banking course in kolkata Review & Recommendations

If you are looking for the best choice and a complete guide for the best banking course in kolkata, then read along. I promise, in the end, you would be able not only to understand what are the opportunities in finance but also to understand what these institutes have to offer.

banking course in kolkataTop 5 List Summary
RankCourseInstituteRatings on GoogleFees
1CIBOMentor Me Careers4.924999
2Financial ModelingMentor Me Careers4.924999
3Financial ModelingProschool Kolkata4.740,000
4Equity ResearchKredent Academy4.6Not Available
5Certified Financial ExpertAvailable4.1 Not Availble
Short Term Banking Courses in Kolkata

banking course in Kolkata Introduction

Before I start giving you the available options for you to pursue, its better we first discuss the landscape of career options in Kolkata.

Now, of course, Kolkata originally is supposed to be an IT hub, but recently a lot of MNCs have been opening operations in Kolkata. So, let me broadly classify the types of opportunities

  • Front office Roles
  • Middle Office Roles
  • Back office Roles
  • Corporate Finance

Meaning of Front, Middle, and Back office

So what do I mean by Middle office? So, investment banking overall is classified into three major sections, Front, middle & Back.

Also by the name itself, you can guess that front means customer-facing and back mean non-customer-facing.

investment banking structure
Structure of investment bank

Hence, roles in equity research would be classified as front office & Trade operations roles would be classified as middle office roles. At the same time, corporate actions would be called back office roles.

Front Office Investment Banking Roles in Kolkata

I am going to name a few companies here that offer front-office, research roles in Kolkata.

  • Capital Trends Kolkata
  • Netscribes Kolkata
  • RRB Advisory services
  • East India Securities Ltd

Middle Office Investment Banking Roles in Kolkata

  • Accenture Kolkata
  • Kotak Securities

Corporate Finance Roles in Kolkata

  • PWC Kolkata
  • Capgemini Kolkata
  • EY

Course Recommended by Role Type

Now, that you know the three major category of roles in investment banking, its time to categorize the course suited for it.

  1. Front Office Roles & Corporate finance roles: Financial Modeling course is the best suited course because it requires a thorough understanding of financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting. Also, valuation if you primarily targeting investment banking jobs in front office.
  2. For Middle Office & Back office Roles in Investment Banking- Certification in Investment Banking operations is the best-suited course

So, now that you are aware of the basic categorization of jobs and courses, I am presenting the best finance course in Kolkata for meeting these goals.

Banking Course in Kolkata- Number 1

Certificate in Investment Banking Operations(CIBO)- Mentor Me Careers Kolkata

The investment banking operations course offered by Mentor Me Careers in Kolkata, is three months live online training program. The Course has been curated based on the CISI Certification course, hence students can also attempt the CISI exam after completion.

Course Structure:

Certificate In Investment Banking Operations- Kolkata

Modules 1Modules 2Modules 3Modules 4
Investment Banking FoundationTrade ExecutionSecurities Lending & BorrowingRisk Management
Equity MarketsTrade AgreementSafe CustodyAnti Money Laundering:
DerivativesCustodianCorporate ActionsBasic Excel
Fixed Income securitiesSettlement FailureReconciliation:Interview Preparation
Asset ManagementSWIFT Excel and Advance Excel English Communication
Corporate GovernanceInternal Reflection Financial Mathematics 

So the four modules mentioned above are the absolute minimums, required to crack technical rounds of interviews.

Download the course brochure here

 Course Duration:

Mentor Me Careers CIBO course in Kolkata, offers 200 hrs. of live online training which is approximately completed within 8 weeks.

Course Fees:

            Mentor Me Careers Certificate in Investment Banking course in Kolkata, is priced at

Short term finance courses in kolkata
Short term finance courses in kolkata


Mentor Me Careers, has around 290 recruiters in Kolkata including big names like PWC, EY, Accenture etc.

What you can expect in placements

  • The company doesn’t guarantee placements but does guarantee interviews in Kolkata as well as surrounding metros. Students have an option to either look for jobs in Kolkata or other cities as well.
  • The average package can be expected to be around INR 3.5 to 4.5 LPA for freshers. For experienced candidates, the packages can be up to 10-12 LPA as well.
  • The placements start usually around 4 Weeks after the commencement of the course. Hence you don’t have to wait for the course to end.
  • The company doesn’t charge any hidden fee for placements.
  • The institute also offers communication training to students which is included in the course fee itself.
  • Also, there is no limit on the number of interviews that you can give. So you can give as many interviews until you get placed.
  • Download the placement report here.

Class Demo:

You can check out the live classes in this link here.

