Review of CFA course in Chennai- Options

The CFA Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The CFA Program is typically completed by those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, or business.So, if you are a commerce prodigy and want to get your hands on the prestigious CFA exam, you should get enrolled in an institute without wasting time. Here are the avaialable institutes for cfa course in Chennai that you can join and come out successful. This list has been curated with a lot of research, so that you can be assured that you trust the right institute.

List of CFA courses in Chennai 

Name of Institute Rating FeeLocation 
IMS Proschool4.5 /5 Level 1- 45,000 Level 2- 65,000 Level 3- 80,000Mylapore
Zell Education 4.8 /5 Pro- 70,000 rupees Premium-40,000 rupees Lite-20,000 rupeesMylapore
Miles Education 4.6 /5N/ATharampur

Parameters for listing the institutes

The parameters have been kept quite strict here, since CFA is a very competitive exam. 

  • Course duration
  • Fee
  • Doubt sessions
  • Mocks
  • Faculty experience
  • Reviews of the institute
  • Passing rates

IMS Proschool CFA course in Chennai

One of the top rated institutes for cfa course in Chennai. It provides a different level of guidance for the three different levels of CFA examination..

Course Highlights: 

  • Comprehensive 200 Hrs Level 1 training
  • Choose Classroom or Online
  • Batches starts every month
  • Unlock CFA Scholarships
  • 150+ hours of training by expert CFAs
  • Progressive teaching methodology
  • Focus on speed and accuracy for MCQ
  • Rigorous doubt solving sessions
  • 900+ Hours Of Training


  • For level 1 the fee is about 45,000 rupees. 
  • For level 2 it is about 65,000 rupees . 
  • For level 3, it is about 80,000 rupees. 

Ratings and reviews:

The institute rates at 4.5 /5, which is a decent rating. The internet is flocked with the parises for the teachers as well as the management. 

cfa course in chennai

The results it has given in the last 5 years is also quiet impressive.

Zell Education cfa course in chennai

Included in our ACCA and CMA courses list, Zell Education is definitely on its top game. They have shown great results in almost all the commerce-related courses that they have launched. They specialise in getting the right faculty for the course.

Course Highlights: 

  • CFA qualified faculty
  • 80% passing rate at Zell
  • CFA Charter holder Alumni
  • Personalised study plan
  • Zell Curated Notes
  • Access to Zell’s learning management system
  • Student mentorship
  • Cost friendly variants of the programme
  • Zero cost EMI available

Fee for CFA course

They provide three kinds of courses that you can enrol into. 

cfa course in chennai
  • Pro- 70,000 rupees
  • Premium-40,000 rupees
  • Lite-20,000 rupees

Each course has its pros here. A repeater aspirant can go for premium or lite versions of the course, as he/ she might not need the extra care and guidance given in the Pro level course.

But, a new aspirant can choose Pro because here, no stone will be left unturned. 

Ratings and reviews

Zell Education has the highest rating in this list i.e.. 4.8 /5. Students online have said that not even a single penny has gone to waste because everyone in the institute works so hard to make sure they secure their CFA exam certification. 

Miles Education: cfa course in chennai

This coaching has not only been included in this list, but also the list of the best coaching for CA in   Pune. Nonetheless, to say that Miles  education has great faculty that has put a lot of effort in curating exceptional courses for all of their students, in all arenas.

  Course Highlights: cfa course in chennai

  • Complete Syllabus Coverage
  • Focus on Conceptual clarity
  • Aims to build student basis
  • Professionally qualified faculty
  • Periodic tests and assessments

  Ratings and reviews : 

With a rating of 4.6/5, which isn’t all bad, its great faculty is what sets Miles Education apart.  With more than 35 Years of knowledge  and classroom experience, Miles Education itself has a lot of CFA qualified educators, who curate perfect strategies for students of different backgrounds and stages. 

cfa course in chennai

Conclusion :

 During the entire research I was  thoroughly impressed with the reviews of the students from Zell Education. Their fee and faculty are also up to the mark, making it a perfect choice for any beginner. 

But if you ask for a second favourite, it would be IMS Proschool. And that’s because of its simplicity. Sometimes fancy coachings cannot really provide what these traditional institutes can. I liked their straightforward attitude on their website. Nothing was hidden. Which signifies their transparency.