frm coaching in delhi- Updated List with Reviews

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 01:57 pm

Are you still looking for good Financial Risk and Management coaching in Delhi ? Well, this article will certainly help you to make up your mind! Remember! All the institutes we are  mentioning below are GARP approved, so you know you can reach out to the official source.These are the top 4,FRM Coaching in Delhi to get your Gold Standard Finance certificate.

Name of InstituteAverage Rating Fees for Part 1Fees for Part 2Location
Quintedge 4.820,000N/AConnaught Place 
Educradle 4.325,00025,000Badarpur
Finlearning4.220-30,00020-30,000Ashok Nagar
Edupristine4.617,500- 30,00017,500-30,000Connaught Place 
FRM Coaching In Delhi

Basis of Selection: Top FRM Coaching in Delhi

The four institutes have been selected on the basis of their average rating, fees structure, number of hours/days they will be conducting classes, availability and openness to doubt classes for students (because they are definitely required!)  and lastly, most importantly their faculty.  

 Quintedge : FRM Coaching in Delhi

  • Located in Connaught Place, in Delhi, Quintedge has been  a reputable institute with about 92% passing rate. 
  • They claim an average rating of 4.8,by about 6000+ students, hence sitting at the top. 

Fees structure of Quintedge: 

The course fees of part one is available on their website..i e.. rupees 20,000, which seems like a fair price considering their good performance rate in frm coaching in delhi. 

The stand-out point: 

But what made them really stand out in my view, was their Case Study Approach in FRM courses and 91 lessons . They also provide 29 tests and an Exhaustive Question Bank. 

The website claims to give an unlimited amount of doubt sessions during the entire season of exams .

So, this can be one of your top choices, for frm coaching in delhi. But, knowing us, we obviously got more for you !

The reviews and Ratings:

 The Google reviews of  Quintedge’s FRM coaching in delhi is similar to its CFA course. 

Their course has not been drafted by merely teachers or academicians, as most of the other coaching institutes might have. Their team of industry experts have developed content that can give you the most realistic and practical knowledge which can’t be found in any book you can think of.

The rating is 4.8/5 which is pretty amazing! This is mainly because of their ‘intuitive learning’ initiative, which has been highly appreciated by the aspirants! 

Educradle : FRM Coaching In Delhi

The Average rating of Educradle is 4.3, which is lower than Quintedge, also given by a vast number of students! The polls for the best FRM institute suggest that Educradle is, and has always been in the top 3 of the game. 

Number of hours for FRM courses: 

They provide about 80+ hours of classes in their FRM coaching in Part 1 course and 100+ hours for FRM part 2 course. 

Being available both online and offline, you can gain the advantage of both kinds of classes. 

They provide about 500+ questions, but only 2 mock tests. I think this is the only reason that they are not at the top position. Students these days require more and more mock tests where they can compete and feel the competition before  the real competition. 

The stand out point of Educradle FRM coaching: 

The most eye-catching and probably the biggest advantage on which they pry upon is their faculty. Mr . Navneet Bihani, who is a Senior Consultant at BCG and Ms. Eti Vyas, who is the Vice President at Morgan Stanley, are both associated with the institute. 

Hence, educators from the Fortune 500 companies bring in a lot of goodwill for the institute. 

Since, the FRM certification is as good as a Masters degree in India and is valuable in over 190 nations, studying and learning under such educators makes it even much more fun!

Crash Course for FRM: 

EduCradle also provides a crash course in the same package for both the parts, in their FRM coaching in delhi. With over 20+ hours of sessions.    The passing rate is 76%, which is way lower than Quintedge and Finlearning, but still not bad for an institute dealing with such a highly competitive exam.

FRM Coaching In Delhi- Educradle

Finlearning: FRM Coaching in Delhi

With 18+ years of faculty experience, Finlearning provides both online and offline courses. 

Although, the fees structure is quite different from others.

Fees structure for FRM at Finlearning: 

There are two kinds of structures In their FRM coaching package in delhi.

  1. Live training: This includes mock tests, question bank, doubt classes and study material of all teachers. 

Hence, taking the fees to a whopping 30,000 rupees .

  1. Self study package – This would mainly include study material only and not any other extra material will be provided. 

This brings down the price of this batch to 20,000 rupees.

But is it worth the 30,000 rupees? Not in my perspective. In the lower range, many other institutions provide even better opportunities and materials. Also, there is nothing that stands out to justify the price. 

Why Finlearning? 

But still, Finlearning is included in this list because of the results it has given in the last decade. Its passing rate is about 82%,  which is lower than Quintedge but higher than Educradle.   Its price is  also  on the higher side, but so is its performance

Edupristine : FRM Coaching in Delhi

The website of Edupristine does not mention the passing rate for FRM coaching in delhi.

The classroom courses are about 75+ hours and here also, the fee structure is similar to Finlearning. 

Fees structure at Edupristine:

  1. The Classroom course is worth 30,000 rupees which includes mocks, doubt sessions , crash course before the examination, question banks and much more. 
  2. The self Study course is worth 17,500 rupees only. Making it the cheapest of all courses. 

For someone who has given the exam once and is familiar with the concepts, can go for self study in both the above cases. It’s cheaper and will provide a new perspective of learning. But for someone starting new, or someone who doesn’t have clarity of concepts, should definitely go for classroom courses, as you will be able to extract much more. 

The reviews and Ratings! 

The Google ratings suggest a 4.6/5 for Edupristine’s FRM coaching in delhi course although, the students have mixed feelings in their reviews. 

Some have highly praised the institute and some have compared it with others in a slightly negative way. The experience is hence mixed. 


Being an aspirant, it is highly important to choose the best of material and coaching. This itself can create great anxiety in students, considering all the fake reviews that can be bought easily by these institutes. Hence, I would like to clarify that I was not paid for reviewing any of these institutes in any kind. 

In my opinion, a new candidate can go for Quintedge. It’s my favourite for sure. Reading the quora reviews and reviews of successful past aspirants, it was easy to establish that they provide both quality and quantity. The faculty is great and so are the results . You can definitely go for Quintedge.  

My second favourite would be Educradle. And that’s  because of their price difference and Passing rates . The quality of both Quintedge and Educradle is similar, and so are the results but the major difference is the price of Quintedge being 20,000rupees, and that of Educradle being 25,000 rupees. 

The passing rate is also quite significant, from 92% in Quintedge to 76% in Educradle. But If an aspirant is keeping aside the price of courses and just focusing on the passing rates of the institutes, then my second favourite would be Finlearning. Given its passing rate and great Google reviews.