Quick Myths About this- is ca tough?

Is CA tough? is the most common question candidates ask, when deciding on this journey. However, this answer depends on, if you want to look at the pass rates only. That ways getting into IIM’s, or become a CEO of a company is tough equally because, 90% of the candidates never started this course with the intent of actually being passionate about accounting.

Is CA really worth Pursuing

Many people have a passion for accounting. The numerous advantages that chartered accountants enjoy are what inspire people to pursue this profession and invest years of their lives in their preparation. However, you keep hearing about how difficult the exam is and the challenges you’ll face during the articleship. It is common for beginners to be unclear about the CA exam’s structure and what the course covers.

The extensive syllabus, in-depth knowledge of every subject, length, and, of course, some face-palm moments that every CA student must experience while completing this course are the things that make the CA course challenging.

However, it is irrelevant how long it took you to finish this course. Nobody will ever ask you how many attempts it took to become a Chartered Accountant once you do.

Is CA tough?

Let’s be honest. The test is not very challenging. Students who have completed the 12th grade, graduates, and professionals can attempt it. Even students can pass the exam because of how the syllabus is designed. However, it is still regarded as one of the most difficult exams to pass in India.

Is CA Tough?- Statistically

LevelAppearedPassedPass Rate
CA Final Group I665751464322%
CA Final Group II632531387722%
CA Final- 1& 229348369513%
Group I- Inter806051071713%
Group II-Inter63777794312%
Total Inter2447513375%
is ca tough

That is actually a result of the students’ insufficient coaching and unrealistic expectations, poor learning strategies, and poor learning environment.

Does that imply the CA Exam is actually simple? Can I take the test without having studied?

In reality, just because something isn’t too difficult doesn’t mean it’s easy. The CA course demands commitment, planning, and diligence. You need a great plan more than anything to handle the chapters and exams. You won’t benefit from studying from every resource that is available. You must ascertain precisely what will aid you in getting the best outcome.

How to plan your exams

CA is not like medical and engineering programs, where you are guaranteed to receive an MBBS or B.Tech degree after passing the entrance exam. Everyone is aware that getting into CA is much simpler than passing the entire course.

The Chartered Accountancy syllabus is broken down into four sections:

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate
  • 3 Years Articleship
  • CA Final

CA Foundation

After the results of your 12th board examination are released, you have five months to study for the entry-level exam if you want to become a chartered accountant. In the interim, you can enroll in coaching to advance your knowledge of the fundamentals. Actually, the entry-level exam is quite straightforward. If you attended the commerce stream, it primarily covers the subjects you already studied in school. Both objective and subjective question types are present in the papers.

If you’ve taken accounting in school, it will be the subject that is easiest to score well on. There are four papers for which you must show up. The first paper is Accounting Principles and Practices. General English and Mercantile Law are covered in Paper 2. Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics are covered in Paper 3, while Business Economics & Business Studies and Commercial Knowledge are covered in Paper 4.

CA Intermediate

After passing the foundation exam, you will need to get ready for the CA intermediate level. You’ll have nine months to complete it. The intermediate level syllabus is relatively more extensive, but if you are properly prepared and use the right strategies, you can perform very well on the intermediate level exam.

Proper training is absolutely necessary to pass this level in order to have the chance to study under the direction of the top CA faculty. To perform well on the exam, you must also take practice tests and mock exams.

Articleship Training

Once at least one of the two groups of the intermediate CA course has been successfully completed, the CA course aspirants can begin their articleship training. Those students who have passed both groups of CA intermediate must complete 4 weeks of ICITSS training. You’ll gain time-saving benefits. Candidates who have participated in one group should start getting ready for the next. You should finish your CA Intermediate first before moving on to articleship training if you feel that you cannot manage both articleship and pass the second group at the same time.

Don’t forget to complete your articleship in a large firm if, after becoming a chartered accountant, you want to work for reputable big brands. Try to have one of the Big 4, PC Modi & Co., or an MNC complete your articleship. Once you have passed all of the exams, this will raise the value of your articleship and ensure that you are hired by the best. While completing your articleship, work on Income Tax, Audit, and GST, among other things. If you want to get far in your professional career, avoid choosing small companies.

CA Final

You can now sign up for the CA finals after finishing both groups of the CA intermediate. But the candidate must pass the Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills in order to show up for the exam (AICITSS). Keep in mind that this is the hardest final but most important step in your CA journey. Therefore, do not be timid and exert all of your enthusiasm into getting it right.

CA Course Preparation Tips

Here are some advice for every candidate for the CA exam to ace the test and pass with a perfect score:

Begin early in the day.

Whatever time you get up in the morning, start reading one theory paper for at least two hours before beginning the practical paper of your choice. This is because our minds are completely fresh in the morning. After lunch, you should get a quick nap for about an hour before starting another theory paper for two hours, followed by another practical paper.

Create a schedule.

This will allow you to finish four papers in a single day while relaxing. Make it a habit to read the theory first thing in the morning and to work on your practical papers later. Make a schedule frequently before the course is over. It shouldn’t be impossible to meet deadlines or goals. This should be possible. Studying for 12 to 14 hours daily is not necessary. It is pleasant enough to spend 10 hours per day studying.

Sleep soundly

Even though you could possibly put in more hours of research, it would be much less effective. Consequently, get enough sleep to increase your productivity. Make your preparations in such a way that all coaching should be finished two months prior to your test. The last two months should be available for revision only. Don’t rely too heavily on coaching sessions.


We hope we have provided you with the right insight into what the CA course is and whether is it truly difficult or not. Well, the answer to the question is that it isn’t. CA is a good and rewarding career option and if you study the right way, it’s not all that difficult. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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