Share Market Classes in Pune

The share market classes in Pune provided by mentor me careers is an extensive 3 months program on fundamental analysis where you learn the basics of financial statements, all the way upto valuation. It’s an excellent course for people who want to analyse and pick stocks for long term investments

The Best Share Market Classes in Pune

So, have you ever wondered how does the stock market work. Or have you ever watched people making money in the stock market and never understood how it works. In mentor me careers share market classes in pune, you will learn the following

  • Basics of fundamental analysis
  • Valuation Techniques
  • How to find and shortlist stocks
  • Understand different types of investments 
  • How to calculate risk and return parameters.


Aftab Hussain
Aftab Hussain
Great course.
manikandan M
manikandan M
My experience with mentor me careers was Excellent. Although im from non finance background, teacher taught me a finance in simple way and also in practical way. Im opted for financial modeling course and its excellent in content. Student support also very good and responsive.
Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma
Mentor Me Careers is one of the best online institution, unlike all other institute Mentor me keep student strength lower in one slot as a result they can track every student easily and student get enough time to clarify their doubts, I am delighted to be part of it .
Shubham Chavan
Shubham Chavan
I had a very good experience with Mentor me careers. I have opted for financial modelling course,the material they provided is very good and adaptive. Thank you
Ajay Raj
Ajay Raj
"I recently enrolled in the Financial Modelling and Investment Banking course with Mentor Me Careers. Although I was initially unfamiliar with the finance sector, the instructional approach at this institution ensured a comprehensive understanding from foundational concepts to advanced industry practices."
anmol Sood
anmol Sood
Great platform to boost your career, the faculty is amazingly knowledgeable helpful.
Mentor me careers is a great platform for those who want to start their career in finance. The course covers all the essential topics and skills required for a career in finance.
Ambuj Pandey
Ambuj Pandey
I joined the course after going through its content. I must mention that the content is very well designed for those who want a career in core finance domain. Everything is covered from scratch and in depth. Financial modelling course by Mentor me careers is a MUST join course for finance enthusiasts.

Mentor Me Careers Share Market Classes is the one stop solution for learning about investments

Why Join Mentor Me Careers Share Market Classes in Pune?

So, naturally the question may arise, why should you join Mentor Me Careers share market classes in pune?

  • 100% practical classes in easy language
  • Highest value for money
  • Life time content validity
  • More than 100 Hours of training videos
  • Experience trainers with investment banking background
  • Personalised training 
  • Complete NCFM Certification post course
Share market classes in pune

Share Market Classes in Pune Syllabus

Module 1: Excel Part 1

The first module is designed for a comprehensive start with spreadsheet skills and awareness on various sections and features of excel ribbons which is required for a financial analyst , equity analyst or investment banker

  • Excel layout and structure

  • Sheet vs Book

  • Home ribbon

  • Insert Ribbon

  • Data Ribbon

  • Page layout

  • Formula Ribbon

  • Review Ribbon

  • View Ribbon

  • Cell freeze and referencing

  • Logical operators

  • Nest if Function


Module 2: Excel Part 2

The second module gets into new functions required for financial model making .

  • Vlook up/ Hlook up/ Xlook up

  • Index and Match

  • Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min, Counta

  • Sumproduct

  • Conditional operators, Sumif, Countif, Average if

  • Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Slicer

  • Financial analysis and template

  • Data Look up case study on stock market data

  • Charts- Waterfall, Radar, Clustered column, Histogram

  • Data Analysis tool pack

Sales Data case study


Module 3: Financial Mathematics

  • What is time value of money

  • What is compounding

  • What is discounting

  • Definitions of rate

  • Frequency of compounding

  • Continuous compounding

  • Series of cashflow

  • TVM Excel functions

  • Beginning and ending cashflow

  • IRR and NPV. Problems with IRR


Module 4: Statistics for Finance

Financial modeling is incomplete without learning the statistics required to make forecasting , and creating insights on the business risks

  • Need of statistics

  • Central tendency

  • Presentation and analysis of data

  • Risk Calculation

  • Risk adjusted calculations- Sharpe, MAR, Sortio

Fund selection Case study

No one can become a financial analyst without knowing accounting and financial statement analysis required for investment finance field. The investment banking course offered by Mentor Me will teach you financial accounting from the basics.

  • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis Framework- Annual report reading, Con Call reports, Quarterly reports, statement of change in equity, Supplementary information

  • Financial statement linkages and creating financial statement in excel

  • Income statement– Revenue recognition principles, Expense recognition principles, Diluted EPS, EPS, LIFO, FIFIO,AVCO

  • Balance Sheet– Format of balance sheet, current assets, current liabilities, Fixed assets, Non current liabilities

  • Cash flow statement– Format of cash flow statement, Direct method , Indirect method, FCFF, FCFEE

  • Ratio analysis– Solvency Ratios, Profitability ratios, Activity Ratios.

Ratio Analysis Case Study- Analyse persistent systems annual report

  • How to Read an annual Report step by step

  • Franchisee Business Model Valuation- NPV , IRR, Sensitivity analysis

  • Minority Interest, Impairment, Good will analysis

Once the finance fundamentals are set now its time to dig into creating financial models in practice. We will start applying all the concepts learnt into practical real life financial decision making


    Start-Up Model Travel agency Business

You will learn how to think of the template of the business model. How a three statement financial model is made . Also you will learn how small business assumptions can make the decision making difficult


    Manufacturing Plant Business Modeling

In this financial model you will learn how funding complications affect the model. Interest capitalisation, Construction phasing , Soft cost and hard cost of projects will be taught in this section


    Tax Modeling

Tax is an important part of investment decision making calculation. Taxation is much more complicated than calculating 30% of the PBT. Here you will learn tax loss carry forwards, Carry forward loss set off, Minimum alternate tax, MAT Credits, MAT Set off,Deffered tax liability & Deffered Tax Asset. All of this practically using excel


    Manufacturing Plant Set Up Model

This is a real model of the industry made from scratch using real world assumptions and calculations. You will learn what it means to work in a industry level financial model from zero. All the complications thrown into one project finance case.

This is the final section before the specialization kicks in. In this section we will take a publicly listed company from NSE stock exchange and create a DCF Valuation Model and Relative /Comparable analysis financial model. This is one of the other applications of financial modeling in decision making. This model is specifically useful for people who want to pursue to join equity research and Investment banking

  1. Valuation Basics- DCF, Gordon growth, WACC, Cost of equity , Levered, Un levered Beta, Terminal Value

  2. Creating a model template

  3. Data collection and data feeding in financial model

  4. Revenue Driver- breaking the business into Price and quantity metrics, so that you can forecast those metrics

  5. Cost Driver

  6. Debt Schedule , Asset schedule Forecast

  7. Free Cash flow calculation

  8. Valuation Calculation

  9. Sensitivity Analysis

  10. Report Writing

Enrolment Options for Stock Market Classes

Live Online - Basic- Weekends

  • Live Online Classes *

  • Personal Mentorship*

  • 3 Specializations

  • Lifetime Content

  • Course Certification

  • Fees ₹16,499  (+ GST)

Live Online - Plus+ Weekends

  • Live Online Classes 

  • Placement Assistance

  • 12 Specializations

  • Lifetime Content 

  • Course Certification

  • Fees – ₹27,499  (+ GST)

Live Online Plus +Weekday

  • Guaranteed Interviews

  • 256 Hrs of Training

  • Python, Power BI

  • SQL Training

  • 30 Hrs Interview Prep
  • Communication Training

  • Fees – ₹59999  (+ GST)