Finance Interview Question Bank

Equity Research

Financial Planning and Analysis

Credit Risk

We, at Mentor Me Careers, have been able to place students in core finance roles like Equity Research, Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Analyst, Credit Risk etc.

With our experience in placing students in such roles, we bing to you a comprehensive bank of interview questions.

Excel Tests

The first thing that is tested for any Finance job role is the proficiency in Excel.

Here, you’re given a problem statement and a dataset. You need to download the files and work on it to answer the questions.

There is no time limit to this quiz as the objective of this quiz is for you to understand and learn.

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Finance Tests

Building and interpreting Financial Statements of any company is the key part of any investment role. Interviewers test this by conducting a finance test where they test your application skills in Financial Statements as well as your modelling skills.

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