Success Path: ACCA Coaching in Chennai – Empowering Your Accounting Career

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is globally recognized and highly valued in the field of accounting and finance. As an ACCA, you will be able to land high-paying jobs in some of the most reputed companies across the world including the Big 4.  In this article, we discuss the various options for ACCA coaching in Chennai and their detailed reviews


ACCA has a strong presence in Chennai, as it does in many major cities around the world. The qualification is sought after by individuals who aspire to become professional accountants, auditors, financial managers, and consultants, among other roles. ACCA is known for its comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of accounting, finance, and business management.


These institutions offer comprehensive training programs to help students prepare for the ACCA examinations.

ANSA Academy Chennai: For ACCA coaching in Chennai

Now, my first choice if I was in chennai & was looking for acca coaching in chennai, then my first and last choice has to be ANSA Academy. Also, do not go for Google reviews to assess the quality of acca coaching in chennai. Firstly because the best institutes here are not very tech savy and is apparent from their websites. However, the data presented by them on the other hand show for themselves. So, lets look at some data provided by Ansa academy in chenai.

  • Firstly, Ansa Academy is one of the 14 platinum ACCA coaching provider in India. This status is only achieved by great process’s and pass results displayed by any institute.
  • Secondly, Let’s look at their recent pass results. Also its clearly visible on why they are the platinum providers.
ACCA Coaching in Chennai  ANSA Academy
ACCA Coaching in Chennai

Global FTI ACCA coaching in Chennai

Now, global FTI is another reputed institude for ACCA coaching in chennai, which is also a gold learning provider accredited by ACCA. However, you must understand that the difference between a gold and platinum tution provder is huge. So, any institute which is registered with ACCA, tends to become a gold partner with the passage of two or three years of time in this business.

However, the reason for recommending Global FTI, is also because of its time it has been in the ACCA coaching business.

Reasons to consider Global FTI for ACCA coaching in Chennai

So, based on the reviews that the students have given on google and the overall focus, I found compelling reasons for Global FTI.

  • Firstly the focus on accounting courses, especially international is high.
  • Secondly, the institute has kept its focus on making sure that the delivery is very personal.
  • Finally, good google reviews of their ACCA coaching in Chennai.

Zell Education:For ACCA Coaching in Chennai

Zell education provides online training and offer excellent learning resources with the help of an in-house Learning Management System called Nimbus. It features interactive notes, quizzes in the form of games as well as new and relevant case studies that help students understand the concepts better.

Mode of Teaching:

Course Duration:
6 months to 2 years

Total Fees: 

Pro – INR 1,20,000

Premium – INR 82,000

Lite – INR 35,000

Highlights of the ACCA Course:

  • Platinum Approved Learning Partner.
  • ACCA-Qualified Faculty.
  • 80% Passing Rate.
  • Exemption Fee Waivers
  • 100% Placement Assistance.
  • Regular Mocks and Test Series.

Egytim Academy:

Another acca coaching in chennai institute that is popular for accounting courses is Egytim Academy. If you are looking for an offline alternative to ACCA coaching, you should consider this one. Egytim’s regular ACCA course also features weekly tests and personalised coaching sessions to help students prepare for the exams. 

Mode of Teaching:


Course Duration:

6 months to 2 years

Stride Edutech

Stride Edutech is an institute for acca coaching in chennai that was established in the year 1998 and offers courses related to finance and accounts. In addition to ACCA, they also offer courses such as CA, CMA, CS and CPA. Stride Edutech features an experienced faculty of trainers that include professionals like CAs, Cost Accountants and Professors.

Mode of Teaching:

Course Duration 

6 months to 2 years

Greydient Learning:

Greydient Learning, which is a division of Grey Matter Academics is a coaching institute that teaches courses like CA, ACCA, CIA and CPA. They also offer integrated programs with ACCA such as FINPREP (Preparation for CA for Senior Secondary Students), FINACCA (B.Com + ACCA) and FINTEGRATED (B.Com + CA + ACCA). They offer online as well as offline training for acca coaching in chennai. for these courses and hostel facilities for students living far from home. Grey Matter Academics is also a Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA. 

Mode of Teaching:

Course Duration 

6 months to 3 years

ACCA’s reputation and global recognition make it a popular choice among students and professionals who aim to enhance their accounting and finance careers. It’s worth noting that the popularity of ACCA, like any qualification, can vary over time, so it’s recommended to research the current status and demand for ACCA in Chennai by referring to recent sources, contacting local ACCA-affiliated institutions, or speaking with professionals in the industry.