3 months courses for commerce students

So, you have limited time? May be you have a semester break or may be you are waiting for the placements week to start. And you are confused as to what are the best 3 months courses for commerce students? So, I have some good news for you! I have curated the best list which is relevant in today’s industry.

Now, since you are I am assuming a commerce student, hence I will restrict my list for the following industries.

  • Firstly, Finance
  • Secondly, Accounting and regulatory industry.
  • Finally, Marketing and other miscellaneous.

List of 3 Months Courses for Commerce Students

Now, I am not going to waste a single word. Also neither am I going to keep a suspense till the end. While, let me share the list 3 months courses for commerce students directly.

Course DurationIndustryAverage Cost
Financial Modeling3 monthsFinance20-30 K
Investment Banking3 monthsFinance20-30 K
Digital Marketing3 monthsMarketing5- 15 K
SAP FICO2 MonthAccounting30-40 K
GST Practioner1 MonthAccounting5-15 K
3 Months Courses for Commerce students

Detailed Overview of 3 months courses for commerce students

Now, if you wish to read in detail, as to why I have suggested these courses then read along.

Financial modeling- 3 Months

So, before you understand and I share the details of this course in depth. First, you need to be aware for which this roles it is applicable;

The following roles in finance would need this course;

So, what is common across all of the above roles that I mentioned? And the answer is : Decision making. You can check the detailed video below, where I have covered the kinds of jobs you can target after completing this course.

YouTube video

3 Months Investment Banking Courses for Commerce Students

Now, this is a common misconception, that the only work in IB is analysis. Whereas, there are a lot of job profiles, which in fact have nothing to do with analysis. Confused? Let me clarify.

So, let’s suppose that you are a big investor and want to purchase 100 crores worth of TCS stock. So, how would you purchase it? If the answer is through a stock broker, then you are correct. However, back stage there are lot of activities which can’t be seen. Let me list down the process;

  • Trade capture
  • Trade validation
  • Reconciliation
  • Settlement.

Now, together this entire process is called as trade life cycle operations. So, if you want to make a career in this part of investment banking, then you can do the certificate in investment banking operations course.

Also, since this course is a very focussed course which helps you get a job. Hence, this would qualify as one of the top 3 months courses for commerce students.

Digital Marketing

Another place, where you as a commerce graduate can find job opportunities is digital marketing. Now, let me just add some more information for you on this industry.

  • Firstly, 80% of the marketing of client sourcing now is digital.
  • Secondly, marketing via digital means is more complex requiring different skill sets for different methods of marketing.
  • Finally, as more and more business’s start using digital means of marketing, the marketing spent here is going to increase further.

So, in the next section let me take you through the various types of roles and which courses can help you in making a career in this field.

SEO Optimisation

Now, think about this in a very simple way. The website in today’s world is the new shop for business’s. Hence this becomes the first point of contact for the customers. While when this website is made, it doesn’t always function exactly, how it is supposed to. For example;

  • Duplication of keywords
  • Or Pages are not SEO friendly
  • Or May be the pages are too slow to load.

So, as an SEO expert provided that you understand very well the framework and the updates. Plus you know the best practices of search engine optimisation. Then this can be an excellent place to begin your career using this 3 months courses for commerce students.

Now, once this website is created and you have uploaded the best possible content. However your page starts ranking only when multiple other websites also provide references to your website. However in the real world, there is a lot of out reach program that runs. Which means, there is an expert with network across many such websites, who can reach out and provide organic linkages to your website.

Social Media Management

Another pain area for business’s is social media. Not everyone is an influencer nor do they possess the expertise for it. Hence, if you are more on the creative side like story telling, video editing , graphic designer etc. Then you can also pursue social media 3 months courses for commerce students.

Pay Per Click Campaign Manager

Now, until now I discussed all the organic sources. However there is also a lot of money spent on google and Facebook for paid marketing. Which also requires a different set of skill set. For example; in the real world below is the kind of work;

  • Firstly, Facebook and Instagram paid ads, where people see the creative and click to share their data
  • Secondly, in google people search using keywords, by targeting the right keywords you can also show your ad.

You might recall when you type in google search, you get something called as sponsored. That is nothing but the google pay per click. So you may pursue an online or offline google ads manager course which nowadays is extremely affordable.

3 months courses for commerce students


So, if some of you are not very inclined on either investments or marketing. Then you can also consider becoming an SAP implementation expert. Now the first question might come into your mind would be, what is SAP. So, first understand in a simple way that SAP is nothing but like a software provider for business management. And SAP FICO is an accounting version of SAP used by millions of business’s around.

Also, if you have an inclination towards accounting and don’t want to be a CA. Then, you can become a SAP Consultant.Below is one such example of such job opportunities. Also, as a SAP consultant with 2-3 years of experience, you can earn upto 4-5 Lacs per annum.

GST Practitioner

As more and more business’s either in organised or unorganised sector get regulated under GST. Which would indirectly result in a lot of compliance work, one of which is compliance with GST filings. Now, you might say, that won’t chartered accountants do this work. And the answer is that yes they would. but CA’s won’t take everyone’s GST filing work, unless they are also clients for general auditing and compliance work.

So, if you wish to practice GST compliance work as an independent consultant then this can be an excellent 3 months course for commerce students. Also, the best course for this, I feel which is also very pocket friendly is the course provided by ICAI.

Final Words

So, the only thing that I want to draw your attention at the end of this informative article. Which, is do not do the following;

  • Firstly, do basic courses (Do not spend money on degrees). There is no difference between the applicability of the skills, basis how expensive or cheap the course is.
  • Secondly, remember that it doesn’t matter how many courses you do but there is no alternative to experience. Once you have the basic skills in place. Finally my advice is to start as small as an internship and learn the trade.
  • Thirdly, never stop learning. Be updated with what is going on in the industry and be a master of it.
  • Finally, no matter which industry you choose, high salaries are possible everywhere.