Top 5 CFA coaching in New Delhi for Best Quality Training

Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 04:07 pm

So, in principle, there should be no question about writing this article. Since, after all, CFA exam has the same syllabus and most all institutes will directly or indirectly refer to the CFA curriculum or Schweizer notes. However, the question here to inspect is not the content but the quality of service and care that each CFA coaching class in Delhi provides.

So let’s begin the discussion, with first me disclosing are the criterias for the evaluation of an institute.

1FinguruIndian Social Institute, New Delhi30,0005 StarsClassroom
2IkshayaConnaught place, Delhi4.9 StarsClassroom
3Zell EducationConnaught place, Delhi400004.9 StarsOnline
4Fintree 450004.9 StarsOnline
5Mentor Me 99994.9 StarsOnline
CFA coaching in Delhi List

Best CFA coaching classes in Delhi- Criteria for Rating

So, as discussed I wanted to, disclose the parameters on which I have chosen the best CFA coaching classes in Delhi.

  • Firstly, the focus of the institute on the CFA exam, compared to too many courses that the institute might be running.
  • Secondly, the recent google ratings, and what the student’s really like about the training.
  • Thirdly, the involvement of the owner in training students. Or is it more of a franchise, where the trainer is visiting?
  • Finally the price, is the institute charging reasonably or just overcharging for things that are just fugazi?

Finguru CFA coaching in Delhi

So, first on the list is figure classes for CFA in Delhi. So, at the first glance of the website, it’s pretty evident, that the classes have no fancy dinging to it. On the other hand, the institute has been in existence since 2008.

Focus on CFA ?

It’s bang on! There is no other training apart from CFA and hence no-nonsense on the website too. I can clearly understand that this institute, trains for the CFA period. So, that’s where compared to any other institute, the figure does sound like they are serious about the game.

Recent Google Ratings

cfa coaching in delhi

So, that’s what focus and only focus can deliver, a 5 star google rating on 320 reviews on the keyword CFA training in Delhi.

Also, if we dig deeper on what broadly people are talking about in their reviews then we get this bifurcation.

cfa coaching in delhi

And the conclusion is that most everyone is talking about Sushant Sir, the trainer. Which is the most important sign of the institute that will do the job for you.

Involvement of the Owner in CFA coaching in Delhi

That’s pretty clear for finguru because the institute has gained and maintained its reputation because there is a clear indication that Sushant, really likes training.

Location of CFA coaching Centres & Duration

  • Classes are conducted over the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) in New Delhi.
  • Each class is of 4 hours in duration.
  • The classes are held at the Indian Social Institute (Behind Sai Baba Temple), Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Price charged for CFA coaching:

best cfa coaching in delhi

In my opinion, the pricing for classroom training is very reasonable and is indicative of a very respectable idea of teaching students. So, the verdict is that the price has no problems at all.

Ikshana Learning New Delhi

Another gem of an institute in Delhi for cfa coaching, seems to be ikshana learning. Although unlike, finguru which had a solid and the only focus on CFA. However, Ikshana also trains for CFA, CMA & ACCA.

Quality & Focus on CFA coaching

Based on the google ratings given, which are extremely good. However, ofcourse the number of google ratings are only 100. Nevertheless, a 5 star rating benchmark is not easy to keep unless you can deliver results.

Trainer Quality

So, my interest is always to see if any of this test prep institutes are trainer led.

So, I can see in the google reviews, that students opting for CFA preparation have a lot of good feedbacks for Sahil. So, in the website, I can clearly see that Sahil Aggarwal is the lead trainer and co founder.

Training Centres in Delhi For CFA coaching

So, as per their contact details the coaching center is in

  Upadhyay Block, U-134, 4th Floor
Shakarpur, Laxmi Nagar Metro station Gate no. 3, New Delhi, Delhi 110092

Zell Education-CFA coaching in New Delhi

So, zell education is a upcoming institute originally based out of Mumbai. Initially, their entire focus was on ACCA preparation, although recently they have ventured into the CFA test prep market. The new Delhi centre probably is a couple of years old, at the time we speak.

