Top 4 Cpa coaching course in Bangalore- Detailed Review

A Certified Public Accountant is the title of a qualified accountant in numerous countries in the English-speaking world. It is generally equivalent to the title of CA in most countries. But to acquire a CPA licence you must pass a rigorous exam known as Uniform CPA exam. In this article we will be looking at some of the best cpa course in bangalore for the preparation of this exam! So, stay tuned and simply scroll down !Below is the list of the selected few, but do read the full article to decide the best for you.

List of CPA Course in Bangalore- Top 4 Institutues

Name of institution RatingLocation
Simandhar Education4.8Kodihalli
VG Learning 5.0Jayanagar
Miles Education 4.6Koramangala 
Success Edge Coaching 4.3Jayanagar

Parameters for selection of the institutes: cpa course in bangalore

The following parameters were taken care of while researching the best institutes for you :

  • Course Accommodations
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Passing rate
  • Mocks
  • AI compatibility of websites

Simandhar Education cpa course in bangalore

The best thing about the CPA coaching institute is that it provides, not one, not two but 15 days of free trial !

Course accommodations:

 They also provide:

  • 100% support on evaluation, licensing and board selection.
  • Last minute revision classes
  • Guidance for application of CPA exam
  • AI Mocks

And much more!

Pass rate

The passing rate of the institute is claimed to be more than 90%. They give this credit to their faculty and dedicated students, on their website. 

Ratings and Reviews

cpa course in bangalore

The Google rating of the institute is 4.8/5, and even quora is filled with students strongly recommending the Institute.

VG Learning Destination cpa course in bangalore

Located in the Jayanagar area of Bangalore VG learning has provided great results again.  In the last couple of years the coaching has seen toppers in various exams such as CA, CPA and ACCA. 

Course Accommodations:

The course comprises of various accommodations such as

  • 260 + hours of training
  • Availability of weekend classes
  • 10 hours of classes on weekends
  • 6500 MCQs
  • 250 task based stimulation and study plans
  • Experience and passionate faculty
  • After Course Engagement(ACE)

Pass rate

The passing rate has been about 85%,as claimed by the website. 

Ratings and reviews

cpa course in bangalore

With a rating of 5.0/ 5 this is one of the best  reviewed coaching classes of Bengaluru. The alumni have sung praises of the faculty on the website as well other  conversational platforms. 

Miles Education cpa course in bangalore

This coaching has not only been included in this list, but also the list of the best coaching for CA in   Pune. Nonetheless, to say that Miles  education has great faculty that has put a lot of effort in curating exceptional courses for all of their students, in all arenas. 

Course accomodations: 

  • Complete Syllabus Coverage
  • Focus on Conceptual clarity
  • Aims to build student basis
  • Professionally qualified faculty
  • Periodic tests and assessments

Ratings and reviews

cpa course in bangalore

 With a rating of 4.6/5, which isn’t all bad, its great faculty is what sets Miles Education apart.  With more than 35 Years of knowledge  and classroom experience, Miles Education itself has a lot of CPA qualified educators, who curate perfect strategies for students of different backgrounds and stages. 

Success Edge Coaching cpa course in bangalore

cpa course in bangalore

The institute aims to carefully plan and execute solid CPA training, considering the 4 stages of the CPA course. Each section is uniquely different and so is the approach to educating the students with the world-class CPA Coaching in Bangalore. 

Course accommodations

  • Best Infrastructure rating
  • Experienced Faculties
  • Affordable Student Fees
  • Small High Focused Batches 
  • Mocks and doubt sessions 

Pass rate

The passing rate is the lowest in this list, being only 75%. But that does not quite paint an honest picture about the institute or its dedication. One can take a free trail and decide for themselves. 

Ratings and reviews

The ratings are also the lowest for this institute in this list. 4.3 /5 , this still is a top class institute, with  top scoring students in all commerce exams. 


Well, after a detailed analysis and study of all the coaching institutes given in the list, and various others, I have come to a conclusion that VG education has the best of it all. lt has great faculty and a rating of 5 /5 with great reviews all around the internet. The courses have been created by keeping in mind the background of various students that can come.  So, you can surely go for VG education institute.  My second favourite would be Simandhar  Institute, as it has a reading just below VGInstitute with 4.8 /5, and has shown 90% passing data in the last 10 years.  Such passing rates are hard to pull off and express the hard work of the faculty and the management.  

 The  students can choose any of the four with respect to their locations, but if that is not an issue, then they can go for the two mentioned here!