MBA Finance marketing-Detailed look at this combination

So, when I first hear this combination, MBA Finance Marketing, I’ll be honest it has never really made great sense. After all marketing and finance both are very wide fields in themselves. So, in this article I will look to answer this confusion and also look at the syllabus in detail. Which should help you decide on this option for MBA.

MBA In Finance and Marketing Syllabus

So, first and foremost let me take you through the actual syllabus of this combination. Let me look at some of the most important well known Mba program.


So, if you look at the full time MBA by IIM -A supposedly the toughest MBA program to get into. Which by the way does not offer any such dual specialisations. However the If you actually look at the subject quality of the program, I think the intent should be clear. Even If I give some credibility to these dual domains, the only subject is digital marketing course/

Now have a look at the level of the electives given by IIM-A in their regular MBA. let me list some of the electives.

  • Privacy Paradox: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Platforms
  • Health-tech Products and Delivery Systems
  • Monetising AI
  • Neuroscience and consumer behaviour


Industry Need of Dual Domains

Now that was from an academic angle that I clearly understand that it’s just a gimmick. However, now its time for us to look at the need of the industry. Does the industry, really need a dual understanding of marketing and finance both? Or does it rather require a deep understanding of finance or marketing.

After all, you see two kinds of roles right after MBA. For example A financial analyst, doesn’t really need digital marketing. And a marketing executive doesn’t really need to know black Scholes model. Financial markets are too wide and niche in its own to have any chance of also using marketing.


A Better Approach

Look I understand it sounds cool to know everything. While I also understand that you might not be clear on your preference for marketing or finance. But do you really have to do both in your MBA program to actually get the same results?

Mini Courses & Skills

There are plenty of marketing finance courses online which are anyways required of you. But why wait till your MBA is over? Why not do these short finance and marketing courses to get a sense of what you are getting into?

  • Let’s say you want to become a portfolio manager, then why not pursue financial modeling course?
  • On the other hand if you want to let’s say become a digital marketing expert. Then you can very well do a short PPC or social media marketing course.


Gain Experience

Now, even if you say that you don’t want to spend money on courses, then just go and work. There is nothing better than actually working and experiencing the industry. Which opens up and broadens up your perspective of the actual skills required.

However a world of caution in both of the above suggestions. Do not just serially and mindlessly do courses and get internships without really goal. In India specifically I have seen a rush of volume when any such suggestion is given. I have seen students completing 3 internships in a year, without really digging deep in any of them.


My Curated list of Courses

So, let me provide you with a list of curated courses that I believe can be completed in incremental phases. Firstly let me start with finance, then I will touch upon marketing.


  • Basic Course: Financial Modeling & Valuation
  • Medium Stage: CFA level 1
  • Advance courses: Python and Sql for finance

Now, the above recommendation is based on your interest. Which means that if you like it then you proceed to medium stage and then advance if your’e ecstatic.


  • Basic Course:Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
  • Medium stage course: Copywriting
  • Advance stages: Digital Marketing & SEO based courses



Now, let me sum up this blog and warn you about the education industry. 80% Of the courses and degrees out there are useless, while 20% are genuine. Now in that 80% of the useless degrees, certifications and courses, the participation is done by colleges, universities, institutes and ed tech platforms. So my only and the biggest suggestion is ” To first find the work that you want to do and then stumble upon the skill and course” Not the other way around.Trust me this will save you millions which always to earn is difficult.