Review of Gallagher company salary in bangalore

So Gallagher is one of the popular insurance and risk management company. Also, Gallagher company is not just an insurance company but a partnership of many business’s. Which, provides insurance and risk management solutions. Now, if you want to understand the Gallagher company salary in Bangalore, then I’ll do the best to give you the analysis.

Gallagher company salary in bangalore

Gallagher Company Salary in Bangalore – Roles

So, I will categorize the Gallagher company roles into

  • Firstly, the business roles
  • Secondly,  the financial and accounting roles
  • Thirdly, Research & Science
  • Finally, Engineering

Business Roles- Gallagher Company Salary in Bangalore

Now, business roles are related to direct operations of insurance and risk management. So, the typical work would include;

Process Analyst at Gallagher Company

Primary Responsibility is to process GC policies as per daily targets and AHT timings.
The key roles:
• Firstly, Rating, processing, and issuing the GC policy’s using American Zurich insurance company tools.
• Secondly, Working on assembly and endorsement.
• Finally, Creation of Renewal & New Business policy issuance.

So below is the summary of the process analyst salaries at Gallagher Company

  • Entry-level Process analyst: INR 2,68,170 Per annum
  • Senior Process analyst: INR 400,000 Per annum
  • Process Manager: INR 14 Lacs P.A

Finance and Accounting Roles- Gallagher Company salary in Bangalore

So, this job at Gallagher Company In bangalore includes roles like financial analyst. Also, the primary responsibilities include;

  • Collecting and analysing client data to determine competitive levels of pay for physicians Incorporating data into the appropriate tool to conduct analysis.
  • Reviewing financials of medical practices to assess the relationship between productivity and income.
  • Analyzing compensation practices of client organizations to determine their market competitiveness, internal equity, and effectiveness.
  • Testing the applicability of proposed compensation models to the clients’ compensation structure, overall financials, or related data; and fine-tune models as appropriate to achieve project goals.
  • Preparing tables, charts and illustrations for reports and presentations representing analyses and recommendations.
  • Preparing report materials including market pricing, compensation models, salary administration structures, incentive illustrations, and cash compensation costing.
  • Writing market comparison sections of the report and the reasonableness letters.
  • Monitoring market survey data, and updating and maintaining the data in our database.
  • Coordinating the annual Medical Director Survey.
  • Providing other support as needed to consultants.

Financial Analyst :Gallagher Company Salary in Bangalore

So below is the summary of the financial analyst salary in bangalore;

  • Entry level financial analyst: INR 3.4 Lacs Per Annum
  • Senior Financial analyst: INR 4.5 Lacs Per Annum
  • Team Manager Finance: INR 7 Lacs Per Annum

Research & Insurance Roles -Gallagher Company

So, these roles are more towards insurance model and I could simply say that it is related to risk management.

Gallagher company salary in bangalore

For eg; the role of Catastrophe Analyst and Primary responsibilities include;

  • Lead core renewal modelling projects and handle year-round client engagement for several key UK Specialty Lines clients
  • Operation of catastrophe modelling software (RMS, AIR, and others), including interrogating exposure and result databases via SQL Synthesis, presentation, and explanation of catastrophe model results to clients and internal stakeholders, with a focus on year-on-year changes, and the underlying factors driving them
  • Developing innovative analytics solutions to assist clients in quantifying catastrophe risk, and in the support of business requirements

  • Be a role model within a team, contributing to helping develop the capabilities of others, and the team through teamwork, training and leading by example.
  • Participate and contribute to wider business unit, group, and market initiatives sought at keeping us at the ground breaking of analytical capability as the reinsurance market and the use of catastrophe models continues to evolve.

Data Scientist – Gallagher Company Salary in Bangalore

So, insurance is a place which uses a lot of data science techniques to model scenarios of events. Also, that helps in creating the best product both for the client and company.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Produce standard methodologies that can apply across the analytics team
  • Build connections with the AJG data science team, and help to successfully implement overall data strategy
  • Respond to client challenges by improving pricing models and underwriting tools
  • Perform data analysis and develop high quality compliant predictive models
  • Create new sales content and marketing IP to help grow revenue
  • Develop technical solutions to support model development
  • Identify what data is needed (internally or externally), how we will collect that data, and how it will be managed or implemented effectively
  • Keep up to date on the latest developments of AI and Machine Learning

Engineer roles at Gallagher Company

So, in the engineering side of jobs at Gallagher company in bangalore, we can look at the software development engineer.

However, as software development engineer at Gallagher company;

Salary might be in the range of INR 5 Lacs to 6 Lacs Per annum


  • Directs, prepares, designs, codes, tests, debugs, and maintains complex computer programs 
  • Develops and/or Consumes APIs that will be utilized in synchronizing data with other applications
  • Under general direction, formulates and defines system scope and objectives 
  • Devises or modifies procedures to solve complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations, operating time, and form of desired results 
  • Refines business requirements from which programs will be written 
  • Designs, codes, tests, debugs, and documents those programs 
  • Responsible for completion other f development projects 

Solves user inquiries that arise during day-to-day operation 

Develops business cases, requirements and performance metrics


So, the insurance company can have so many different types of opportunities ranging from basic operations. All the way to data science to engineering to create platforms. So, pick your specialization and get ahead of the game with skills. Best of luck.