5 Best Institutes for ACCA course in Bangalore

If you have got into the hype of pursuing ACCA, specially in bangalore. You can easily get swayed by plethora of options for ACCA coaching in bangalore and complications. Moreover, there is a good chance you might end up going broke with no results. So I am going to review and recommend, the viable options of pursuing ACCA course in Bangalore.

ACCA Course in Bangalore

So, I prepared this list which is different from the official learning partner list, which also I shall show you. However, don’t yet jump into the conclusion that you have to purse ACCA from the list above. The above list, I created to show you the different types of training for acca courses in bangalore. Some of which make sense, while others are just ###.

Official Learning Partner for ACCA course Coaching in Bangalore

Now, every professional courses has these prime list, which is supposed to be official. Also, by official they mean, its supposed to vetted and verified. So, let me present to you the official learning providers of ACCA course in bangalore;

ACCA coaching in bangalore

Now, as per the ACCA website these are apparently vetted and verified. However, If I go and check their real status. Then most of them are average institutes and some of them have just begun their training business. Which by the way shocks me, because why are they then called the official learning partner?

For this you have to understand that, you need to check how an institute becomes a learning provider officially. Which also means, that anyone can teach ACCA, but you can also be a registered learning provider.

Official Learning Partner Levels- ACCA coaching in bangalore

So, when I looked at the ACCA website to check their various learning partner status. Below, are the three levels mentioned, which start with silver as the entry-level partner and platinum the most coveted title.

ACCA Course in Bangalore

So, I checked ACCA’s process of becoming a learning partner and I stumbled across this guide. Below are mentioned various benefits that an ACCA learning partner gets. However, apart from the admin reporting and paying of registration fees. I really couldn’t find any evidence of vetting which could benefit a student.

ACCA coaching in bangalore

Review of Top 4 Institutes for ACCA course in Bangalore

So, with that little background of official and unofficial, let me start on the footing that. It doesn’t matter, if the institute is listed or not listed. However, the quality of training and dedication is the most important aspect of any training and service provider for ACCA.

Arvivu Pro Academy- ACCA Coaching in Bangalore

So, I’ll be honest here that usually I have always found that google ratings are more reliable and usually is the correct depiction of an institutes performance.

Which, they have in plenty. However, I don’t think these reviews are majorly born out of ACCA training to make it clear. Infact, I believe the institute has been training for CA and CS which has got this rating.

ACCA coaching in bangalore

So let me dig in further into the reviews, to see if there is any more information we can find. So this review by one of their customer Saurav, states that foundation training for ACCA was good.

ACCA coaching in bangalore

Apart from , as I kept scrolling I couldn’t find many reviews or ratings for ACCA coaching.


Neutral: Majorly because there is no mention of ACCA fees in the website, no information on pass results and google reviews point that the institute is majorly into CS & CA classes.

I am open to change this verdict, if the institute can give or change it results later.

PES university- ACCA integrated Course in Bangalore

Background ACCA integrated Courses

Firstly, let me clarify my own opinion on such an integrated course, which is “ Not a big fan”. These integrated courses have started pre-covid when deemed university status granted a lot of money-making avenues for these colleges. This was happening at the time, when the likes of big names in this industry in the ED tech found a way to partner with universities to launch swanky courses.


Above, is the mechanism by which ISDC( a popular name In ACCA circles), has launched this integrated course with PES. Where, ISDC does all the syllabus making, marking, training the trainers etc and under the PES brand the course gets launched as university approved course.

However, I am happy to be proven wrong if anyone can show tangible results from this.

PES Integrated Course Review

So, with that context let me analyse what PES university has to offer different in their ACCA-integrated coaching in bangalore.

