The latest CFA level 1 Books with 2023 Curriculum free

No questions asked, We Mentor Me Careers have made our entire for CFA level 1 book 1 with the updated syllabus of 2023 free.

cfa level 1 books with 2023 curriculum

So, Not everyone can afford expensive training materials, and we intend to democratise learning and content. Hence please feel free to register yourself below and get started.

ProviderPriceIncludedExam Focus
CFA institute$150Books+ Practice100%
Kaplan$390Books+Practice+ Quick Notes68%
Irfanullah$185Books+Practice+ Quick Notes65%

Download the FREE CFA level 1 books

Steps to download CFA Level 1 Books

Features of the CFA level 1 books

So, once you get access to the learning portal you shall see the following view. Each subject is further divided into sections and subsections. Also, each section has videos, the CFA level 1 book and also the questions for practice.

cfa level 1 books
The module video of the CFA level 1 books access

Video Material View

The access includes videos, reading material and questions for practice and this is how it will appear in the learning portal.

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Mentor Me Careers Books Pedagogy

So, at mentor me careers we believe that the concept has to be learnt in three stages i.e awareness, application & synthesis. Hence, in the books you refer from us, will have the following;

  • Awareness of the concept
cfa level 1 books teaching method
CFA level 1books teaching method
  • Case studies, with templates to make you understand the practical application of the concepts.
case study CFA LEVLE 1 BOOKS

Now, my opinion on the CFA level 1 book has never changed since, the beginning of my own preparation in the year 2013. Unfortunately, sometimes candidates look for a shortcut and end up not clearing the exam.

So, first of all, the CFA level 1 exam unlike the other exams is also the creator of its own books. For eg; until lately CFP never published its own authored books. Hence, it would have made sense to buy third-party books for CFP. However, the only reason why you will need third-party resources is the length of the book itself.

CFA LEVEL 1 Official curriculum: Total pages= 3000

So, the official curriculum is both daunting as well as the most detailed content you can ever find. Also, you are sure to be confident that your preparation covers the actual requirements of the exam.

CFA Curriculum feedback

Now, that’s a pretty transparent answer that 85% of the candidates agree that the cfa curriclum book is very representative of the exam.

The extra cost of getting a print curriculum: $150.

Schweizer CFA level 1 Material pages: 2400 Pages

So, ultimately you just save 600 pages worth of time. Think about, why would you want to spend that time. However, still if you plan to use third-party content then Schweizer would be the right choice.

However, be mindful of the price: The entire material will set you back by $399.

Arif Irfanullah CFA level 1 Material

So, irfannuallah cfa level 1 material, have been quite popular in the international arena of third-party preparatory content.

If you ask me, the best aspect of the cfa level 1 content of arif, is the questions which are segregated LOS wise. Which, is quite useful, when understanding your weak areas of preparation.

arif irfanulla cfa level 1 books price
Price: $185

Frequently Asked Questions on CFA LEVEL 1 Material

Are schweser books enough for CFA Level 1?

Schweser books should be used as a supplement and not as a replacement for or a shortcut to the CFA Institute books.

Which books are best for cfa level 1?

  • cfa level 1 official Text
  • Schewezer cfa level 1
  • Irfanullah CFA LEVEL 1 maerial

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