Top Finance Companies in Gurgaon

A finance company is an organization that makes loans to individuals and businesses. Unlike a bank, a finance company does not receive cash deposits from clients, nor does it provide some other services common to banks, such as checking accounts. Hence, they need great employees like you to be better at thier game . So if you are thinking of reaching out to a finance company for any of such purposes, here are the top rated ones you will find finance companies in Gurgaon.

List of Finance Companies in Gurgaon

Name of the companyRatingLocation
BAB Financial company4.4 /5Saraswati Vihar
Ummeed Housing finance company4.3 /5Sector 61
Stock Circuit4.5 /5Opposite Dynamic Mall
iVentures Capital3.8 /5  MG Road

Parameters of selection of these Finance companies in Gurgaon

These top companies are chosen because of certain qualities that you might not find everywhere. Although the market forces try to keep up similar salaries and benefits, not everything is beneficial for all. These qualities are:

  • Availability of present opening
  • Salary package
  • Benefits to freshers
  • Growth possibilities
  • Financial health of the company

BAB Financial company:Finance companies in Gurgaon

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  • Job openings from the lowermost levels to officer level
  • Job opportunity for fresh graduates
  • 5-7 lakh salary package for freshers
  • EPFO approved organization


With a rating of 4.4 /5, BAB Financial company has been in business for a long time. Employment here can take you to great heights in your career, help you make good corporate relations as well as increase your status

Finance companies in Gurgaon

Ummeed Housing Finance P.v.t L.t.d:Finance companies in Gurgaon

Ummeed Housing Finance is a housing finance employer that affords home loans and property loans to lower and middle-income families.

Highlights :

  • Jobs related to Accounting and Finance Analysts available
  • High package salaries
  • Different roles for graduates
  • Paid Internship opportunity

Ratings :

With a rating of 4.3 /5 , Ummeed Housing Finance pvt Ltd is an all India institution. It is trusted by its lakhs of customers and employs thousands, and  you can be  one of them too. 

Finance companies in Gurgaon

Stock Circuit:Finance companies in Gurgaon

Stock Circuit  is “YouTube” for Global Stock Markets based on Robo Advisory.  Their App is an indispensable tool for people investing in the Stock Market. It allows users to request a Fundamental Analysis video for any stock from thousands of stocks and also let them compare multiple stocks.


  • Internship opportunity available
  • Jobs for freshers as well as experienced Personal
  • Salary can be bargained
  • Walk in interviews


4.5/ 5 Is the rating of this finance company. And it does it justice. The customer base is huge and the reviews are also satisfactory, making it a growing company to work for.

iVentures Capital -Finance companies in Gurgaon

iVentures Capital provides end-to-end wealth management solutions. They aspire to be the most trusted Wealth Advisors in India. This is a vision shared by their people and is predicated on a commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct and service in all  their  dealings.

Highlights :

  • Paid internships
  • Bargainable Salary
  • Various job opportunities
  • Walk-in interviews
  • Easy going working hours
  • Night shifts available


The rating is 3.8 /5 but, they do have appreciative customers. Their reviews are of high praises and they manage quite significant wealth. Hence, a job here can give a lot of experience in managing resources.

Finance companies in Gurgaon


My favourite, personally is BAB Financial company. With a rating of 4.4 /5 and amazing reviews, it can be a perfect partner for all your financial needs. And when a company has really good customer base, you know a job there will not only last you, but also lead you to higher positions.  Do check them out and let us know what you think !