Syllabus- B.com with Integrated ACCA Course

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4
Business CommunicationBusiness CommunicationBusiness CommunicationBusiness Communication
Business EconomicsCost accountingDirect tax -1GST
Indian Financial SystemBanking and operations managementStart up and entreprenuership managementDirect tax 2
ACCA accountant in businessSocial media analyticsACCA management accountingACCA performance management
ACCA business and corporate lawACCA audit and assuranceACCA financial reportingACCA UK Taxation
Data and decision for managersACCA  Advance accountingACCA financial managementForeign exchange management
Semester 5Semester 6Semester 7Semester 8
Business research methodsProjectIntroduction to fin techInternship
GST compliance  and customs Forensic accounting 
Strategic management Financial derivatives 
Business ethics and corporate governance ACCA SBL 
ACCA Advance performance management ACCA Advance Financial management 
ACCA Strategic business reporting   

Now, the writing is already on the wall and it says ACCA+ B.com. Also you might argue that, but what about the extra things like fin tech and forensic accounting that is covered? Well, you are also spending an extra year doing those courses instead of 3 years of a regular b.com.

Cost Analysis of ACCA integrated Course

So, let me break this down into three parts, ACCA course cost( without B.COM), B.com fees and those extra skills mentioned in between.

  • Firstly, if you pursue ACCA course  from knowledge level to professional level, then total cost is INR 135,000/-
  • Secondly B.com cost from a regular good college should be somewhere around INR 100,000 for all the three years.
  • Finally, even if I assume doing those three skills like forensic accounting and blah blah blah. Then the cost should be not more than 25-30 K INR.
  • Consider the tuition fees, for ACCA. INR 2 Lacs.

So, even with that the total cost comes out to be around 3.56 Lacs, against the 6 Lacs charged for this course.

An Important Catch

Now, you need to be aware of one big factor here. ACCA integrated course means, that you would not be sitting for the ACCA exams, rather the university exam with the subject of ACCA. Which means, that for each level exam that you clear the paper for, unfortunately you don’t get any ACCA certification.

I am not sure, how we can call it exemption when you are already preparing for the same paper, wont it be rather useful if we just give the main ACCA exams?

Well, these questions have always perplexed me on this integrated courses. Universities around the world and especially in India, need to understand that adding tonnes of integration is not the solution to the problem.  The paradoxical situation is that, none of these universities know what the problem is to solve. For heavens sake, if you can’t teach financial accounting and excel in your regular courses properly, then how do you expect to deliver teaching them advanced subjects.

Also, is the industry really looking for such advanced knowledge? Most of the same students can’t solve  a simple case study on financial statements, leave alone forensic accounting.

IBAS Global- ACCA course Training in Bangalore

Although IBAS Global is listed on google as one of the ACCA training providers, however I couldn’t find much information on their website. I am not sure if they have take google seriously, if they read this article then you need to implement some security on your website.

However, when I glanced into the google reviews, I do seem to see some positive feedback on ACCA and CIMA Course training in Bangalore. What I don’t want to do is get ahead of myself and recommend this institute for now, because it appears that the institute is very young for now.

At the same time, I would be open to reviewing this institute again after one year to see if the progress remains the same.


IMS Proschool- ACCA course in Bangalore

IMS Proschool is the sister concern of IMS, which is known in India for CAT and various MBA entrance examinations. But, wer are not here to talk about IMS, but IMS Proshcool and see if they have some concrete offering for the candidates of ACCA course in Bangalore.

Based on the data presented by Google reviews, I failed to find any reviews on ACCA training. This might be because, ACCA might not be one of the main courses that IMS pro school Bangalore trains for. So,at this stage my recommendations would be on hold, although it does get listed by google as one of the training providers for ACCA.

NorthStar Academy- ACCA training in Bangalore


Finally, on some very deep digging I got hold of this institute which has written some logical things in their website. However, although the website claims that it is a premium learning partner, but on check the approved directory of ACCA. I couldn’t find the listing. May be they were before, and if they have exited then its for the good. Moreover, I like their approach where you can attend their demo right away and get started.


However, again my review is with held because I got most of the reviews for CMA and not much for acca.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, I am disappointed in not finding even one institute for an acca course in Bangalore that has really taken acca training seriously. This is also good news, and I am hoping that one of these days, some institute can really focus on ACCA and do a good job in uplifting the city’s students of acca.

So for now my recommendation, is to check out some online providers for ACCA training that are based out of other cities like Mumbai.

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