Student Ratings

Now, the ratings are very few to found related to CFA training, but I am assuming that’s because the center is new. However, the only reason why I am recommending Zell is because of their good reputation for ACCA.

Zell Education CFA Coaching Fees in New Delhi

cfa coaching in delhi

So, if we compare all the providers including big names like Fintree in India. Zell education seems to have priced its training program extremely high. Also, I think the real pricing to see here, is the INR 40,000, named as premium.  However, I also don’t understand why it should be called premium, because the features are basic for CFA coaching. Also, on close observation the classes are online and not offline.

Trainers At Zell Education New Delhi

There is very less written on the trainers and center photos are missing, hence at the moment I cannot comment on the trainer level and focus.

Online Options for CFA coaching in New Delhi

Fintree’s CFA classes in Delhi Now, fintree has really built its name, coming from humble beginnings in Pune. I remember, initially the classes used to be conducted in the parking lot in Model colony.


Also, since I know Utkarsh personally, having discussed on our mutual interest for training. So, there is no doubt the seriousness of Fintree in training students for the CFA program.

Hence, I am still keeping Fintree’s CFA classes as the number 1 ranked institute.

What Makes Fintree CFA Classes in Mumbai Good?

Now, let me justify my ranking for fintree, so that you understand the evaluation and don’t just buy my recommendation blindly.

  1. Firstly, the years of operation. So, Fintree has been in existence since 2011. Which is more than a decade, of focus on CFA classes in Mumbai.
  2. Secondly, the focus on its own proprietary content. There is a team of professionals who create content and questions on a regular basis.
  3. Thirdly, the ratings. Fintree, has maintained a 4.9 star rating at 1080 reviews on google. This is a very important parameter because maintaining that kind of rating for so many years is not that easy,
  4. Fourth, the teaching methodology. At least, Utkarsh has a technique. Most of the other institutes, which is more branded, just have lecturers, with no real expertise.

Look at the below class recording, where Utkarsh is teaching about minority interests. Now, this is a difficult topic to teach, but the way it has been explained. Even, a noncommerce student can understand easily.

What do you get?

Now, let’s begin a discussion of the various features of the CFA level 1 training provided by Fintree’s CFA level 1 classes in Delhi.

So, Fintree has many variants of the products offered for different needs, i.e

  • First, Basic – This is basically the self paced online recorded videos
  • Second, Essential- Along with basic you get, Subject wise tests and mock exams.
  • Thirdly, Home School-This includes everything, except the live classes( Main is doubt solving)
  • Finally, Live School- This has all the features possible.

CFA Online Coaching in New Delhi -Mentor Me Careers.

Now, in between the reviews I also would like to present a self paced version of CFA training by Mentor Me Careers.

Mentor Me Careers was started by Allen Aravindan, CFA charterholder with 12 years of experience in fund management, product management and has been a visiting faculty In many reputed colleges in Mumbai and Pune.

The best part about Mentor Me Careers, CFA classes in Mumbai is that first the recorded version is free but the recorded version with the doubt-solving sessions is available at a miniscule price of INR 9999.

Rank 5 Justification for Mentor Me Careers

So, let me first begin with discussing on the justification for the ranking.

  1. Firstly, the price which is at INR 9999 But carries the most important feature required by CFA candidates i.e Doubt solving sessions. So, if we compare that same featured product, then it would cost an average INR 20,000, even from the worst institutes.
  2. Secondly, almost 2000 students are enrolled in this variant, just because its affordable and hence easy on your pocket
  3. Thirdly, the google ratings, which are at 4.9 with 304 google reviews, which is genuine and credible.
  4. Finally, the content is updated, it has got six mock papers, subject-wise tests, and latest updates for the 2023 curriculum.

Features offered

So, you can see that the prime features offered by mentor me careers, in their cfa classes in Mumbai are.

  • More than 3000 questions
  • Secondly live doubt solving sessions
  • Also, the biggest advantage is the validity, which is life time with updates.