Top 5 stock market courses in Bangalore

Now, to be honest the education market is flooded with stock market courses. From influencers, who think one can easily pick up options trading, without using any intellect. On the other hand you have got stock brokers, signing commissioning agents to maximise new accounts to opened. So, you might want to read this article completely before deciding to choose any of these courses. However, by the end of this article you would be able decide and choose from the best stock market courses in Bangalore.

List of Stock Market Courses in Bangalore

Name of institutionRatingLocation
Tidi Academy4.8/5Rajajinagar
Money Markets Academy4.8/5Jayanagar
Stock Market Training institute4.8/5Bommanahalli
RFM Stock Market Academy4.8/5Naagarabhaavi
stock market courses in bangalore

Parameters for selection of the best stock market courses in Bangalore

The list was prepared to keep in mind the following factors:

  • Content Quality
  • Fee
  • Personal metntoring
  • Timings and Batches

Now, one bit of advice for anyone thinking of taking a stock market course in bangloare, is to be differentiate between learning and blowing up money. In my 15 years of expereince as a trader, investor and also a businessman, money doesn’t get made because of a course. However, it gets made because of courses, 100’s of books, dedication, savings and also trading. So, take any of these courses as a step to learning, not getting rich overnight.

Tidi Academy –Stock Market Course in Banagalore

 About the institute-

“TIDI Academy is the leading  coaching Institute in Bengaluru for All Stock Market related Courses. They have Basic Course & also Advanced Technical course for development in the industry.


There are two courses that you can do –

  1. Basic stock market course, worth 599 rupees.
  2. Advanced stock market course, worth 6,499 rupees.

6,499  rupees for 18 days course which include 15 days practical and 3 days basic to advance level theory

You can join any one according to your knowledge level in the field.  

Ratings and reviews- The coaching has heart reviews all over the internet . Its rating stands at a strong 4.8/5 . A valuable choice for any beginner

Tidi academy stock market courses in bangalore

Money Markets Academy-stock market course in bangalore

About the institute –

Making money involves a fair bit of homework in today’s era. An investor or an active trader or any market participant should equip himself/herself with some advanced tools to get the maximum benefit out of the system.  Their Technical and option trading is a unique course designed to keep in mind the need to provide practical knowledge to people related to the market who would like to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the domain of options trading with the help of technical analysis to manage their portfolio and enhance their returns.

Fee Analysis

The Technical Analysis and Training course 15,000rupees. It’s a 20 day course with practical analysis of data and market studies.

Ratings and reviews

The ratings, again here is a solid 4.8/5. The reviews are also exceptional. If you happen to live near Jayanagar, do consider this institute.

Stock Market Training institute -Stock Market Course in Bangalore

About the institute –

This institute claims to be the solution to stock market needs for investment and day trading, intra day swing positional or long term fundamental analysis to technical analysis A 2 Z of stock market and trading.

Ratings and reviews

The rating is again top notch, at 4.8/5. This is because all the institutes in this list are selected from the best rated institutes all over Bengaluru.

The reviews are also full of praises for the teachers and the management.

RFM Stock Market Academy-Stock Market Course

About the institute

RFM Stock Market Coaching Training Institute will teach you strategies to make consistent profits from share market with full in-depth technical training & high level hedging skills to earn regularly . 100% Guaranteed In-depth clear cut strategies in classroom and online mode with live sessions RFM stock market trading academy is a school of best stock market learning institution founded by a group of Business Analysts & Engineers. We have conducted more than 100+ workshops with more than 1000+ happy Students.

Ratings and reviews

The institute is rated a 4.8/5, which makes it an equal competitor in the list.

stock market courses in bangalore


All the institutes in the list have the exact same rating. So, you can choose any one based on your area preference. Because you will get the same quality everywhere in all these institutions, but the traffic in Bengaluru will take up a lot of your time.