The complete List of Investment Banks in India- 2023 Updated List

I remember when I started off in investment banking companies asking me for experience. Moreover, over time, I asked HR, How am I supposed to get experience when every investment banking job requires relevant experience. Now, if you are in a similar situation, this article is for you. So, I will discuss this list in three lists, namely investment banks in India, investment banks in Mumbai & finally investment banks in Delhi. I will also touch upon smaller investment banks, also known as boutique investment banks in Mumbai. Which should help you in getting the total universe of companies that you can apply to.

Investment Banks in India- The Complete List

So, let me categorise the entire investment banks of India, in three major cateogories beggining with investment banks in Mumbai. Once, that list is done I will move into investment banks in delhi & then finally cover the boutique investment banks in Mumbai.

Investment Banks in India-Mumbai

So, there goes without saying that Mumbai has lacs of jobs available but I have curated the list which hires more frequently. That is almost the entire year except, December where most of the MNC’s are in frozen mode.

Also, In Mumbai job opportunities in investment banking can also be found in many boutique firms too. However, in this article we are sticking with Investment banking jobs for freshers in MNC’s only.

Morning star Mumbai Jobs

Job Description: MDP Associate

So, MDP means management development program is a program intended to recruit graduate freshers. In the process, they are exposed to various departments of the company. Finally, based on their MDP progress, they are assigned teams from below.

  1. Equity Data,
  2. Managed Investment Data (MID),
  3. Pitchbook,
  4. Reference & Entity Data (RED)
  5. and Sustainalytics.

CTC Range

Based on your interview performance, you can expect salary between ₹ 3,99,000 – 5,10,000 LPA, including shift allowance.

Job Location: Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Eligibility: Graduation and above in any discipline Candidates awaiting results for their last semester can also apply Freshers and candidates with up to 3 years of experience can apply Selection

 Process: Eligible candidates will go through an online General Aptitude test. Interview rounds will be conducted post-clearing the test. At every stage of eligibility, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the recruitment team.

Visible Alpha Investment Bank in India-Mumbai: Research Associate

So, visible alpha is data aggregation, plus platform based company. Hence, the don’t get exactly do equity research or financial analysis, but rather interpret existing research models. Which, is even better because the exposure you get across so many models are amazing.

In summary, this job would qualify as one of the best investment banking jobs for freshers to start with as a graduate.

Expected CTC: You can expect anywhere between INR 4 Lacs to 4.5 Lacs as a graduate fresher.

What Does This Job Require?

1. Should enjoy breaking down and interpreting the financial models of a company to understand the basic building blocks of a company’s business model.
2. 0-1 year of experience in the application of basic concepts like financial statements, GAAP/Recurring income, and ratio analysis.
3. Demonstrated experience in creating consensus models would be a plus.
4. An eye for detail and the ability to identify errors in Modeling based on structured rules and statistics-based tools.
5. Deep expertise in specific sectors would be a plus.
6. Aptitude for problem-solving and troubleshooting.
7. Excellent academic credentials in B.com/M.com/MBA/CFA.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Prepare insightful financial content from sell-side research using a mix of extraction technologies and Industry/Sector expertise.
2. Consistently and diligently teaching structure and components of a model to an AI system.
3. Develop and demonstrate a strong understanding of diverse business models for public-listed companies.
4. Collaborate actively within the team to improve the efficiency of the overall data collection process.
5. Surface and effectively communicate key Modeling approaches among sell-side research content and highlight errors in models to improve the basic inputs of decision-making for the investing community.
6. Track events for a set of companies starting with corporate earnings and M&A transactions with an eye on changes in models.

Transparent Value

Transparent Value Private Limited was established in Chennai, India in January 2006 and is a Guggenheim Partners company. Also, popular in Mumbai for investment banking jobs for freshers.

Job description: Financial Analyst: Master or Post Graduation in Finance / Chartered Accountant / Chartered Financial Analyst

Experience: 0- 2 years


Tres Vista Investment Bank In India for Freshers

So, Tresvista is a KPO based out of Mumbai, and provides clients across finance and analytics. Also specifically in finance, they deal with mergers and acquisitions, research, financial modeling and analysis.

investment banking jobs for freshers

Tres Vista – Financial Analyst

So, let me briefly list of the various job responsibilities expected of you as a financial analyst.

