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We, at Mentor Me Careers, have been able to place students in core finance roles like Equity Research, Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Analyst, Credit Risk etc.

With our experience in placing students in such roles, we bing to you a comprehensive bank of interview questions.

Excel Tests

The first thing that is tested for any Finance job role is the proficiency in Excel.

Here, you’re given a problem statement and a dataset. You need to download the files and work on it to answer the questions.

There is no time limit to this quiz as the objective of this quiz is for you to understand and learn.

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Is CFA for me?

Use this CFA eligibility calculator, to check if the CFA program is for you.

Fill in these details to take the quiz for CFA.

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The CFA program requires the following commitment;

  • 300 Hours of self study at each level
  • 4000 Hours of investment expereince after or during the course
  • Extensive practice.

Do you think, you are at the stage to commit this?

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Which of the following roles, do you think you want to make a career on?

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What is the main source of motivation for CFA Program?

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Have you ever actively taken keen interest in investments. For example reading books on investments, invested in stocks or mutual funds etc?

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Do you struggle with mathematical calculations?

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The average score is 19%

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Equity Research Case Based Interview Questions

After solving the case given on the template, use this quiz to check if your calculations are right.

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What is the aggregate net margin of all companies?

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What is the total number of companies in Utilities sector?

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After solving the case, select the following information,Fill in the blanks in cells using a relevant function. What is the Market capitalisation and Net income of 2015 of AAPL?

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The average score is 17%


Finance Tests

Building and interpreting Financial Statements of any company is the key part of any investment role. Interviewers test this by conducting a finance test where they test your application skills in Financial Statements as well as your modelling skills.

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Investment Banking Interview

This is sample replica of a real investment banking interview. Use this mock to assess,if you are prepared and which areas you lack knowledge for.

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company A, had invested  $1,000,000 in Company B in the year 2015 which is sold now and received  $50,000,000. Company A will report $50,000,000 as proceeds from the sale of assets in

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If depreciation increases by 100. While revenue is 1000 and existing depreciation is 50, the tax rate is 30%. Then

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Company A, an Indian company supplying software to USA. USD is expected to appreciate against INR, whereas inflation is expected to rise in India. The company has a policy of 100% hedge for all the billings. How will this impact the total revenue of the company?

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Company has net income of $50, a working capital investment of $4, beginning fixed assets of $500, ending fixed assets of $530, depreciation of $27.00, Income tax of $5. what is FCFE?

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Watch the below interview of Titan CEO First.

What is the reason for Titan Missing its target benchmarks?

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There are two companies, one which pays dividends and the other does not. Which one will have a higher ROE?

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  1.  Company a has business of software development. Company has contract from BOB on 1st February 2019 to build cash management software for them. Total contract value at hundred $1,000,000. BOB has given 50% payment at the time of placing the order and 50% after delivery of second phase.  Product will be delivered in three phases, first phase (30%) will be delivered at December 2019, second in June 2020 (20%) and 3rd in March 2021 (50%). What will be the financial impact for company a for calendar year FY 2019?

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Nasper's originally invested in Flipkart in 2012 and has invested 616 million dollars over a period of time. naspers stake in Flipkart sold to Walmart for 2.2 billion dollars. Walmart will have to withhold 10% of the amount and pay the same to the Indian government as tax deducted. Nasper’s balance sheet will

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At 200 million dollars of revenue, the company has Net margin of 25%, and a dividend payment ratio of 20% but at the same time company has decided to use the same dividend payout money to repurchase $5,000,000 worth of shares. What will the effect be on retained earnings?

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A key limitation of balance sheets in financial analysis is that:

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Which of the following transactions is most likely to be recognized on a firm's statement of changes in equity?

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If management decided to increase all the future credit purchase by 10 more days, how will it impact cash conversion cycle ?

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A firm has net sales of $3,500, earnings after taxes (EAT) of $1,000, depreciation expense of $500, cost of goods sold (COGS) of $1,500, and cash taxes of $500. Also, inventory decreased by $100, and accounts receivable increased by $300. What is the firm's cash flow from operations?

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Which of the following statements is CORRECT regarding the reporting of earnings per share (EPS)?

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