick short and fast.

Now, once you understand the above scenario, you might well be capable to choose which field suits you best.

Digital Campaign Mangement

Although I am a firm believer that you cannot learn digital campaign manager unless you run ads. And trust me I have interviewed so many candidates, who have done such courses but got rejected. You can actually learn digital marketing campaigns through the official learning sources of google and Facebook.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that spending thousands of dollars on digital marketing courses is a waste of time. Rather, use those thousands of dollars as actual money spent on advertising your dummy brands or blogs.

Social Media Management Courses

Now, If I have to talk about a personality that fits this category of work, it would be a jack of all trade types. Which means, the person who likes all the chaos of experimentation, yet not really doing it yourself. You need to be that person, who is creative on the idea side, than the art side. If I am not wrong the person who is left brained would flourish here.

So, would I recommend courses here, sure why not! But my list won’t exactly have the names you expect;

Courses and Books for Social Media Management

Salaries in Digital Marketing

So, if you are just out of college with no background in marketing. Then be humble and start at the internship level. There are plenty of internships available and will be available in the future too. In fact companies are more than happy to take interns in this field, because it saves them cost and nurture talent.

However, once you are good at what you do then, in any of the above fields I spoke about. Then the salary ranges between 4.8 to 6 Lacs INR. If you have more to show, and have a provable results in your kitty, then you can also cross the six figure marks.


In summary, I have one thing to say to you on the job oriented courses for commerce graduates. Which is don’t run behind the salary during the initial years, don’t over spend on courses and do more things practically with real money. That goes a long way in developing and building your profile and respect in the industry.