  • Firstly, the Analyst is expected to manage and supervise all the finance and accounts functions
  • Secondly, ensure proper maintenance of accounting systems of the Company.
  • Thirdly, The individual is expected to assist the management on strategic and tactical matters related to cost-benefit analysis, audits, cash flow management, MIS reporting, budget management and control and taxation.
  • Fourthly, The Accounts team currently manages the accounts for the SEZ unit and is expected to coordinate and work with partners/consultants on audits, filings, SEZ reporting, transfer pricing mechanism, etc. on ongoing basis.
  • Finally, the individual should be able to adapt to a continually evolving environment while managing the team.

Morgan Stanley Mumbai Investment Bank in India

MSCI or Morgan stanley is big recruiter in terms of volume in investment banking jobs for freshers. Hence, when you get the chance, don’t miss it. Firstly, because of the brand name, and secondly because exposure which will be handy later, when you intend to get a shift in the industry.

Scope of Responsibility

The ESG Applied ESG & Climate Research team is responsible for understanding MSCI ESG & Climate metrics inside and out, from both a conceptual and a practical perspective. To do this, the team evaluates the metrics and applies them to real-world investment problems. The team plays a critical role in enhancing the quality of ESG & Climate metrics, driving product strategy, and supporting the development of ESG & Climate client use cases.

Specific Knowledge/Skills

  • Quantitative research and analytics knowledge
    • Analytical and quantitative skills (e.g., time series and cross-sectional analysis) and practical experience with statistical and database packages (preferably Python, MATLAB, SQL)
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
    • Ability to work in a collaborative global team environment
    • Fluency in English

Desired Experience

0-2 years of professional work experience. Knowledge of ESG, climate and sustainability issues.

Desired Qualifications

BA / MSc in finance or any high-level education with some relevance to finance is acceptable (statistics, economics, computer science, mathematics, STEM fields)

SS&C Globe corp Investment Bank in India -Mumbai

SS&C is a global provider of services and software for the financial services and healthcare industries. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, we have offices around the world. Some 18,000 financial services and healthcare organizations, from the world’s largest companies to small and mid-market firms, rely on SS&C for expertise, scale and technology.

Investment Banking Jobs For Fresher at SS&C Mumbai

So, when you actually check job postings of ss&c on search engines, the information is very brief. However, the right place to look for more information, on this company jobs is linked in. They are extremely active on linked in, and its much easier to apply via their recruiters directly.

Major Roles they Hire For include

  • Investment Banking Operations- Trade support
    • Derivatives Analyst
    • Fund accountant

Education Requirements:

Now, it depends of course on which role we are talking about. However, if I just speak about the above roles then any qualifications will do for the first two roles. Now, funding accounting roles require to be from commerce background like MBA, B.com or CA/CFA etc.

Investment Banks in India-Delhi

So, compared to Mumbai the opportunities are slightly lesser but that’s because Mumbai is the financial capital. Compared to Delhi, which has some breath in terms of the finance roles. However, let me start talking about the top companies in Delhi, which provide Investment banking jobs for freshers.

Gallaghar & Mohan Delhi

So, starting with my first company on the list is G&M. Simply, put Gallagher and Mohan deal with a lot of clients in the real estate segments abroad. In technical terms, this business is called as real estate Knowledge Process outsourcing( REKO).

Nevertheless, what it means for you is that it has jobs for investment banking if you are a fresher.

Jobs with G&M

Majorly, G&M hires for real estate valuation analyst. Where you are expected to do the following

  1. Research on real estate projects by companies abroad
  2. Create a real estate financial model for them.
  3. Also, create summary presentations on the project.

Moreover, the good aspect of G&M jobs, is that there is a job for you irrespective of your education.

Salaries with G&M

So, let me put it this way for the right candidate G&M will pay. Now, I can’t disclose the exact salary, because they are our important recruitment partners at mentormecareers.

Dalopa Investment Bank in India-Delhi

So, dalopa is a U.S based financial services company, which does its major financial technical work from India. Also specifically, they are in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. They basically provide financial modeling services in almost all the sectors to U.S and European investment banks.

