Investment banker salary in Dubai- Simple Fact Check

Is it a wise move to leave in search of an investment banking opportunity in Dubai? Is Dubai the ideal location for investment banking career advancement or high salaries? Is there a way out if one wants to pursue a career in investment banking in Dubai?

We will attempt to address each of the questions raised above in this article.

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Background on Dubai Industry

Dubai’s investment banking industry is growing. Dubai’s investment bankers primarily serve the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region. There are nearly 20 countries in the MENA region (Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen). Additionally, transactions in Dubai primarily concern these nations.

Local banks typically handle smaller deal sizes, while bulge bracket investment banks typically work on larger deals. The top investment banks in Dubai, both local and subsidiary, serve a variety of industries. Financial sponsors, sovereign wealth funds, and other holding companies make up the majority of their clientele.

Corporate Finance Advisory: A wide range of corporate finance advisory services, including risk management, deal structuring, capital structure, credit rating, and liquidity, are provided by local investment banks. Banks are friendly, customer-focused, and service-oriented as they manage smaller-scale deals.

Corporate Advisory: To continue focusing on the UAE’s small to medium-sized businesses, small investment banks in Dubai provide corporate advisory services. They provide various services, such as debt advisory, equity research, and M&A services.

Private Placements: One of the most significant services provided by investment banks in Dubai in private placements. They bring together companies and sophisticated investors, assisting the latter in selling complex securities to those knowledgeable buyers who are aware of the potential risks and rewards. This speeds up the process by which the businesses generate revenue from sales.

M&A knowledge: It’s critical for two or more businesses to combine through mergers and acquisitions in order to benefit from synergy. They require a similar level of expertise to complete mergers and acquisitions, despite their different size and nature, and local investment banks in Dubai provide this.

Services & Structured Investments: In addition to structured investments (as single security or a basket of securities), local investment banks in Dubai also provide other specialized services. The goal is to concentrate on small and medium-sized businesses so they can receive all of the capital and financial advisory services available, both domestically and internationally.

The aforementioned services might resemble those of a large investment bank. Nevertheless, there are two differences:

  • First, to these local investment banks, the relationship is everything. And every transaction is carried out in a friendly environment with mutual trust.
  • Second, these small investment banks prioritize supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

Salary of Investment Bankers in Dubai

Investment bankers are among the oldest professionals with some of the highest salaries overall. You can anticipate a starting salary of over 367300 AED (INR 7970189) right out of college, which will likely exceed that of the majority of your peers. The hourly pay for investment bankers, however, is a different matter.

Investment bankers are not paid closely as well per hour as they should be. Because most analysts and associates work more than 100 hours per week, their hourly pay can range from 91 AED (INR 1,974) to 128 AED (INR 2,777).

  • Analyst- 312205 AED (INR 67,74,661)
  • Associate- 367300 AED (INR 79,70,189) 
  • Vice President- 440760 AED (INR 95,64,227)
  • Managing Director- 1101900 AED (2,39,10,569)

Why is the pay for bankers so high?

The banks’ work on significant transactions that result in high fees is the reason they are paid so much. They must be intelligent, diligent, and highly skilled in exchange for such crucial work, and they must also be well-compensated.

They are paid well because their jobs are extremely demanding, have a rigid hierarchy, and require long hours. In actuality, they don’t make that much per hour because the hours are so long.

Investment Banker Competencies & Skills

Candidates who possess the following abilities may be able to perform the job more successfully in addition to the education and other requirements:

  • Analytical abilities: Workers need to have excellent numerical, spreadsheet, and analytical abilities.
  • Team player: People need to be excellent at leading teams and cooperating with others.
  • Communication skills: Candidates must possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Time management: Management of time and projects is a skill that investment bankers must possess.
  • Work hard: The position of investment banker calls for commitment, devotion, and high vigor.
  • Confidence: The position calls for candidates to possess self-assurance and the capacity to make difficult decisions, frequently while working under pressure.

What is the pay scale for investment bankers?

Investment banker Salary and bonus are the two bases on which investment banking professionals are compensated.

In all positions, the bonus makes up a sizable portion of a banker’s overall income, but at the more senior levels, it can often exceed the base Investment banker salary.

Dubai’s Investment Banking: Exit Opportunities

  • The notion of leaving investment banking after two to three years is invalid in this country due to cultural differences. People enter investment banking with the intention of staying for a very long time. So once they enter the banking industry, people hardly ever look for exit opportunities.
  • In addition, the opportunities for private equity are extremely limited in comparison to those in Europe and the USA, even if they decide to leave investment banking.

However, when people move, it is usually for one of two reasons. Private equity is the second, and sovereign wealth funds (SWF) are the first (even if the opportunity is limited).


We sincerely hope that this information on the typical Dubai investment banker’s salary was useful. This field is ideal for you if you enjoy working with numbers or if you enjoy interacting with people. As you can see, it’s one of the finance industry’s highest-paying and most promising careers. The need for investment bankers is expanding not just in Dubai but all over the world. The time is right for you to start a career in this area.

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