CFA Level 1 Notes

Mentor me careers offers the most comprehensive CFA level 1 notes , with updated syllabus for the 2024 changes. Along with this the course also includes the practical skill modules of financial modeling and python.

  • 200 Hrs of training(live online classes)
  •  120 Hrs of recorded video classes- available 24 x7
  • Unlimited validity untill you pass the exam
  • 3000 Question bank with explainations
  • Mock tests with study planners
  • High pass rate of 90%
  • Updated syllabus with practical skill module of financial modeling and python.

CFA Level 1 Notes Sample

The CFA program consists of 10 subjects which are divided accross asset classes and investment analysis tools. Below are some sample CFA level 1 notes which you can use it for free.

Features of CFA Level 1 Notes

Detailed Explaination

3000 Questions

Mock Papers

Overview of CFA Level 1 Notes

The CFA level 1 program is an overwhelming experience for many because of the size and vastness of the official CFA level 1 curriculum notes. The original CFA level 1 notes by the institute has more than 5000 pages, and also consists of optional case study contents. Which becomes difficult for candidates as they don’t kow where to focus. Hence mentormecareers has created conscise content for CFA level 1 which is exam focussed.


In order to clear the CFA level 1 exam, candidates should atleast spend 300 hours in preperation as per the statistics of the pass rate in the past.  

CFA Level 1 Learning Package

Self Paced Basic

  • Pre-recorded Videos
  • Question bank of 3000+ questions
  • 1 Year Validity
  • Forum doubt solving
  • Mock Papers

Fees : ₹16000 (+ GST)

Live Basic

  • Pre-recorded Videos 
  • Live Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Question bank of 3000+ questions
  • Life Time Validity
  • Live Doubt Solving
  • 200 Hrs Live Training

Fees @ ₹30000+ (GST)

Live Plus +

  • PSM modules- Financial modeling or Python
  • Live Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Question bank of 3000+ questions
  • Life Time Validity
  • Live Doubt Solving
  • 200 Hrs Live Training

Fees @ ₹40000+ (GST)

CFA Level 1 Videos

CFA Level 1 Sample Notes

Meaning of Interest Rates

Interest rates can be interpreted in many

Required returns that an investor must receive in order to accept the
Rate, the rate at which could find the present value of future cash flow

Cost, the existing return that the investor already makes. Hence a new
investment opportunity would be evaluated basis an opportunity cost or rate

Components of Interest Rates

What is Compounding?

Its best to understand all Quant concepts
using the approach: Example and then equation. Else these concepts will have to
be memorized, which we highly advise against for the Level 1 Exam

Consider you want to invest $100,000 for 6 Years at 2% rate of compounding. Now before you take out your calculators, what we really want to understand is the mechanics.

cfa level 1 notes


You are the lucky winner of your state’s lottery of $5 million after taxes. You  invest your winnings in a five-year certificate of deposit (CD) at a local financial institution. The CD promises to pay 7 percent per year compounded annually. This institution also lets you reinvest the interest at that rate for the duration of the CD. How much will you have at the end of five years if your money remains invested at 7 percent for five years with no withdrawals?

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