Pursuing CA after 12th Commerce without Maths

yes you can do CA after 12th commerce without Maths. Also, when I said yes it meant that technically ICAI doesn’t have any such restrictions on the subjects that a person should have

So, you are apprehensive about CA after 12th commerce without maths as a subject in your class XII? In this article, I shall bust any such myths and guide you on how to become a CA after class XII.

CA after 12th commerce without maths

The simple and straightforward answer is that, yes you can do CA after 12th commerce without Maths. Also, when I said yes it meant that technically ICAI doesn’t have any such restrictions on the subjects that a person should have

Eligibility for CA foundation

So, this part is common to all students irrespective of their choice of streams In class XII. Hence, even a science student can register to become a CA after class XII. At the same time, a student can also get provisional admission to ICAI, after class X.

  • Eligibility for CA after Class XII: Any field or stream from any state board or central board

However, every such student has to register for the foundation course and clear the exams for it.

How to become a ca after 12th commerce without math

Now, let me list out the step to step guide on becoming a CA after 12 th Commerce without math’s.

  • You need to visit : Student Services portal
  • Now click on entry level forms
  • You will need a valid email id and an OTP will be generated
CA Foundation registration
CA foundation registration Page
  • After the registration is complete, you will receive the learning material.
  • Once registered with the board of studies, you will have exams for it during May/June/November & December.
  • Once the foundation level is cleared, you can now register for the intermediate level of CA course.
  • Next, you need to register for the ICITSS workshop of four weeks. However, you need to remember that this workshop has to be complete before you start your articles.
  • After, you need to register for three years of practical training upon completion of either one or both groups of intermediate levels.
CFA Foundation level costs
CA Foundation costs structure

You can read in detail about the Syllabus structure and Marking system on this article.

  • Now, you need to register yourself for the final exam of CA. Also, register for the AICITSS Course during the last two years of your article-ship in CA.
  • Finally clear your CA final exams during the last six months of article-ship.
  • Become a member of ICAI.

CA Foundation Syllabus

So, below is the list of papers in the foundation course, that you will have to appear for after class xii to become a CA. In my opinion, these papers are excellent, in fact, you will realize later that you learned more in the foundation papers than in your graduate-level courses.

CA foundation syllabus

CA Foundation Learning Level

So not all subjects in any course can be taught towards mastery or advanced concepts. Hence, ICAI provides how the course content is taught and what is the expectation. Now, below is the content level.

Foundation CourseKnowledgeApplication
Principles and Practice of Accounting5% to 20%80%-95%
Business laws50%-65%35%-40%
Business Correspondence and Reporting100%
Business mathematics and logical reasoning and statistics100%
Business Economics40%-50%50%-60%
Business and commerce knowledge100%
CA Foundation Learning levels

Also, you might be wondering what these terms mean? For eg, knowledge and application. So, let me explain this further.

  • Firstly, at the simplest level knowledge means “ Awareness” of a concept. For eg; Awareness of the Company Act and its various parts.
  • Secondly, application of the same concept would be knowing and applying company act principles for the calculation of certain items like depreciation.

However, ICAI explains this in much more detail, and let me list that for you.

Skill levelsAssessment
Comprehensive and knowledgeDefining, stating, theories, etc
Analysis and applicationPrinciples in problem-solving, solving in complex scenarios
Evaluation and synthesisTheories to resolve complex problems
Skill levels

So, you can see that business mathematics is 100% application because there is awareness of mathematics but application alone.

CA Foundation Pass Rate

Candidates appeared511114261893729
Candidates Passed130431065023693
Pass percentage25.5224.9925.28
CA foundation pass rates June 2022

So, don’t take this in a negative way but not all the candidates out of 93k students are actually focused for the CA exam. Hence you must take the pass rates, with a pinch of sugar. There is only one reason why, a student will fail the foundation level.

Which is lack of interest in this area and lack of practice and preparation.

What to do CA if you are not good in math?

So, this might be a nightmare for someone who has not done well in their class xii math subject. However, lets first understand that class xii math is relatively theoretical. The mathematics subject in class XI and XII is something, which probably you will never ever use in your life.

However, the only math required for CA, is algebraic calculations. The plus and minus, ratios, percentage and time value calculations.

So, if you are still apprehensive of mathematics then take up a short course on math. Which are available for plenty in YouTube and Udemy.

FAQ’s for CA students

  • Can i do ca after 12th commerce without maths?

Yes, there is no such eligibility criteria requiring math, as a core subject in class xii. However, you may want to take small courses in basic mathematics to make your life easier while pursuing ca.

  • What should I study after 12th commerce without Maths if I’m not interested in CA

There are so many options apart from CA, if you have done 12th commerce without maths. Let me list a couple of them

  1. Pursue LLB 5 Years course( if you are interested in LAW)
  2. Mass communication- if digital marketing and copywriting is something that interests you.
  3. Bachelor in literature
  4. Is commerce plus maths tough to manage for those who are average at maths and going to pursue a CA?

Not really, there are many students who have done below par in the math course in 12th but still managed to be rankers in CA.

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