Jobs at Dalopa

So, these are the kind of jobs by Dalopa in Delhi in investment banking

Designation: Financial Analyst

Job Description:

  • Firstly, Provide sector expertise (from equity research perspective) in respective sectors •
  • Secondly, Building and updating companies and sector financial models •
  • Thirdly, Keep abreast of important trends and developments in the relevant sectors/geographies •
  • Finally, Perform comprehensive and in-depth company and industry research

Education Requirements: MBA fresher

E value serve Investment Bank in Delhi

E value service or popularly knowns as EVC is known among investment banking enthusiasts as the stepping stone company. EVC is a financial service KPO and provides knowledge process outsourcing under various umbrellas like Equity research, real estate valuaton, Debt research etc.

So, if you have the talent, then EVC has the career for you.

Investment Banking Fresher Jobs

Job description Financial analyst at E-Value Serve

  • Knowledge of key regulatory requirements such as Basel II, Basel III, Dodd-Frank etc
  • Sound knowledge of financial markets, regulatory capital requirements, FRTB regulation is good to have.
  • Knowledge of Market Risk, Credit Risk, VaR, risk modelling and market data systems
  • Knowledge of data requirements for valuation of banking and trading products
  • Knowledge of derivatives and derivative products
  • Market /Traded risk models for various asset classes
  • Experience in Market Risk/Quant finance is good to have
  • Graduate / Post-graduate in Statistics / Economics / Mathematics / Computer Science / Engineering from a reputed university with progression towards CFA / FRM / CQF certifications
  • Can do attitude and ability to take initiative.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility and ability to work in a self-directed environment as well as, collaborate with others and seek guidance when needed.
  • Excellent communication skills to manage multiple stakeholders in various geographies.
  • Can adapt to change.

Education: Any Graduate

Boutique Investment Banks in Mumbai

So, first of all we must understand the difference between a boutique investment bank and a full-service investment bank. Firstly, a full-service investment bank’s services are not just limited to deal advisory, but an array of services. For eg a boutique investment bank, would generally provide services in capital raising, but might not provide services in fixed income capital raising. Similarly, during IPO participation a boutique investment bank might not be the underwriter.

Avendus Capital- Boutique Investment Bank in Mumbai

So, avendus capital is a homegrown name in started 15-20 years back. It was one of the first boutique investment bank in mumbai, to have ventured into long short alternative Investment fund. It also has it’s operations in new york and london.

The three main areas of avendus capital has been;

  • Private equity strategies
  • Long only strategies
  • Alternate strategies.

Now, from the perspective of careers at avendus, it runs an analyst program which is also open for fresh graduates.

You can apply for job here: Avendus Boutique Investment Bank Mumbai Careers.

PINC- Boutique Investment Bank in Mumbai

Founded in 1985, PINC Investocorp offers mid market capital advisor and provides comprehesive capital advisory services in the investment banks in India space.

Some of the services include

  • Private equity advisory
  • Merchant banking
  • Corporate finance advisory
  • Debt syndication

You can check the recent deals completed In India here.

For applying for jobs, you may send your resumes to [email protected].

Equirius Boutique Investment Bank In Mumbai

So, again a very young investment banking company in India by the industry standards, Equirius was started in 2007. Also primarily, its focus has been into mergers & acquisitions and private capital advisory.

Also, along with foraying into the hard core investment banking space, the company also got into institutional research with its membership of BSE & NSE.

For applying for jobs you may visit, their career section.

Moxie Capital- Boutique Investment Bank in Mumbai

Now, a very recent entrant in the list of investment banks in India. Moxie capital, was founded in 2018 by Praveen Maheshwari. Praveen Mahewshwari, prior to Moxie capital, has worked with tata power, JP morgan, ambit capital etc, giving him enought diverse expereince to venture into the advisory business.

Based out of Mumbai, their office is located in BKC, Mumbai the prime area of the honchos of investment banks in India. You can email your resumes at [email protected] for jobs updates.

Preparation Guide for Investment Jobs for Freshers

So, I aint going to bore with you with the details but I will briefly make you understand this.

So firstly, you need to understand that any of these companies will test your skills by first

  • Conducting a technical Test, in their first round which includes or may include
    • Tests in Real estate financial model
    • Equity research model
    • Financial statement or accounting test
  • Once, that is done only then you get the opportunity to get into the face to face interview mode.
  • However, remember that mostly on what I have seen. 90% of the candidates who clear the first technical test round, will get the job.
  • So my advice is to learn financial Modeling with mentor me careers. Because, we understand how interviews are conducted and I claim that we do this job the best,
  • Moreover, the financial modeling course by mentor me careers is affordable and is student friendly.