Banking Course in Kolkata- Number 2

Financial Modeling course in Kolkata – Mentor Me Careers

For a career in finance in Kolkata, financial modeling is a basic tool used for decision-making. Also, most of the interviews will test you on financial modeling skill.

Check the interview questions asked in finance interviews.

 Course Structure:

Now, the course is divided into 5 Modules or core modules while the 12 specialization modules are separate.

Finance courses in kolkata
Finance course in kolkata syllabus

Check the full syllabus of the course here.

Along with these basic five modules, each student on completion of the course gets to also do the 12 advanced models specialization.

Investment Banking and finance course in Kolkata

Financial Modeling Course fees in Kolkata:

investment banking and finance courses in kolkata
Course fees

Course Duration:

The financial modeling course in Kolkata is for three months or 12 weeks in total. Also the total duration of the course in terms of Hrs. is around 200.


Check the entire placement report here.

Reviews and Ratings:

Mentor Me Careers in Kolkata is rated as 4.9 on Google.

ratings of finance courses in kolkata

Banking Course in Kolkata- Number 3

Financial Modeling Course- IMS Proschool Kolkata

It has its training center in camac street, Kolkata and offers the financial modeling course.

Course structure:

The financial modeling course offered by IMS ProSchool in Kolkata has the following modules.

  • Excel
  • Franchise Business Model
  • Project finance
  • Equity Valuation

Course Duration:

The course is offered at a price of INR 40,000/-

Reviews & Ratings:

proschool kolkata finance courses

IMS ProSchool Kolkata is rated as 4.8 on google, based on 24 reviews.


Check their placement reports here

Banking Course in Kolkata- Number 4

Kredent Academy -Finance Courses in Kolkata number 3

Krendent academy is finance institute based out of Kolkata and has started in the year 2008.They cover courses on finance literacy in all the levels from basic to advanced.

Course Structure

So, below is the structure of the entire course, as mentioned by them in the website

Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial Statements

  • Why financial modeling?
  • Linkages between the financial statements i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

Financial Statement Analysis and Forecasting

  • Ratio analysis i.e. profitability ratios, activity ratios, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios and valuation ratios
  • Understanding revenue and cost drivers, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow drivers for forecasting

Methods of Valuation

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Peer Group Method i.e. fundamental multiples, comparables, etc.
  • Free Cash Flow to Firm, cost of equity, cost of debt, weighted average cost of capital, terminal growth rate, terminal value and enterprise value.

Financial Modeling Case Study

  • Live case study on a listed company
  • Full fledged linking and construction of financial forecast, valuation and calculation of target price, sensitivity analysis, beta calculation and final recommendation.

Course Duration & Ratings

  • Weekend classes – 8 sessions of 3 hours each (1 month Approx.)
  • Classes are held in Kolkata, India.
Kredent academy is rated as 4.6 on google.

Kredent Academy Placements- Finance courses in Kolkata

What I like about this institute, is that the placement information is put on the website completely. Which, is good practice for showing transparency.

Check their placements here

However, what I noticed is that most of the placements are in equity dealing jobs, but that’s understandable because research jobs in Kolkata itself are low.

finance courses in kolkata with palcements
placement recruiters in kolkata


In my opinion, the institute is serious about their domain in finance that’s for sure. Also, since the company has been in existence since 2008, and hasn’t changed their focus on finance which is another plus point. Moreover, I feel that they are really focussed on finally doing justice by placing students, even if its not research but atleast they are doing a far better job than a lot of other insitutes with fancy offices but no real vision.

Banking & Finance Course in Kolkata- Number 5

ICICI Direct Center for Financial Learning in Kolkata

ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning (ICFL) is an educational initiative of ICICI Securities Ltd. In my opinion and limited knowledge, ICICI Direct learning was created initially for the purpose of training their own employees, but now I guess to sustain this they have also started doing it for retail customers. Initially, however ICICI direct was primarily focussed on the CFP program and still is doing the same along with CFA.

Course Structure-

Now, since ICFL only trains for CFP By FPSB, hence I am not going to cover the CFP program details here but how they train for CFP.

Also, please note that you need to consider CFP, only if you are aware that you want to pursue a career in wealth management. Moreover, to work as a wealth advisor, you need not always pursue CFP but can also get away with doing the NISM Advisor V A.

CFE Program( Certified Financial Expert)

ICFL, hasn’t really given much details on the curriculum but what I can make out is that they cover topics from

  • Equity valuation
  • CFA based content

Also, on completion of the certification the certificate is given by the Frankfurt school of business.

ICFL Ratings

ICFL has been rated as 4.1 on google in Kolkata center.


In my opinion ICFL, looks like an orphaned subsidiary of ICICI Direct. Which is concerning, because they used to be very active in the early days of their operations